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Top 20 Strongest Characters in Eleceed

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2022)

In recent years webtoons have also become one of the popular visual novels like Manga and Manhwa. Furthermore, there are many webtoons released which have quite a better story than any other manga. Well, Today in this blog post you will read about one of the most popular Webtoons out there and it’s Elected. Below you will read about the Top 20 Strongest Characters in Eleceed and more about those characters. 

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Special Note: The ranking on a character below is according to running chapters of Eleceed. On the other hand, if you are far from these or just started to read then there might be some chances that you will get spoilers. 

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Eleceed 

So without further ado start the list and unravel the strongest character of Eleceed till now…

20. Sucheon Kang

The first strongest character in the list is Sucheon Kang from Eleceed webtoon. Furthermore, there are only 4 people of Eleceed webtoon who called to the strongest in Korea. Sucheon Kang has the awakening power of Gravity which means he can control the gravitational force of his surroundings. Moreover, his awakening takes his strength and flexibility to another level. 

19. Gang Seok

Gangseok is the current representative of Baekho in the Eleceed webtoon. Furthermore, he is also one of the four strongest avengers of Korea. Even his avekning is unknown and not revealed by anyone in the Eleceed, he counts as one of the strongest characters. But many people think that with his awakening he will be stronger than Sucheon Kang. 

18. Subin Lee

The next strongest character in Eleceed webtoon is Subin Lee. Furthermore, she is also one of the four strongest rookies from the Korea Region. Her popularity is much higher than any other character listed above. Manipulation of ice according to circumstance is Subin Lee’s awakening. Moreover, she is the daughter of the great Union’s Head. 

17. Wooin

There are many unaffiliated awakens in the Eleceed webtoon but Wooin is strongest in all of them. Furthermore, Wooin awakening ability is Telekinesis which is quite powerful in combat battles. Dr Delein is the person who taught Wooin to use his ability. Moreover, he also teaches him about controlling force and other important techniques of his ability. 

16. Jisk Yoo

Jisk Yoo has the awakening of controlling wind around at a range. Furthermore, the strongest awakener of Korea is his elder brother. Now, you can think how powerful the bloodline can become. On the other hand, all listed character years in this blog post are almost equally powerful to some extent. Moreover, some characters are more popular than others, just the difference in their popularity. 

15. Jinwoo Seo

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Here Comes our main protagonist of the Eleeced webtoon at 15th position. Furthermore, in many series the protagonist is the strongest character but not in this one. As you can see Jinwoo ranks 15th positing which means he still has a long way to go. Moreover, Jinwoo Seo is the fastest character in the Eleceed webtoon yet. Because of his extreme level of training, he can use some of his trainers’ awakening abilities. 

14. Dr. Delein

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

The next strongest character in the Eleceed webtoon is Dr Delein. Furthermore, as you can see by his name Dr Delein is an experienced doctor. He is a teacher of Wooin and teaches him Telekinesis (originally his ability). Moreover, even his awakening is not that powerful but still is the best and most powerful doctor in the series. Dr Delein is the only person who was able to heal the injured hands of Jinwoo Seo. 

13. Loberne

A person with super fast speed and Hypnosis awakening are Loberne. Furthermore, he is an international criminal who is searching for Dr Delein (this man is quite popular in the series). Loberene is one of a few characters in the Eleceed webtoon who are more of a Mind Games character. He is not good at fighting but it does not mean he is weak. Because with the right use of his awakening he can take down multiple enemies at once. 

12. Klein Brothers

The next character in the list is not one but a combination of Two Brothers. Furthermore, this combination is stronger than the Giwook Jang, Dark or Dylan. They both have an awakening of Fire control or you can say manipulation. Moreover, they are currently searching for Dr Delein (how important he is in the series). 

11. Giwook Jang

Giwook Jang is one of the strongest and best characters of Eleceed webtoon. Furthermore, he is the teacher of unaffiliated awakeners (and quite a strict one). His awakening is not revealed in the series but he is going to be one of the top characters in the series. Moreover, as you can see by his body and face, Giwook Jang is covered with scars. In other words, he is quite experienced with battles and the world. 

10. Dark

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

From here we have our Top 10 Strongest Characters in the Eleceed webtoon. Furthermore, Dark is also an International criminal like Loberne. Dark has one of the most powerful awakening abilities in the series and its Regeneration Awakening. Moreover, his awakening skills are well trained and polished at their peak. Special: One he wanted to become a disciple of the great awakener Kayden but he rejected Dark. 

9. Dylan

There are few international criminals on this list and Dyan is one of them. Dyan’s goal is to kill Kayden. Furthermore, he also wants to torcher Jinwoo Seo till he dies. On the other hand, he got a chance to fight with the great Kayden but lost the battle within seconds. Moreover, during the fight, he uses all his strength and shows his real power level (which was quite high).

8.  Seongha Park 

The next strongest character is Seongha Park with a high reputation and ranking officer in the Eleceed series. Furthermore, Seongha park single-handedly defeated the international criminal Loberene in the series. Now you can think how powerful this man is? Moreover, many fans think in the future he is going to be an important character in the Eleceed webtoon series. 

7. Inhyuk Goo

Another High running officer of the Korean Union group like Seongha Park. Furthermore, He is a cat lover (me also). Like many other characters in the Eleceed, Inhyuk Goo is also the awakening of Wind Manipulation. Last but not least, He is the right-hand man of Jiyoung Yoo (you will see her top of the list because he is one of the strongest). 

6. Suman Kang

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Do you know the Baekdu organization in the Eleceed webtoon? Well, Suman Kang is the president of that powerful organization. Furthermore, he is a relative of Sucheon Kang (20th position on the list). Sumang Kang has the awakening of magnetic fields. In other words, he can attract and move any magnetic and metal. Moreover, have the power to defeat Dark and Dylan in the fight. 

5. Dusik Kang

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Another and eldest member of the Kang family is Dusik Kang. Moreover, he also has the awakening of Magnetic Field like his father Suman Kang. Dusik Kang is one of the most powerful characters in Eleceed because of their experience in fighting. Furthermore, later in the Eleceed webtoon, he will fight with the great Kayden and also Jinwoo. 

4. Supil Kang

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

One more but last of the Kang on the list is Supil Kang. He is the son of Susik Kang, Brother of Suman Kang, and father of Sucheon Kang. Furthermore, the whole bloodline is the strongest in the whole series yet (except 2-3 people). Suppl Kang awakening is Gyrokinesis Awakened ability and he fought with one on one battle with Kayden. 

3. Jiyoung Yoo

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Now, the top 3 list starts from here with Jiyoung Yoo. Furthermore, she also has the same awakening of Wind Manipulation as many other aweakners. On the other hand, her strength and ability are on a different level when you compare to other characters on the list. Moreover, Juyoung Yoo can defeat any character in this list with a ranking of 9 and below. 

2. Seongik Han

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Now comes the 2nd strongest character on the list – The Seongik Han. Furthermore, he is the principal of the awakening academy. The most famous story about Seongik Han is that he fought with Kayden in the past but lost the fight. After that, he left everything behind and started to train himself to become stronger. Currently, he is the 50th strongest awakener in the whole world. 

1. Kayden Break

Strongest Characters in Eleceed

Here comes the strongest character on the list and Eleceed webtoon. The Kayden Break, instruction of the Jinwoo Seo (protagonist of the series). Furthermore, according to some rumours, the top 10 strongest characters on the list avoid fighting with Kayden. Moreover, his awakening is Electrokinesis and he uses it to its full extent. 


Last but not least, he has the power to beat every other person on the list without dropping a sweat. In other words, quite an overpowered character in the Eleceed website but still there are many character awakening that is unknown. Let’s see what happens next in the Eleceed webtoon?

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