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Top 20+ Best Cultivation Manhua to Read

Chinese manga or manhua creates a large number of dramatic cultivation narratives. Almost 80% of the manhua have a historical setting with a twisted plot. With the increasing craze of overpowered heroes and martial arts, the readers hope to find new stories for entertainment.

Top 20+ Best Cultivation Manhua to Read

The creators use their imagination and wit to create a believable world in stories for fans of this genre. We have put together the Top 20+ Best Cultivation Manhua to read. Get ahead with these incredible stories as they become cultivators through the timeless perfection of narrative.

1. Spirit Sword Master

A strong warrior is attacked and returns to his young days. All his power and experience are lost and he has become the weakest young Lord. This warrior had never let any of his enemies hamper his life previously and now he wants to get rid of any regrets by doing the same.

The Spirit Sword is the way to growing powerful and the protagonist has to get it to become the supreme warrior in the three worlds. Read this fantasy cultivation manhua to know if he can justify the second chance given to him.

2. The Master of Diabolism

Wei Wu Xian, the invincible grandmaster and the founder of the Demonic Sect was hated by millions of people for the chaos he cost to the world. But this all-powerful man was defeated and backstabbed by some of his dearest men who joined hands with the powerful clans who disliked him.

Wei is given a second chance to take revenge as he reincarnates in the body of a man abandoned by his clan and taken in by a famous cultivator. The cultivation of manhua is packed with martial arts, adventure, mystery, and comedy.

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3. God of Martial Arts

In the world within this manhua, the only way to earn respect is through martial arts. The weak martial artists are capable of only cracking boulders with their strength and the strong ones have the massive powers to cut off rivers and even divide mountains.

In this cultivation manhua, and martial arts decide to fate and the life and death of all the characters. This cultivation manhua titled God of Martial Arts is widely popular due to its world-building and engaging story that portrays the journey of characters towards becoming the strongest and invincible.

4. The Servant Is the Demon King?!

Demon King Yifan Zuho, the overpowered main character of this manhua uses all of his power and knowledge collected throughout millennia to defeat his enemies. But like every other powerful hero, his death is the result of betrayal.

In the fantasy world, the demon king gets another chance to reincarnate in the body of a young servant. With the entry of Lady Luo into his life will he be able to become the demon king again?

5. All Hail the Sect Leader

Next up on the list is this popular cultivation manhua place in a historical setting. The story is about the protagonist around whom all the members of the sect are stronger than him. The disciples of this warrior turned out to be abnormally strong and better than their teacher.

However, this leader is not going to give up and become the invincible cultivator and rule the martial arts world with his prowess.

6. Lord Xueying

Lord Xueying is another popular cultivation manhua to read if you like overpowered heroes. The inconspicuous and small territory named the Snow Eagle Territory witnesses the love story of Lord Dong bo Lie who eloped with his love Moyang Yu of the Moyang clan.

The protagonist of the story Xueying is one of their two sons, who witnesses his family getting arrested by his mothers’ clan. The protagonist works hard since the incident on his spear techniques and other action techniques to fulfill his filial oath. The legendary adventure is based on a novel and has amazing action along with fantasy elements.

7. Peerless Battle Spirit

Another cultivation manhua to read for a narrative with harem and fantasy is Peerless Battle Spirit. In the Canglan territory, the ones who manage to awaken the martial spirit can only begin their journey on the path of cultivation.

In the world of this manhua, Qin Nan was born as a genius who possessed talent and was seen as a potential cultivator. But things suddenly change when he wakes up as a grade-one Martial spirit. Will the protagonist succeed in breaking the conventions and succeed as a cultivator?

8. The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The Daily Life of the Immortal King is another cultivation manhua to read for fans of o powered main characters in an urban fantasy setting. The story begins in an era of cultivation where everyone is working hard to make their swords fly and become immortal. Wang Ling, was different than everybody else because his cultivation level increased abnormally.

With that cultivation level, he became immortal by the age of 7. He wanted to hide his powers but it cannot be done in a classroom full of people. He was invincible and lonely and his life was boring but you will surely not get bored while reading his adventure story.

9. Banished Disciple’s Counterattack

This cultivation manhua has completed approximately 450 chapters since its first release. The protagonist Chen had dedicated his life to guarding the medicinal field for his sacred sect. But during an uninvited fight with his enemies, the field was destroyed and even his loyalty toward the people could not save him from disgrace.

He was unable to save himself from the betrayal and was shamelessly banished from the sect. Ye Chen then decides to become a stronger individual by becoming a cultivator. Read the legendary manhua where the protagonist fights against his people and rewrites his fate.

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10. The Wonderland of Ten Thousand

In this fantasy cultivation manhua, the models are treated badly by the immortals. The immortals have the power to wreak havoc on the bottle world by releasing the demons to attack them. The story presents the idea that wealth and prosperity are merely illusions that humans harbor out of greed.

Uncovering the realities of human life the manhua is set in a world where humans die and the souls return to add power to the world.

11. The Immortal In Me

Another one of the cultivation of manhua with the main character singularly destroying all odds. The protagonist of the story is a 7-year-old prodigy who has figured out his way in the world. The protagonist is the master of his fate and is an invincible immortal.

Witness the adventure journey of this cultivator main character put together in approx 500 chapters.

12. Unique Modern Cultivation/ Cardinal Cultivator

Mostly all cultivator main characters are respected and looked up to, but the protagonist of this cultivation manhua has to face the worst. The 9-year protagonist of this manhua is the strongest cultivator among the nine states. He possesses the powers that have been forbidden.

So, his family decides to execute him. His mother’s redemption gives him a new life and he wakes in a new world Gaia Earth, where he becomes his amazing cultivation journey.

13. The Return of the Heavenly Sage

The past life of Heavenly Sage Ji Fan, ended with the betrayal of his friend who backstabbed him. And Supreme Soul Cauldron saved the sage’s life and add treated his mutated body.

Ji Fan’s cultivation powers were known far and wide because he could break the sky with his fist and challenge any opponent without the fear. Will the sage stand up against his friend to restore justice?

14. Martial Peak

Someone who masters martial arts and reaches the pinnacle of it has a lonely and solitary life. In an attempt to reach the heights of martial arts skills, an ambitious disciple and an ordinary worker named Yang discover a Wordless Black Book.

With this strange book in his hand, the initially weak main character begins his journey towards strength and becoming a cultivator. This particular cultivation of manhua has supernatural elements along with action and adventure.

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15. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens is the popular cultivation manhua ongoing since the year 2012. Everyone has highs and lows in their life but Xiao Yan, the 15-year-old protagonist of the story is seen as a trash hero in the family. To turn things in his favor he takes an oath that he will strive in the never-ending struggle of the cultivation world and complete his journey to achieve the ultimate powers of cultivators.

This fantasy cultivation manhua is very interesting and inspiring along with its aesthetic art style. If you want to read this interesting story then begin today because it has already reached the milestone publication of 914+ chapters in over 50 volumes.

16. Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Once upon a time, there was a guild chief exceptionally good in medical and assassination skills. Her beauty and talent made her the want of many. Sadly she meets with an accident and is reborn as a disfigured girl.

The change in the identity and hopeless family leaves the protagonist to gather strength for revenge. She picks up the sword and takes the world by storm one during if she could ever be a worthy doctor again. This dramatic cultivation of manhua has lots of adventure and action in the isekai world.

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17. History’s Number 1 Founder

Lin Feng migrated and procured a system, but his pressure is as might as the mountain. In this recent and popular cultivation manhua, the protagonist Ling establishes history’s number one sect. To propagate the sect he founded a school and became its ruling founder.

Read this adventure’s cultivation story to find out how the protagonist becomes history’s number-one founder and completes his immortal dream.

18. Tales of Demon and Gods

The story follows the adventures of Nie Li, a powerful demon spiritualist who died in battle and was reincarnated into his younger self with all his memories intact. With his knowledge of the future, Nie Li sets out to change his fate and the fate of his loved ones by becoming the strongest spiritualist and defeating the enemies who once defeated him.

The series is known for its well-developed characters, intricate world-building, and engaging storyline that keeps readers hooked. The artwork is also top-notch, with detailed illustrations that bring the world of the manhua to life.

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19. Martial Arts Reigns

The main character Ming, is a genius add better than his fear cultivators. But his jealous cousin schemes the plan against him and crippled his abilities. But the protagonist never gives up and plans revenge to provide justice to his deceased parents.

With the constant conspiracies around him and the looming darkness, the hero will emerge victorious.

20. Back from Immortal World

The great emperor trapped in the immortal world was known by the name of Tang in the mortal world of Earth. After dying in a disaster the soul of the emperor returns back to his body but to his surprise the 10,000 years in the Immortal world are equivalent to one long year on Earth.

The problems of the mortal world and the slow passing of time make it difficult for the cultivator hero to live. The cultivation manhua has action drama along with the fantasy.

21. The Mythical Realm

This popular cultivation of manhua is the story of a strong triumph over the weak. Ye Yun is sent to hell to kill the demons and ascend to heaven to say the God and prove himself as the strongest. The martial arts theme adventure has comic and fantasy embedded in its cultivation action plot.

COLLAB ( Anime India & Anime Loved )

Cultivation manhua, also known as xianxia or wuxia manhua, is a popular genre in Chinese comics that revolves around martial arts, supernatural powers, and the quest for immortality. If you are a fan of this genre, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of excellent cultivation manhua out there waiting to be discovered.

In this list of the top 20+ best cultivation manhua, we’ve included some of the most highly regarded titles in the genre, including newer titles like “Tales of Demons and Gods” and “The Ghostly Doctor.” These manhua are full of action, adventure, and intrigue, with complex world-building and well-developed characters that will keep you hooked from start to finish.


Whether you’re looking for a classic epic tale of martial arts and magic or a more modern take on the genre, this list has something for everyone. So, grab a cup of tea and settle in for some of the best cultivation manhua that the world of comics has to offer!

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