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Top 25 Best Assassins From The Anime World

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2022)

Action anime is one of the most popular anime of all time (romance too). Furthermore, some things which make an anime more interesting are the characters and their development process. However, when it comes to action there is no one match for assassins in anime. Below you will read the Top 25 Best Assassins Characters from Anime World. 

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

If you do not know, Assassins are those people who murder important people or groups of people. Furthermore, to become an assassin you need to be very skilful and professional in your work. After this definition do you remember any assassins from your favourite anime or other movie series? Well, if not then read the list below:

Note: Characters in this list are not in any ranking order, and do not get offended if you did not find your character in this list. (Anime is a Universe of Japanese animations and characters). 

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

1. Levi Ackerman

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Do you know who Captain Levi Ackerman is? We are talking about the strongest soldier in humanity. Furthermore, He killed over 58 titans and more than 25 Humans. However, the killing count is quite low but you should know we are talking about Titans. Even if Levi is not a Murder but still killed a lot of lives in his living period. 

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2. Rob Lucci 

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Rob Lucci is not like Levi but a real assassination. Furthermore, he said, “I assassinate people in the name of Justice”. One of the deadliest stories about Rob Lucci is that he killed an entire army of 500 hundred soldiers along with pirates. The numbers are quite high and it is still increasing day by day. Rob Lucci has some superhuman skills which he obtains from Tough Time and Training. 

3. Hei

The next character on the list is Hei from Darker than the Black. First Non-Human assassin character on the list of Best Assassins in Anime World. Hei is a Contractor or you can say some with superhuman strength but without emotion and humanity. Last but not least, He eats a lot, Just like Goku and Monkey D. Luffy. 

4. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck is from Hunter x Hunter which is quite popular among anime fans. Moreover, he is not like other cold assassins but quite a cheerful and lively character. However, Killiua Zoldyck is still one of the strongest assassins in the anime universe along with Hunter x Hunter. Furthermore, just like Hei, Killua also loves to eat and spends hundreds of millions on his food.  

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5. Light Yagami

Now we have the most popular character of all time – Light Yagami aka Kira (killer). There are only a few characters who start as a protagonist and become antagonists at the end of the series and Light Yagami is one of them. Furthermore, Light’s murder count is not in hundreds or thousands but Lakhs. 124,925 people were murdered by Light Yagami. 

6. Koro-sensei

Another cheerful yet deadly assassin from Assassination Classroom. Koro-Sensei is a teacher who teaches his students some valuable life lessons. However, before becoming a teacher he was an extremely deadly assassin who murder people on contract. Furthermore, ever after quite being an assassin his skills are increasing every day. 

7. Suzuya Juuzou

Tokyo Ghoul has many amazing characters and Suzuya Juuzou is one of them. She was tortured to death from her childhood and generated an ability of Null-Pain. The deadliest opponents are those who did not fear death and pain and she is one of them. Just like Rob Lucci she also became an assassin at quite a young age. 

8. Scar

Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Vital Facts You Didn't Know About Scar

Scar, also known as The Scarred Man, is from Fullmetal Alchemist. Well, he is not a contractor or official assassin but still, he murders innocent people. Moreover, Scar murder high ranking state alchemist to avenge his people and his brother. However, he is a good person and became one of his allies and fought for good. 

9. Alucard

Hellsing Ultimate': The Great Nightmare That Is Alucard [Anime Horrors] -  Bloody Disgusting

Have you ever watched Hellsing or Hellsing: Ultimate? Alucard is the protagonist and an overpowered character who works for Hellsing Organization. Moreover, he is an immortal vampire or you can be a high ranking monster. Alucard is not a normal assassin but he kills for fun and humiliates his targets till they die. 

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10. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin: 5 Things That Were Historically Accurate About Japanese  History (& 5 Things That Aren't)

A samurai who went from a peaceful life to a famous war assassin and murder. Rurouni Kenshin is trained by one of the world’s greatest swordsmen and later becomes one of them. The best thing is he murdered over 100 enemies within six months. Furthermore, Rurouni Kenshin has the title of “Battousai the Slasher”. 

11. Risotto Nero

Risotto Nero | Jojo bizzare adventure, Jojo memes, Anime

The next character on the list is Risotto Nero from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Furthermore, he is chief of the greatest assassin organization in the series. Not many leaders care about their team or other members but Risotto Nero can do anything for them. Risotto Nero has some deadly abilities which make him a formidable enemy. 

12. Akame 

Akame Curse Murasame Anime Akame ga Wallpaper HD 1365 | Akame ga kill,  Akame ga, Anime

Akame from Akame ga Kill is one of the seven members of Elite seven. Elite Seven is a team of assassins in the series. Furthermore, she is the strongest member of the team and mostly stands till the end of the battle. Akame is a professional assassin who did not let her target, no matter what will happen. 

13. Thorfinn

Vinland Saga: How Askeladd Saved Thorfinn From a Dark Future

Here comes our friendly character who becomes an assassin to avenge his father. Thorfinn is from the Vinland Saga anime series. Furthermore, he has some biggest changes in his life from peaceful life to a deadly murder. However, he is the one who wished for this type of life but now he hates to live like a murderer or you can say assassin. 

14. Motoko Kusanagi

Major Motoko Kusanagi: A 'Ghost in the Shell' Character Analysis -  ReelRundown

Now, we have the main protagonist of the Ghost in the Shell anime series. Motoko Kusanagi is a cyborg (half-human with technical customization like a robot). Furthermore, she is a professional assassin hired by the Government himself. You will love how much power she poses as a cyborg and Government Agent. Moreover, Motoko Kusanagi has several high ranking positions as a major in the army and captain of Public Security. 

15. Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

You read above Killua Zoldyck and now we have his father in the list of Best assassins from the anime world. Furthermore, the Zoldyck family of Hunter x Hunter is originally a family of assassins. They murder people for money and has quite a reputation among the strongest characters. He is head of the family and completes his contract even if he dies. 

16. Itachi Uchiha

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Itachi is not an official assassin or works for money but still has qualities. Well, if you do not know who Itachi is then listen, he is from Naruto (one of the three big anime). Furthermore, the reason why Itachi is on this list is because of his killing count. Yes, He killed his entire clan except for his brother Sasuke. Itachi Uchiha is quite a deadly character and can do anything to protect what he loves. 

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17. Mikami

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Mikami is not that popular character like any other in this list. However, he killed over 400 people per day for quite a few weeks. He is from Death Note and is also known as the 4th Kira in the series. Light Yagami assigned him with this job to kill and become the next Kira. Well, Mikami has one the highest killing count on this list, and if you did not watch Death Note then I apologize for the spoiler. 

18. Hit

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Another not famous yet powerful assassin on the list is Hit from Dragon Ball Super. The strongest member of Team Universe 6 and the universe greatest assassin. The Dragon Ball series is full of special and super powerful characters but still Hit has the potential to stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, he also has the title of “legendary assassin”. 

19. Minene Uryuu

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Have you ever watched one of the darkest anime in history – Future Diary? Minene Uryuu is one of the main characters in the Future Diary Series. Furthermore, she is known for her “Escape Diary” which contains ways to assassinate. Minene Uryuu is among those assassins who use their mind more than physical strength. In other words, she is quite intelligent and smart. 

20. Lelouch

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

As I said earlier there are very few anime assassins who use their mind rather than their physical strength and Lelouch is one among them. Lelouch is the main protagonist of the Code Geass anime series. Furthermore, he killed over 2000 people throughout the series. Moreover, he also has some strong abilities like mind manipulation which make him a formidable opponent. 

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21. Satō

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

The next character on the list is Satō from the Ajin anime series. Satō is the eldest character on this list but still has one of the highest killing counts. Furthermore, he is among the few mass murderers who are not satisfied with 2-3 kills. Satō is a competitive player who loves to play multiplayer video games along with assassination. 

22. Johan Liebert

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Monster anime is quite popular among fans for its breathtaking storyline. Furthermore, he does not have any superhuman power like other characters on the list. However, he’s quite skilled when it comes to assassinating someone. You can also list him as one of the biggest imposters like Light Yagami who hide their true identity. 

23. Death Gun 

Top 25 Best Assassins from Anime World

Sword Art Online is another popular anime that combines itself with the gaming industry. Death Gun is the biggest assassin of the Sword Art Online 2nd Season. Furthermore, as you can read from his name, his weapon to kill is Guns. Two highly effective and powerful guns will kill with a single shot. 

24. Hassan-I-Sabbah

Hassan-I-Sabbah is from the Fate Series and is one of the deadliest assassins throughout the series. Furthermore, this time we are not talking about only one assassin but a team of 19 assassins. Each of them has the same name, personality, and facelessness. However, the strongest among these assassins is “King Hassan” who is the leader of the other 18 assassins. 

25. Blanca

Finally, the last character on this list is Blanca from Bananafish. Well, I am sure not many of you know about this character or the anime series. However, Blanca is a professional assassin and BananaFish have quite a good rating on all platforms. Blanca is true to his work and always completes his mission. No matter what type of assassin job Blanca get, he will find a way and murder his target. If you have not watched the BananaFish yet then make sure to add it to your watching list – it’s amazing. 


Well, it is the end of the list and I hope you like our 25 Best Assassins from the Anime World. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions then let me know in the comment section. We love to answer your queries!

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