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Top 20 Best Army and Military Anime of All Time

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2021)

Everyone loves to watch anime with the Army or Military force. Furthermore, some of the most popular anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan has a military theme. If you are one of us and want to watch more Army themed shows then this post is going to be a gold mine for you. Because below you will get the list of Top 20 Best Army Anime of All Time. 

Top 20 Best Army and Military Anime of All Time

Moreover, the best thing about these anime categories is they will give you the best action and fight scenes. Want to watch the bloodshed at its full extent then make sure to take a look at the Anime Titles below: 

#20. Kingdom

The kingdom is the first and most different anime on this list. Do you know why? Because the location of the Kingdom is not Japan but China instead. Furthermore, it is a fictional historical anime with lots of action and battles. The kingdom is one of a few anime that have pretty large scale battles and wars. 

#19. Valkyria Chronicles

In wars, armies, or military we generally have big, muscular, and strong guys. However, some anime series have teenagers in their army like Attack on Titan. Furthermore, the Valkyria Chronicles is one of them. Valkyria Chronicles gives you a real modern fight scene of war and battles. The main force of this anime is battling to get their nation back!

#18. Darling in The Franxx

Now, we have one of the darkest and also popular anime series in 2021. The theme of Darling in The Franxx is semi-apocalyptic where living humans defend themself. Furthermore, it will give you lots of fantasy and action battle scenes. You are going to love its fight scene between monsters and humans with high tech weapons. 

#17. Overlord

Have you ever heard of Overlord? Well, if not then you are missing a lot of good shows. Furthermore, the starting of Overload is quite a cliche because we have a reincarnated protagonist in a game with lots of game knowledge. A weeb! However, our protagonist is quite different because he is planning to conquer this world. 

#16. Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki is another historical fiction army anime like Kingdom. However, it is one of few where you want to punch your TV or Laptop screen. Because the villains of Arslan Senki will irritate you like hell. Furthermore, it is a suspense anime series that follows a story of a prince who got betrayed by his officers. 

#15. Aldnoah.Zero

The next anime on the list of best army anime is Aldnoah.Zero with a different concept. The humans of this anime world are going to live on the Moon and Mars. Furthermore, here you get to see the war between Mars and Earth. However, even though both of them are humans, still they have their reasons. 

#14. Joker Game

Joker Game is a real Army anime where everything revolves around the army and spies. Furthermore, the theme of Joker Game is World War II but at World Wartime. Basically, in this anime high ranking officers are trying to get information and an upper hand on their enemies. For this purpose, they are using super trained spies. 

#13. Girls & Panzer

Girls & Panzer is not any other anime on this list. Not because of action but adorable characters. Furthermore, it gives you one of the cutest action scenes of all time between little girls. However, our main protagonist has some dark past and experience but who cares. It’s not an actual war but a game between friends and enemies. 

#12. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone (Anime)

Dr Stone did not have a war between humans and humans (sometimes it has) but humans vs nature. In other words, the survival of the fittest along with other violent humans. Furthermore, you will get to see some large scale wars between the Kingdom of Science and other Kingdoms. Besides war, Dr Stone is a full entertainment package for anime fans. 

#11. 86 Eighty-Six

86 Eighty-Six is the most recent anime which will be released. It will be produced by Tokyo MX Studios in 2021. Furthermore, its second season is coming the next year 2022. 86 Eight-Six is a total army and war anime where our main characters fight in a deadly war. Last but not least, if you go to the battlefield then it just means your death. Let’s know what will happen with our heroes…

#10. 07-Ghost

No, you did not get any Ghost in this anime series (or maybe you can). The plot of the 07-Ghost story is about our protagonist who can use a super destructive weapon. Furthermore, he is the strongest soldier in this world. However, he quiets the army or you can say run away because he does not want to Murder. 07-Ghost gives you an overpowered character along with a super suspense story. 

#09. God Eater

God Eater is a Fantasy anime where you get a similar plot with a different story. In other words, in this world, humans are facing an apocalypse where they are defending themselves from Giants. Furthermore, the Giants eat humans as their food (Attack on Titan Deja Vu moment). God Eater is an awesome war and army anime if you have not watched Attack on Titan yet!

#08. Legend of The Galactic Heroes

Legend of The Galactic Heroes is an action anime along with good war scenes. The story follows the journey of our protagonist to who was born into a poor family. Furthermore, after joining the army he became a strong soldier (or officer). You get lots of good fights between super powerful battleships in Legend of The Galactic Heroes. 

#07. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga can get the #1 rank on the list of most underrated anime series. Because here you get an amazing and engaging storyline. The story follows the life of a boy who wanted to become a great warrior like his father. However, he ended up being a murderer and one of the deadliest people in his world. 

#06. Drifters

Want an anime with ancient Japanese army soldiers? Here are the Drifters for you where the anime takes place in Ancient Japan where samurais are the strongest soldiers. Here you get the violence at its peak with bloodshed everywhere. Furthermore, if you get bored of watching modern weapon fights then just start watching Drifters!

#05. Gunslinger Girl

Do you like assassins in anime? Gunslinger Girl is far from a typical war anime because the main army of this anime is not strong soldiers but little girls. Furthermore, These orphan little girls are a special army forced by the Government itself. However, just because they are little doesn’t mean they are not deadly. 

#04. Alderamin On The Sky

Another anime where you get teenagers as soldiers in the series. Alderamin On The Sky is an anime with an overpowered protagonist but also lazy as hell. Furthermore, he fights with his mind, not physically. However, he is a general of the army and has a record of winning every battle and war he fought. 

#03. Attack on Titan 

Everyone knows about Attack on Titan but still, if you have not heard about then you were probably living under a rock. World of Attack on Titan is attacked by extremely huge Titans (or giants). But humans are safe because they live in a city that is surrounded by enormous walls. However, one day the wall is destroyed and the army is trying its hardest to win the battle. 

#02. Code Geass

Code Geass has extremely large scale wars between two nations. Furthermore, it is more like a Domestic war anime where some people want to change many things. Code Geass has one of the smartest characters in the anime universe who killed over 2000 humans. Moreover, here you get some best Mecha action scenes with lots of bloodsheds. 


#01. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist‘s character and story revolve around the Army and Politics. Fullmetal Alchemist is the best anime of all time which has a great combination of Drama, Action, Politis, Story, and Plots. The story is about a brother who asks for answers and solutions to their problems. However, after some time it becomes more than that!

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