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Top 20 Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2021)

The one thing that anime portrays better than any other content format is the relationship between two characters. Their emotions, love, hate anger for each other are so moving that people start relating to it. One of the most fantasized topics of relation is student-teacher relation. Everyone at least once fantasized about their teacher. It’s taboo but still, these anime portray them so perfectly that fans love them. And today we’ll talk about this relationship with our senpai.

1.  Oregairu

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

I know, I know it is not based on the student-teacher relationship. It shows the teen romantic life of Hachiman. But there is a student-teacher relationship going on with his teacher Shizuka. While talking to her he even said that he would marry her if anyone doesn’t. He thinks that she is cute. They both had their moments with each other. It would have been a really nice relation if the series was around them as main characters.

2.  Why the hell you are here senpai

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Now, this is a fun series. It falls in ecchi tags. This story follows a few students and how they end up with their respective teachers as lovers. It’s super fun to watch this series. It only has only 12 episodes and also has an OVA in which they take their relationship on another level. This series shows how both the students and their teachers end up in weird positions at some weird places.

3.  Domestic no kanojo

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Have you ever wondered how will it be like living with the teacher you have a Crush on? Well for our protagonist Natsuo it has become a reality with a little bit of fate and a lot of confusion. Now, Hina the teacher he has a crush on is his Step-sister, And The girl he had a one-night stand with unknowingly turns out to Be his other Step sister. I know I know it messed up a bit too much but it is what is for our Natsuo. Now he has to figure out how will he live with this complicated family setup.

4.  Tawawa on Monday

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Well I know, it’s not a student-teacher relationship. But it’s between a school-going teen and a salaried man. They began to meet every Monday on the train while the man is helping her out as her bodyguard. But the thing is I chose this anime because you don’t have to be a teacher to teach something. You can meet complete strangers and learn a lot of new things as in the case of our characters for this show.

5.  Hanamaru kindergarden

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Well, the student-teacher relationship does not have to be a nasty one because this anime shows a kawaii relationship between kindergarten student Anzu and her caretaker. It is pretty kawaii. She wants to marry her caretaker but the caretaker is interested in someone else. It was pretty funny and relaxing to watch this lighthearted comedy. 

6.  Garden of words

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Takao, who usually skips his school to draw in a garden peacefully on a rainy day finds himself with Yukino. He decides to make a shoe for her. Both continued to meet at the same spot for several days Until one day he finds that she is ateacher at his school. Now after this revealing truth and the ending rainy season Will their relationship go further? Or it will just stay in their hearts?

7.  Hitojire my hero

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Setagawa is a teenage boy who is bullied. But he meets Ooshiba, who takes down all the neighborhood gangs. While they grow closer with their maths Teacher Kosuke. The three grew got very close. Now we have to see whether this forbidden love will make or break their relationship.

8.  My matchmaking partner is my student and troublemaker

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

We all wanted to make a move on the teacher we had a crush on but never did. But anime brings our fantasies to reality. And our boy souji did it. Because he Wanted to be with her sensei Nano he changed places with his brother who was going to meet nano for marriage. Nano also likes shouji but she cannot decide Because he is her student. Although their families agree to their marriage. But the important thing is both want each other.

9.  Kodomo no jikan

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

23-year-old Daisuke, who got his first teaching job as a teacher at Elementary School. where one of his students develops a crush on him and calls herself Aoki’s girlfriend. Even though she knows the fact that he may lose his job but she aggressively pursues him. Aokiji’s problem only continues to increase as Friends, families, relatives, and other peers start getting involved in the matter.

10.  25-year-old high school girl

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Hana’s disguise as a student was discovered by her former classmate okito who is a teacher at that school. Hana was helping out her cousin but ended up going Up going to school instead of her. Instead of exposing Hana, Okito keeps it a Secret and their story begin with a kiss. Although the relationship between a student and the teacher is taboo but we have a special case here.

11. Please teacher

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

A time when humans live with aliens. Kusanagi finds himself in love with his alien Teacher. It is a romantic comedy story of a human and an alien. Also, they end up marrying each other. Now they have to keep it a secret from everyone andHow they do is pretty fun.

12. Strawberry eggs

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

People do or tell all sorts of lies just to get a job. But Hibiki took to another level He cross-dressed as a woman to get a job as a teacher. Now he can earn good money and change the perspective of the principal school. But it is not the problem. The problem is that students of every gender are attracted to him. Now He has to maintain his position as a teacher without getting discovered and Not getting involved with any of the students in a romantic relation.

13. My wife is a high school girl

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Onohara is a 17year old high school girl and she has a secret that no one shouldFind out. The secret is that she is married to her physics teacher. Although Ichimaru want their relationship to further their relationship but there are always obstacles like Onohara’s father or other third parties which come in between. 

14. Mr. Nobunaga’s young bride

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Nobunaga always believed that he will find the love of his life suddenly before him like a fairy tale. The interesting this is that it did happen and he found a bride one day but he himself was shocked as she was too young for him. In front of him is Kichou who is just 14 years old and claims herself as his wife.

15. Kuzu no hokai

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Their student-teacher relation is already taboo but here comes our protagonistmaking this taboo relation more taboo by falling with her homeroom teacher who is also her brother. But the thing is her brother is like someone else. It does make things difficult for her but that’s not the worst part. The twist is that it’s not a love triangle but it’s a rectangle because some other girl from the class is also in love with him.

16. Miru tights

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

Miru tights is a story about a few girls who wear silk nylon tights. How their bondsdeepen and how they enjoy their school their laughter and their joy. But we are talking about student and teacher relationships. There is an episode in which it happens. Although the episodes are very short but are fun to watch.

17. Kono Danshi, Seikika Ni Nayandemasu

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

I am an introvert so I kind of relate to this anime. Ayuma has social anxiety and cannot handle high-stress moments because he freezes and crystalizes. But he has grown a liking to his homeroom teacher Kouya. Kouya also researches the crystals and thinks his body is fascinating. Ayuma trying to manage his stress and his relationship with his teacher without completely turning into crystals.

18. Ultimate otaku teacher

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

This is a story about a child prodigy who ends up as a physics teacher. This is not a romantic student-teacher relation anime but its more of friends with students type of anime because our otaku teacher is himself a kid so he can relate to the problems of the students more than anyone else. Also he even started challenging the principal of the main branch who is also a teen because he thinks she is not efficient.

19. Mitsudomoe

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

As I said not all student-teacher relations should be romantic. Some her just kawaii. So are Maui triplets. Its a story is where these three girls help their newly appointed teacher who is in love with the nurse of their school. They help their clumsy teacher to progress their relationship. It’s short cute incidents-based anime. It’s a slice of life and comedy. So it will definitely take your stress away.

20. Negima

Student-Teacher Relationship Anime

To prove that he is as good a wizard as his father Negi takes the challenge of teaching a class full of girls. He wants to prove that he can blend in with society and be a good wizard like his father. He only doesn’t have to teach them but also keeps himself away from their temptations and flirting. Girls are not the only problems in his life, he has to fight the darkness too.


Teacher-student relation is a taboo that many people don’t talk about or are afraid to talk but according to me, these are some anime that have done a great job and portrayed this relation to the best of their capacity. If you think I missed it or there could be some other anime on the list do tell me. I would definitely like to watch some new anime in this genre. Tell me your favorite anime in this genre and also go check out other amazing articles by Anime India.

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