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Top 22 Best Zombie Anime To Watch !! 2023

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2023)

Zombies, these undead and scary beings have something which draws a lot of attention of people be it in a movie, video games, or anime. This category of anime is one of those which attracts a lot of fans since it provides all varieties of genre you could imagine be it funny, scary, creepy, adventurous and especially action. So here we have a big list of the 22 Best Zombie Anime you could watch.

22. Zombieland Saga

Starting our list with Zombieland Saga, not the most typical zombie anime but sure a joy to watch. The main character Sakura Minamoto is brought back to life after her death in a truck accident, as a zombie along with six other girls by a man named Kataro. His objective is to put together a zombie idol group that would be known by the name Franchouchou. The anime is mainly in the comedy sector with a mix of horror. You will surely have a great time watching this one.

21. The Outcast

This is the story of Chou Soran who was a normal college student until one day when is assaulted by a group of zombies when he was visiting his grandfather’s grave. His life is saved by a mysterious girl named Fu Hoho. Sooner his life starts taking a turn as he realizes that many martial arts groups sought the technique he was thought by his grandfather for unknown motives. The story then follows with Chou adventuring and trying to find out his grandfather’s history. There is a decent amount of action throughout the anime with a sprinkle of comedy. The anime to date has 2 seasons with a total of 36 episodes and is still running but you will enjoy it for sure.

20. Sankarea: Undying Love

Chihiro Furuya is a high school boy with a keen interest in zombies. He has a hobby of collecting items related to zombies like videogames, movies, and manga. His interest is so deep he even wants a kiss from a Zombie girlfriend. After the death of his beloved cat, he attempts to make a Resurrection Potion following the steps described in a manuscript. A girl name Rae Sanka happens to drink the potion in an attempt to commit suicide in which she fails. In an argument with her father, she falls off a cliff and dies. However, the effect of the potion kicks in and she turns into a zombie. The story then follows the life of Chihiro and her zombie girlfriend Rae. The anime is mainly a romantic comedy with an element of zombies.

19. Seoul Station

Not exactly an anime but Seoul Station is a South Korean animated zombie film released in 2016. The story is mainly about three main characters: a father who is in search of his daughter who ran away and is currently a prostitute. He is able to find her through her boyfriend. However, just as he was about to be reunited with her a zombie apocalypse occurs and they must run and fight for their lives. The animation style and the production quality in the film are simply outstanding and the storyline is phenomenal, especially the ending is quite something you may not think about.

18. Zombie-Loan

This is a story of two boys Chika and Shito along with a girl named Michiru. The girl possesses the Shinigami Eyes which allows her to tell the closeness of a person’s death by seeing the color of the ring around their neck. A pitch-black ring is a sign that the person is dead but she notices that two boys in her class Chika and Shito both have black rings around their neck but are still alive. Now this an adventurous anime with pinches of comedy along with great story. New secrets are revealed and there is a lot of action. The anime is episode-long and for sure a great one to watch.

17. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Now, this is not one of those usual zombie anime. The absurd part about this is that the undead creatures are not people but actual sea creatures. It is a 70-minute movie adaptation of a horror manga. There are a plethora of absurd things in the anime, one of them being that the gross zombie fishes have robotic metal arms which allow them to walk on land and cause utter chaos. These creatures also spread a deadly disease among the people which causes them to explode. If you are looking for something new away from the mainline zombie anime you must give this a shot.

16. Shi Xiong

It is an animated series from china and one of the most influential in china’s young adult genre. The story is of an ordinary guy Xiao living in H-City. The spring water was contaminated with a virus and slowly the people living in the H-city turned into zombies one by one and gradually evolved. The show is filled with comedy and satire and the reason being in it being so influential is the satirical criticism of some of the qualities of China’s society. The animations are not top-notch but the comedy and the story are sure pleasing.

15. D. Gray Man

top anime like jujutsu kaisen

The anime is set in the 19th century where an organization named Black Order defends humanity against the Noah Family. The Noah family is filled with hatred for humans and they derive power from a source called Dark Matter which grants them the ability to summon and control demons. The main weapon exorcists have against the Noah family is are the holy artifacts called Innocence. These Innocence are scattered and hidden throughout the world and these are the only hope of human survival in this war. This is a dark fantasy and science fiction anime filled with thrill and action in the adventures and fights that follow.

14. Tokkou

This is truly a zombie massacre anime. There are plenty of zombies and a plethora of action and fights. The protagonist of the show is a part of Tokkou: a secret organization that fights and deals with these zombie monsters. The ultimate goal is to defeat 108 of these monsters to seal the portal from which they are coming and causing chaos.

13. The Empire of Corpses (Shisha no Teikoku)

This is an anime film set out in the 18th century following the tale of Victor Frankenstein who had found a method to reanimate a corpse that could then think, feel and speak by itself. Even after his creation is destroyed another method is used to replace a soul in a corpse. The movie has a whole different plot point with an alternate history whilst including some of the world’s famous personalities and historic events. This anime movie is worth the watch with it’s the amazing storyline and incredible art style.

12. Black Butler

This anime may not necessarily fit in the category of a zombie anime but there are dark magic, supernatural, and demon elements in the show. This is the story of a young thirteen-year-old Ciel whose family and his dog were murdered by a cult. He was kidnapped and brutally abused both physically and sexually. During a ceremony to summon a demon, instead of forming a contract with the cult members the demon makes a contract with Ciel and kills all the cultists. The demon states that the contract allows him to consume Ciel’s soul and in return for that he will help him seek revenge against those who brought down his home.

11. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing is not only a zombie anime but a monster anime with zombies being a part of it. The anime revolves around the organization called Hellsing which aims to destroy these monsters and save humanity. The plot is vast with a number of twists and turns in company with a lot of action and bloodshed. There are vampires, zombies, military action and a lot of fights to enjoy. This could also be counted in one of the best action anime and will for sure please action lovers. This has all the elements you would want and it is a must-watch.

10. Is this a Zombie?

Now this one is distinctive from the zombie anime. It is more on the sarcastic and comedy side with and element of zombies to make it a little interesting. This is also a dark comedy Harem anime. The story is of Ayumu who, after being murdered by a serial killer is resurrected by Reucliwood. There are a lot of funny moments and twists in the anime along with some mysterious secrets. A demon named Megalos is after Ayumu’s life and he is assisted by three others to fight the demon and also figure out the mystery behind his death. If you wish to watch a non-standard zombie anime away from a lot of action this is the one you should watch.

9. Sunday Without God

This is another nonstereotypical zombie anime with a certain fact that God exists. The anime is set in a world where human beings have lost the ability to reproduce and they cannot truly die regardless of any injuries or decay. Legend says that god abandoned all his creations but left them a final gift in the form of ‘Gravekeepers’ who have the ability to give rest to the living dead. This is a journey of a young twelve-year-old Ai who is one of those gravekeepers. She has a desire to save the world that was abandoned by god. The anime is set in 12 episodes filled with mystery, romance, and drama which will make your watching experience worth it.

8. Kanberi Of the Iron Fortress

This anime is quite similar to Attack on Titan where the monsters are Kabane instead of the giant titans and the people of the Iron Fortress are protected from Kabane by fortress-like stations and massive walls. During the industrial revolution, a virus starts spreading which turn humans into Kabane, undead zombie creatures which are difficult to eliminate as their heart is covered by a layer of iron. In this post-apocalyptic scenario, a young man named Ikona invents an anti-kabane weapon and the action begins. The anime 12 episode long filled with thrill and horror in company with a lot of action.

7. Mo Dao Zu Shi

Although this is a Chinese anime, you should not miss out on this one as this an incredible action-adventure series with a lot of supernatural and black magic stuff. Although there is not a zombie apocalypse in this one unlike a few in this list, there are zombies and resurrection that are an important part of the plot. Not revealing much about the story, this is a story of Wei Wuxian who was killed but brought back to life in the body of Mo Xuanyu, who sacrificed himself to avenge Wei. There is incredible action and fighting shots in this with amazing animations and art style.

6. Gungrave

Gungrave is an anime based on a video and this fact clearly tells the amount of action in the anime will be astounding. This is the story of Grave as he seeks revenge against his former best friend who betrayed and killed him. There is a lot of mafia action and incredible zombie battles with slick animations and dynamic fight scenes. The plot is really good and there are elements of friendship, betrayal, and revenge. This is an anime for serious anime watchers and action lovers.

5. Kyoudu! Zombie Neko

One of its only kinds this anime depicts the story of a cat who is suddenly resurrected from the grave and starts to wander around the town. This as cute and Kawai as a zombie anime can be, the story of an adorable zombie cat. Despite being a zombie, the cat can get all the people in the fall in love with it. If you want to have a nice chill time watching an anime, this anime about the cute zombie cat is the one you should give a shot.

4. Highschool of The Dead

This is probably one of the best zombie anime when it comes to action, bloodshed, and gunfights. As the name suggests the anime is anime world is set in modern-day Japan where an outbreak occurs turning humans into zombies as the main characters of a High School try to fight and survive this apocalypse. There is also an excessive amount of fanservice in the anime but the incredible action and thrill are simply amazing. The anime is 12 episodes long along with a few OVAs, a must-recommended anime.

3. School-Live!

This is also kind of a different zombie anime from the rest. Overloaded with cuteness, at first sight, it would be hard to believe that this is a zombie anime. But this is a story of three girls Yuki, Kurumi, and Yuuri who live in the Megurigaoka High school. A zombie apocalypse breaks down and spreads throughout the city and many students and teachers of the school are also infected. This may not what it seem at first but the anime is also on the horror side with thrill and survival. The anime would come in the genre of horror and psychological thriller. The anime is 12 episodes long and certainly a pleasure to watch.

2. Corpse Princess

This is a thriller action anime where the protagonist Makina is turned into a Zombie Princess armed with two Mac-11 SMGs. She aims to kill the other 108 Shikibane which would allow her entry into heaven. She is provided help by a Buddhist Monk who has connections to an anti-zombie organization. Her ultimate goal resides in avenging the death of her family by destroying a particular group of Shikibane. The anime is filled with adventure and action with some badass fighting scenes throughout the 25 episodes. The storyline is also amazing and you’ll enjoy it for sure.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Now many may or may not categorize Tokyo Ghoul in the zombie category but most of us can agree that this is the one the best anime featuring supernatural creatures or demons. The anime is about ghouls, deadly creatures who survive by consuming human flesh and they secretly live among the human population. Ghouls have incredible strength and healing abilities. The story follows Keneki Ken a high school student who after a brutal encounter with a ghoul is also turned into a half-ghoul. There might be only a few who watch anime and haven’t heard of Tokyo ghoul since there is drama, action, emotions and the storyline is simply magnificent. You must enjoy this one you haven’t already.


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