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Top 20 Anime Where the MC Is A God

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2023)

In the realm of anime, certain characters earn the title of “Gods” due to their overwhelming power and supremacy over all. However, my definition of a true God is one who possesses genuine divinity.

Top 20 Anime Where the MC Is A God

If you seek an anime worthy of reverence, search no further. I present to you a compilation of the finest Anime where the protagonist is an authentic deity!

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20. Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya

In a bygone era, a dedicated group of warriors dedicated their lives to safeguard the honor of the Goddess Athena. These formidable individuals were known as Saints, and their valor knew no bounds. Among them, Seiya, a young and aspiring warrior, faced arduous challenges in his quest to become a Saint, for numerous formidable contenders also sought to claim that esteemed position.

Saint Seiya is an anime that showcases 12 formidable beings inspired by the zodiac signs. It offers a compelling narrative accompanied by exciting action sequences, making it a worthwhile watch for any anime enthusiast. With its captivating story and impressive battles, Saint Seiya provides an enjoyable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

19. KonoSuba


KonoSuba stands out as a highly entertaining and hilariously funny anime. It expertly satirizes the trope of simping protagonists found in other anime series, featuring an MC who openly embraces his desires and revels in the attention he receives. Adding to the comedic mix, the main Goddess, Aqua, is delightfully eccentric. Kazuma Satō’s unexpected journey to a fantasy realm, his encounter with Aqua, and their subsequent struggle to survive in a world teeming with demons and magic form the basis of this uproarious adventure.

KonoSuba shines as a comedy gem among god-themed anime shows. With its mature humor, it playfully pokes fun at typical simping protagonists and their relentless pursuit of affection. Kazuma’s unapologetic desires and the comedic insanity of Aqua, the Goddess of Water, create a hilarious dynamic. As they navigate a world brimming with demons and magic, Kazuma and Aqua face countless challenges, their amusing escapades providing endless entertainment for viewers.

18. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

 Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

In this unique anime, the presence of a God trapped on Earth sets it apart from others in its genre. What truly distinguishes it is the portrayal of not only the main character but also the intriguing side characters who weave captivating storylines. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the narrative commences with Odin, the God of Gods, banishing the mischievous Loki to Earth as a consequence of his transgressions. Stripped of his divine form, Loki assumes the guise of a human child and embarks on a mission to reclaim his place in Heaven.

Immersed in a world teeming with supernatural intrigue, this anime delves into the enigmatic journey of Loki, a God trapped in human form, as he navigates the precarious balance between friends and foes. The series traces its origins back to a Greek legend where Odin, the supreme deity, exiles Loki to Earth as punishment for his transgressions. Tasked with purging the human heart of malevolent influences, Loki forms an unlikely alliance with a host of memorable characters, each harboring their own personal vendettas against him.

17. Cautious Hero

Cautious Hero

In the hilarious anime, the Goddess Ristarte seeks a hero to rescue the parallel world of Gaeabrande. Her search leads her to Seiya Ryūgūin, whose extraordinary stats make him the perfect candidate. However, Seiya’s excessive cautiousness becomes a constant source of frustration for the goddess, even though she reluctantly realizes she can’t accomplish her mission without him.

In this anime, the protagonist, Seiya Ryūgūin, possesses unparalleled strength and abilities, making him an ideal savior for the parallel world of Gaeabrande. However, his extreme cautionary nature leaves the Goddess Ristarte exasperated, as she struggles to cope with his comically overzealous approach to every situation. Despite her growing annoyance, she begrudgingly accepts that Seiya’s wariness is a necessary trait for their mission’s success.

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16. Sword Gai

Sword Gai

Gai Ogata bears the burden of a cursed blade known as Shiryu, which has wrought tragic havoc upon his entire family. The demise of his father at the hands of an assassin and the subsequent suicide of his anguished mother marked the grim legacy of this malevolent sword. Abandoned amidst the wilderness, Gai was discovered with the sword as his sole companion, eventually finding solace in the care of Amon, a skilled blacksmith.

As he matures, Gai fervently follows in his adoptive father’s footsteps, dedicating countless hours to refining his smithing craft. Alas, ill fortune continues to shadow his path, as a grievous accident claims his arm. Yet, to his astonishment, a wondrous transformation occurs—a new limb manifests, embodying the very essence of Shiryu.

15. Kannagi


Jin is a hapless fellow, perpetually plagued by misfortune that befalls him and those in his vicinity, wherever he may wander. For a school assignment, he undertook the task of sculpting a statue, employing an unconventional medium: the trunk of an unforeseen sacred tree. Amidst the vast expanse of countless arboreal beings, Jin inevitably managed to select the one that held profound significance!

The moment the completed statue basks in the sun’s embrace, a remarkable phenomenon transpires. It begins absorbing the ambient energy with unparalleled voracity, ultimately metamorphosing into a living, breathing girl—an embodiment of the deity residing within the sacred tree. Consumed by an unprecedented fury at her unexpected entanglement with Jin, she unleashes her wrath, obliterating any impurity in her path, heedless of any onlookers that may bear witness to her formidable display.

14. Saiyuki


In a world plagued by fear and disdain towards him, he defiantly upholds the cause of the downtrodden, while simultaneously antagonizing every influential figure in the celestial realm. Amidst a grand celebration honoring the Supreme Ruler, Konzen and two fellow lesser gods stand firmly by Goku’s side, inciting a chaotic brawl that reverberates throughout Heaven.

Exiled and stripped of their memories, the banished quartet finds themselves reborn on Earth, where humans and demons coexist in an unexpected harmony. However, this delicate balance is shattered when fervent followers of the Demon Lord Gyumaho disrupt the tranquil existence. Unleashing a potent miasma, the entire demon populace succumbs to madness, transforming into ravenous creatures that ruthlessly assault everything in their path. Tasked with a formidable mission, Genko Sanzo, the reincarnation of Konzen, alongside Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai, must halt Gyumao’s resurgence and restore harmony among the diverse races that inhabit the world.

13. Kamigami No Asobi

Kamigami No Asobi

Isekai anime holds an unrivaled allure, simultaneously evoking fascination and frustration, as we yearn for the extraordinary experiences that elude us. The enigmatic relics that send shivers down our spines remain disappointingly inert. However, Yui Kusanagi’s encounter with a peculiar sword defied her modest expectations, catapulting her into a realm of fantasy. There, she was welcomed by an assembly of five captivating men and none other than Zeus himself, the paramount deity.

Concerned by the tenuous connection between gods and humans, Zeus resolved to establish an unprecedented institution—an Academy—where his divine brethren could be enlightened about the mortal race. As a testament to her unique role, Yui was entrusted with the responsibility of educating these obstinate and self-absorbed deities on the intricacies of human values and customs. She had a mere year to accomplish this monumental task, for failure would condemn them all to eternal entrapment within this ethereal realm!

12. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

By day, Keima Katsugari is a dweebish otaku, immersed in the world of dating sim games. But by night, he assumes the title of the “God of Conquest,” renowned for his unparalleled ability to win over any virtual girl. His online fame attracts a challenge that he simply cannot refuse. Little does he know that accepting this challenge will lead him into a fateful encounter with Elucia, a demon from the depths of hell.

Bound together by a menacing collar that cannot be removed, Keima finds himself reluctantly assisting Elucia in her mission to capture escaped spirits. However, the stakes are higher than ever before. In order to free himself from the collar’s deadly grip and retrieve the spirits, Keima must confront his deepest fear head-on: conquering real, living, flesh-and-blood girls in the daunting realm of the actual world.

11. Kamichu!


Yurie Hitotsubashi, an ordinary middle school student, traverses the corridors of mundanity as she frets over tests, friendships, and yes, the enigmatic realm of boys! Yet, on one fateful day, Yurie cascades a revelation upon her friend Mitsue that transcends the ordinary; she proclaims herself a deity, a celestial entity. The news proliferates through the school like a contagion, eventually reaching the ears of Matsuri.Matsuri’s lineage presides over the venerable Shinto Shrine, safeguarded by the lackluster deity known as Yashima-sama.

Plunged into the depths of financial crisis, Matsuri seizes the opportunity to appoint Yurie as the new deity of the shrine, thus elevating her to the position of her unwavering steward.Yurie’s routine existence now entails bestowing blessings upon devout followers, actualizing heartfelt desires, banishing malevolent curses, attending divine conventions, all the while navigating the intricate labyrinth of an average middle schooler’s daily life.

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10. Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess

The Goddess Help Hotline offers an extraordinary service—granting the heartfelt desires of humans. It may seem too incredible to be true, but it’s a force not to be underestimated. In an unexpected twist, Keiichi Morisato inadvertently summons the radiant Goddess Belldandy, whimsically requesting her eternal companionship. To his astonishment, what he thought was a jest transforms into a bona fide wish, miraculously granted by the Goddess herself.

Thus, the ultimate fantasy of countless young men materializes, as Keiichi finds himself cohabiting with a breathtakingly divine being. However, their joy is tainted by the harsh reality of Keiichi’s expulsion from all male dormitories due to Belldandy’s enchanting presence. Seeking refuge, they discover solace within the serene walls of a Buddhist temple—a sanctuary that grants them the freedom to cultivate their burgeoning relationship. Within these sacred grounds, an enchanting tale of love, tinged with moments of awkwardness and profound beauty, begins to unfurl.

9. Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Centuries before the events of Saint Seiya, the Holy War between the previous incarnations of Athena and Hades raged on. In the midst of this turmoil, Tenma, Alone, and Sasha grew up as inseparable companions in a troubled orphanage. Their bond transcended even that of blood relatives, an unyielding connection that time could never sever. One fateful day, a mysterious figure abducted Sasha, vanishing without a trace, leaving Tenma and Alone in a state of perpetual uncertainty.

Years passed, and Tenma encountered a valiant Saint of Athena, who recognized his unwavering spirit and offered him a chance to ascend as a Saint, through rigorous training at the Sanctuary. Vowing to fulfill their individual ambitions before their reunion, Tenma left Alone behind, embarking on a journey that led him to an extraordinary revelation – Sasha, his beloved companion, was none other than the embodiment of Athena herself. Meanwhile, Alone succumbed to the insidious allure of becoming Hades’ vessel, becoming lost in the depths of darkness.

8. Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya

In a time long forgotten, when the Gods still roamed the mortal realm, devoted Saints dedicated their lives to safeguarding their divine presence. Amongst these loyal and valiant warriors, none were more revered than the Saints of Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom. These extraordinary individuals possessed a unique ability to harness the essence of the universe, known as “Cosmos.” With a mere gesture, they wielded the power to rend mountains asunder and part the vast seas. Seiya, filled with unwavering determination, set forth on a relentless pursuit to don the legendary bronze armor of Pegasus.

Through six arduous years of grueling training, he persevered, finally ascending to the ranks of Athena’s revered protectors. Yet, Athena’s omnipotence attracted numerous formidable adversaries, each more formidable than the last. As they sought to claim her life, their ultimate objective emerged: Hades, the God of death, would soon make his menacing appearance. In response, the loyal Saints of Athena yearned for strength akin to that of the Gods themselves, for only then could they ensure the safety of their revered Mistress.

7. 07 Ghost

07 Ghost

A few days before graduation, Teito Klein, an aspiring soldier training at the esteemed Military Academy, encounters Ayanami. Suddenly, fragments of memories flood Teito’s mind, revealing the chilling image of Ayanami executing his father. Consumed by an overwhelming surge of fury, Teito launches a desperate assault on Ayanami. However, he quickly finds himself overpowered, prompting the authorities to confine him while they contemplate his uncertain destiny.

With unwavering loyalty, Teito’s closest companion, Mikage, aids in his daring escape, leading him into the sheltering arms of the enigmatic bishops residing within the 7th District Church. As Teito seeks solace and refuge within the hallowed walls, a plan for vengeance takes shape within his anguished heart. Yet, as he delves deeper into the mysteries that grip his nation, he unearths secrets that possess the potential to shatter the very foundations of their society.

6. Kamisama Kazoku

Kamisama Kazoku

Samatarou, despite his unassuming appearance, is actually the offspring of a divine being. Residing on Earth alongside humans, he and his family have embraced this opportunity to understand and bless these fascinating creatures. Tenko, Samatarou’s devoted guardian angel, has been faithfully by his side since birth.

As their companionship deepened over time, an unexpected twist arrived in the form of a transfer student named Kumiko, disrupting their tranquil existence. Captivated by Kumiko’s beauty from the very first glance, Samatarou resolves to win her heart without relying on his godly powers. However, this choice plunges him into a series of comical and challenging predicaments, jeopardizing his cherished bond with Tenko.

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5. Utawarerumono


Eruruu stumbled upon an unconscious man on the verge of death deep within the forest. Refusing to forsake a fellow being, she brought him back to her humble abode, determined to mend his wounds. As he slowly regained consciousness, the man’s mind remained shrouded in an enigmatic fog, devoid of any recollection, not even his own name. In contrast to the villagers, who proudly bore animalistic traits like pointed ears or graceful tails, the man’s appearance stood out as peculiar.

Devoid of such characteristics, he instead donned an inexplicable mask, firmly affixed to his face, impervious to his persistent attempts to remove it. Bestowed with the name Hakuoro by the villagers, he swiftly assimilated into their community. In an era rife with incessant conflicts and lurking perils, the village faced numerous treacherous hurdles.

4. Campione!


First and foremost, let me express my utmost admiration for the captivating harem and delightful fan service that graced this anime! It was truly unforeseen how all the enchanting and formidable warriors inexplicably succumbed to infatuation with the newly awakened Campione! Kusanagi Godou was entrusted with this esteemed title following his valiant act of halting the merciless rampage of the God of War, ultimately ascending as a God Slayer.

The weighty burden of vanquishing the heretical deities, who conspire to bring about the world’s destruction, now firmly rests upon his shoulders. Guided by the indomitable Sword-Mistress Erica Blandille and accompanied by an assemblage of devoted female followers, drawn to his benevolence and unparalleled might, the Demi-God embarks on an audacious and nigh-impossible odyssey.

3. Noragami


Yato, a self-proclaimed “Delivery God” and minor deity, embarks on a quest to increase his number of worshippers in order to achieve wealth and prosperity. Joining forces with Hiyori, a human girl who now possesses a loose soul due to Yato’s actions, and Yukine, the spirit of a deceased boy who transforms into a powerful katana, Yato faces the challenging task of mending his partner while trying to comprehend Yukine’s unpredictable behavior. As he strives to become a dependable and popular god, Yato remains puzzled as to why he has not yet faded away into oblivion.

Together, Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine navigate the complexities of their unique partnership, treading a precarious path towards Yato’s desired success. Balancing the whimsical nature of a god who knows not his own persistence and the challenges posed by a loose soul and an enigmatic weapon, they encounter countless hurdles along the way. Yet, with determination and camaraderie, they strive to overcome these obstacles, seeking to secure a brighter future where Yato can finally establish himself as a reliable and beloved deity.

2. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

Nanami Momozono’s life is a tapestry of hardships. With no parents, no place to call home, and burdened by her father’s crippling debts, she wanders aimlessly through the unforgiving streets. It is during one of her aimless ventures that she crosses paths with a man under attack by a menacing dog, and in an act of bravery, she rescues him. In a twist of fate, he offers her shelter in his dilapidated shrine. Unbeknownst to Nanami, this humble abode is more than meets the eye.

Upon entering the shrine, Nanami is greeted by two ethereal spirits and a mischievous demon fox named Tomoe. Mistaking her for the land God, Mikage, due to the mark etched on her forehead, they insist that Nanami is the shrine’s new deity. Tomoe, proud and arrogant, refuses to serve a mere human and promptly departs. Undeterred by his dismissal, Nanami resolves to embrace her newfound divine role and undertakes the daunting task of learning her heavenly duties.

1. Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Misfit Of Demon King Academy

In the midst of a devastating war between humans and demons, the world became a relentless battleground. Desperate to end the conflict, the leaders of both sides devised a momentous plan: to conjure powerful walls that would divide their domains. However, this spell demanded an unthinkable sacrifice—the life of the Demon King Anos Voldigoad. The formidable walls stood for centuries, bringing a fragile peace but concealing Anos’s noble sacrifice, shrouded in ignorance and fear.

Over the course of two millennia, history underwent a twisted metamorphosis, eradicating all traces of potent magic and distorting the truth. The demons, oblivious to the name of their true ruler, were unwittingly deceived by an imposter. Sensing something amiss, Anos, now reborn, awakened to a world stripped of its magical essence. Determined to unearth the truth and reclaim his rightful throne as the one true God of the demons, he embarked on a relentless quest within the halls of the Demon Academy, meticulously piecing together the fragments of the intricate puzzle that would restore his reign.


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