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Top 37+ Best Historical Manhwas Of All Time!

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2023)

History is a splendid chronicle, revealing a nation’s journey and its evolution. It mirrors advancement. Similarly, historical manhwa imparts messages about Korean history, mostly.

Once done with action, comedy, and romance, historical genre beckons. Here are top recommendations. Without delay, let’s begin!

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40. Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Prepare to be astonished by both the name and narrative of this manhwa! Meet Juvenalian, the despised villainess, even abandoned by her own father to a cruel fate.

But a twist of fate grants her a second life, armed with future knowledge. Determined to reshape destiny, she sacrifices love, aiming to mend her father’s affection.

39. The Sword Clan

The Sword Clan

Discover “The Sword Clan,” an enthralling historical manhwa boasting unique characters and gripping action. Delve into the tale of scarred-faced ruffians, fearsome swordsmen known as the “Sword Clans.”

Their captivating concept of self-inflicted facial scars adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. Immerse yourself in this captivating storyline to uncover more about their world of intensity and adventure!

38. The Fang of Yeongno 

The Fang of Yeongno

In the manhwa, a surge of demons emerges after a fateful storm, claiming Jagang’s loved ones. Determined and composed, Jagang becomes the sole hope for salvation and vengeance.

This historical tale, “The Fang of Yeongno,” intricately weaves revenge into its narrative. With just 50 chapters, it offers a binge-worthy blend of history and retribution.

37. Carrier Falcon Princess

Carrier Falcon Princess

In the midst of a war, Princess Zelina loses consciousness and awakens as a messenger falcon, entrusted with vital communications in the absence of phones.

Tasked with delivering messages, she uncovers a historical tale where Commander Valhyle seeks her royal lineage’s remains. Undeterred by her avian form, Zelina is resolute to unveil her family’s fate in the captivating story, “Carrier Falcon Princess.”

36. The Princesses’ Time Travel

The Princesses’ Time Travel

Chu Xing Yue awoke with chest pain, in the embrace of an unknown man in ancient Chinese attire. Despite his anger, he shielded her from assassins and perils.

Princess Chu Xing Yue then realized she inhabited an ancient girl’s body. Her path unfolds in “The Princesses’ Time Travel,” leaving us to wonder if she’ll ever return home. Curiosity compels us to read on.

35. Complying With Imperial Edict (Imperial Edict) 

 Complying With Imperial Edict (Imperial Edict) 

Amidst family conflict, the Commander In-Situ’s shy and indecisive granddaughter finds herself in danger as her younger brother becomes the Emperor’s Assistant.

Unaware of the turmoil, they must now fight together, pushing her to assume her brother’s identity and face challenges solo. Along this path, she crosses paths with the formidable “God of War,” who will significantly impact her journey.

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34. The Book of Celestial Power

The Book of Celestial Power

Step into the world of “The Book of Celestial Power,” a gripping ongoing manhwa following Yeo Seong Ha’s journey to mastery in martial arts. With survival hinging on strength, the series combines historical backdrop with intense action.

Indulge in the smooth artwork and thrilling battles, satisfying your appetite for historical action. Don’t wait; dive in and enjoy the captivating blend of history and martial arts. Your popcorn companion awaits!

33. Ingrid The White Deer

Ingrid The White Deer

In the captivating historical manhwa, Ingrid of the Farnese family grapples with an endless cycle of romance with a brilliant playboy.

A twist occurs as she is anointed “Elvynee Deer” and societal pressure mounts to wed royalty. Beset by a love-life curse and numerous broken engagements, Ingrid resolves to empower herself and seize control of her destiny.

32. My Sirius Star

My Sirius Star

“Discover the poignant love tale within ‘My Sirius Star,’ a historical manhwa delving into the insufficiency of love given.

Fueled by raw emotions and fervor, it combines reality with BL, offering a compelling narrative. For enthusiasts of both BL and history, this manhwa is a must-read that guarantees satisfaction.”

31. Flirting With The Villain’s Dad

Flirting With The Villain’s Dad

Meet Yerenica, the proactive aunt and sister to the novel’s protagonist, gifted with knowledge of the future. Fueled by a desire to alter destiny, she embarks on a daring quest to rescue her sibling. The crux of the tale lies in thwarting the peril posed by the Emperor’s future son.

Yerenica’s unconventional strategy involves seduction, all within the captivating pages of “Flirting With The Villain’s Dad.” Unveil the enthralling narrative to discover the rest.

30. Leave Me Not

Leave Me Not

Discover the perfect blend of Isekai and historical genres in “Leave Me Not.” This captivating manhwa follows four individuals trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation.

As 600 years pass, the question arises: will they abandon their pretense of familiarity and maintain their connection? Dive into the pages of “Leave Me Not” to unveil the answer!

29. I Shall Master This Family

I Shall Master This Family

Once a leading force in every empire, the Lambardi family’s fortunes dwindled after the patriarch’s demise. Reincarnated as her seven-year-old self, our protagonist is determined to rewrite this fate.

Fueled by knowledge and resolve, she forges an impervious empire, aiming to reclaim her family’s supremacy. Her ultimate path to victory hinges on ascending as the family’s leader. Can she triumph and reshape their destiny?

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28. Detectives in Silk Robe 

Detectives in Silk Robe

Step into the past with “Detectives in Silk Robe,” where Jaesun, possessing all-seeing eyes, operates as an ancient detective alongside his formidable team.

Witness their unmatched skills in apprehending criminals and delivering justice. Curious about historical detective work? Dive into this unique tale for insights into investigative methods of yore.

27. Like Wind on a Dry Branch

Like Wind on a Dry Branch

In the tale of Rieta Tristi, an enchanting widow, her fate intertwines with a nobleman who desires her presence in his grave due to his powers.

With her life hanging in the balance, an unexpected twist occurs as a captivating prince arrives, poised to rescue her. In a narrative brimming with eleventh-hour transformations, the entrance of this heroic figure brings a riveting surprise.

26. The Lazy Lord Masters The Sword

The Lazy Lord Masters The Sword

Airen Ferreira, marked by perilous trials and his mother’s tragic demise, seeks solace in sleep, earning him the moniker “The Lazy Lord.” Despite his tumultuous past, he resists altering his destiny or seeking vengeance.

Unexpectedly, a dream introduces him to a cryptic swordsman, setting the stage for an enthralling and captivating mystery manhwa.

25. Return of the Mad Demon 

Return of the Mad Demon 

In “Return of the Mad Demon,” Jaha Lee aspires to be the God of Martial Arts but falls off a cliff while escaping the Demonic Cult’s pursuit over the stolen Jade of Heaven. Miraculously, he awakens in his 20s with a chance to reshape his destiny.

The manhwa offers an enthralling blend of martial arts, history, and a quest for redemption. Discover if Jaha can rewrite his fate and attain his lofty goals in this captivating story.

24. How to Become a Dragon

How to Become a Dragon

In this historical manhwa, ancient imoogi Bari ventures into the human realm, seeking aid to rectify ancestral wrongs. Confronted by a colossal dragon at his apartment, Young embraces the task of guiding Imoogi to full dragonhood, his own fate intertwined.

Amidst mounting tension, Young’s life hinges on successfully training Imoogi for the draconic transformation and a crucial exam. Can Young’s efforts culminate in Imoogi’s ascension, securing their future? The narrative unfolds with challenges and aspirations.

23. Shadow Bride 

Shadow Bride 

Yunjo, a young prince, yearns to serve his kingdom from the shadows, overshadowed by his warrior brother Yigang. However, everything changes when he encounters a captivating mysterious beauty. The lady’s arrival alters Yigang’s destiny.

The unfolding story of “Shadow Bride” reveals whether her influence is benevolent or malevolent. Read on to discover the intriguing transformation.

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22. The Double Agent

The Double Agent

“The Double Agent” follows Sasha Laurent, who tragically loses her parents to the Dochen Republic’s destructive assault on her hometown.

Homeless, she’s rescued by Allied forces. Later, she’s covertly sent as a spy into the Dochen Republic, but her mission lands her in a prison, raising concerns about her safety and the purpose of her mission.

21. Truthfully, They Only Remembered Her

Truthfully, They Only Remembered Her

“Truthfully, They Only Remembered Her” follows Clarence’s journey from a peasant to a celebrated war hero, earning admiration from both townsfolk and men. Battling haunted memories from her past, she emerges as a champion despite facing challenges.

The capital was shaken by her disappearance, but she forged her path. Amidst transformation, her haunting past persists, raising the question of whether she can overcome it.

20. Miss Abbott and the Doctor 

Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Doctor Andreas Marino leads a peaceful life until the arrival of Doctor Abbott, an initially bothersome but ultimately charming colleague.

Despite finding her irritating, Andreas recognizes her ability to bring joy to any situation. Abbott’s enigmatic past adds to her intriguing persona, yet her vibrant and cheerful nature continues to astonish. This manhwa promises a quirky romantic comedy vibe.

19. Madame Outlaw 

Madame Outlaw 

In 1852, Thaddeus killed Estelle’s brother, a secret only she knows. To unveil the truth, Estelle hatches a daring plan: marrying the murderer. Discovering Thaddeus’ Oregon Trail map, carriage, and a troubled boy, she embarks on an adventure uncovering criminals.

Thaddeus, determined to foil Estelle, trails her relentlessly. A gripping battle unfolds to reveal the victor in this high-stakes conflict.

18. The Weight of Our Sky 

The Weight of Our Sky 

Experience the captivating tale of a music-loving teenager’s relentless quest to reunite with her mother in the historical backdrop of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Set in an enchanting manhwa, “The Weight of Our Sky” offers a riveting blend of Malaysian history and the protagonist’s passionate musical journey.

Don’t miss out on this enthralling narrative that immerses you in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s past and follows the protagonist’s adventures and love for music.

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17. Return of the Blossoming Blade

Return of the Blossoming Blade

Awakening in the future, MC Cheongmyeong discovers his last memories are of defeating the demon Cult leader, Cheonma, averting disaster for China’s Ten Great Sects.

After an injury, he’s granted a second chance and embarks on restoring Mount Hua to its former glory, aiming to fulfill his mission in “Return of the Blossoming Blade.” Will he succeed? Dive in to uncover the tale’s destiny.

16. Actually, I was the Real One 

Actually, I was the Real One

Intriguing tales of Dukes endure, and this is the narrative of a Duke and Kiera, tasked with birthing a water Elementalist, embracing her capability.

However, fate shifts abruptly as Kiera faces execution. Miraculously revived, she’s granted a fresh start, determined to effect changes and ally with the mighty. Can she navigate it all alone? Will Kiera reshape her history?

15. Beware of the Villainess

Beware of the Villainess

In the aftermath of a fatal car crash, Han Da Young awakens within the infamous antagonist of a beloved novel. Fueled by anticipation, she embraces her role as the villainess, relishing the prospect of thwarting the male protagonists’ paths to the heroine.

An exceptional historical manhwa, this story promises an enthralling read, urging readers to brace for the reign of the captivating antagonist.

14. I stan the Prince

I stan the Prince

Angela, the author, is gripped by terror as her newly published book about a dethroned Prince Rayburn becomes an unexpected bestseller, drawing immense attention.

Rather than feeling joy, Angela is overwhelmed with shyness and fear, especially when the Imperial Family demands an explanation for her portrayal. The unfolding story of her survival unfolds in “I Stan The Prince!”

13. How To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother

How To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother

After a fatal car crash, a young woman awakens in an adult-rated novel, “Hell’s Flower,” a story she’s familiar with. Armed with foreknowledge, she navigates the new world, utilizing her cleverness to outmaneuver challenges.

Recognizing spoilers, she defies the narrative’s dangers and plots her survival. Familiarity with the story becomes her advantage in this unfamiliar realm.

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12. Villains Are Destined To Die

Villains Are Destined To Die

Villains Are Destined To Die is an isekai manhwa that is very well-written and its plot is quite smooth and easy to follow as well!

This tells us the story of our main character who transports inside the body of Penelope Eckhart and struggles with the daughters of the Duke!

11. Princess in the Rough 

Princess in the Rough 

In a secluded forest, a girl with radiant eyes befriends a diminutive dragon. Alone together, they uncover her hidden lineage as the Emperor’s lost heir.

Raised in the wilderness, she’s oblivious to societal norms, her true identity remaining a mystery.

10. The Elixir of the Sun 

The Elixir of the Sun

The Elixir of the Sun tells us the story of Bayan who’s an outcast without healing powers but she’s considered useless because of lack of this skill!

As a result, she gets sent to the Court of Dhan who’s also known as a Great Emperor who slaughters everyone mercilessly!

9. Princess Imprints a Traitor

Princess Imprints a Traitor

Princess Evienrose, poisoned by her own sister, meets an untimely end. Miraculously, she awakens eight years in the past with a singular purpose: to forge her path to Empresshood.

Her mission? To craft a loyal inner circle as guardians of her realm.

8. What it Takes to be a Villainess

What it Takes to be a Villainess

In this manhwa, Hwayoung, consumed by heartbreak, leaps into a river but unexpectedly awakens as Satiana Altisee Kaylon, the story’s villainess.

Embracing her altered fate, she now eyes the chance to ascend as the future Empress. Will she grasp this opportunity? To unveil her journey, delve into “What It Takes To Be A Villainess!”

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7. The Princess is Evil 

The Princess is Evil 

The Princess is Evil is a historical manhwa that tells us about a witch of 300 years age who got betrayed by a man and was killed eventually.

However, she opened her eyes as a member of an Imperial Family! She decided to become an Empress in order to get her revenge!

6. My Royal Awakening 

My Royal Awakening 

This is the story of an average modern Korean person who awakens in the Joseon Dynasty! And he gets reborn as the Crown Prince!

It feels like a pretty good deal to me, what about you guys? Would you want to go back in time?

5. Lout of Count’s Family

Lout of Count’s Family

Meet Kim Roksu, whose sole mantra is to avoid confrontation. However, midway through, he drifts into slumber and awakens as the renowned hero, Cale Henituse.

Adapting to this new identity, he must now embrace the unfamiliar and navigate his transformed life.

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4. The Villainess Lives Again 

The Villainess Lives Again 

Assisted by Grand Duke Cedric Ebron, our protagonist topples a tyrannical empire but sacrifices herself in the process.

Miraculously, she awakens years earlier, poised to sacrifice herself again to save her family and aid Cedric Ebron’s cause once more.

3. My Gently Raised Beast

My Gently Raised Beast

“My Gently Raised Beast” narrates the tale of Blondina, a genuine Cinderella. From a humble upbringing and a sorrowful past, she unveils her true identity as the Princess of the Etes Empire.

Yet, her journey is hindered by her father and sisters, who complicate her pursuit of a princess’s life.

2. I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

In this familiar isekai manhwa, the protagonist is reborn into his beloved novel, “Persona.” With his prior knowledge of the plot, he’s determined to seize every moment and make the most of his new life within its pages.

The once avid reader is now an active participant, ready to shape his destiny in the world he once only read about.

1. What’s Wrong With You, Duke?

What’s Wrong With You, Duke?

In the tale, a merciless Duke named Dreux of Faucigny transforms into a besotted admirer whenever Noel is near, due to an impending life-threatening magic spell. However, the spell’s erratic influence causes his emotions to fluctuate between euphoria and irritability.

What ails the Duke is the unpredictable sway of the spell, rendering his demeanor a rollercoaster of joy and melancholy.


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