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Top 37 Unknown Facts about One Piece

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2021)

One Piece is one of the longest-running and one of the big three manga (Dragon Ball, Bleach, and One Piece). With over 1000 chapters in manga and almost 1000 episodes in anime as well. Everyone loves One Piece because of its engaging storyline and a huge set of character development.

You will learn some interesting and unknown facts about One Piece. Everyone loves facts and it’s become more exciting when it’s about your favorite anime or manga. There is a total of 37 facts in this blog. So, make sure to read each of them.

Let’s start the list of Interesting and amazing facts about One Piece.

1. 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

In the Japan Olympics anime characters are the ambassadors of Tokyo Olympics 2020. Luffy was one of the 7 ambassadors of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 which was held in 2021 due to Covid. One Olympics player does the 2nd Gear pose of Luffy before his match. That player won the gold medal.

2. Eiichiro Oda’s Work Hours:

One Piece is a successful manga and anime series. But you how much hard work they put in to keep his quality since 1997. Eiichiro Oda sleeps at 2 am and he has to wake up at 5 am in the early morning. Also, he did not take any leave on holiday or festivals to keep the production going on.

3. Guinness Book Of World Record:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

As you read above one piece is one of the longest-running manga. Because of the popularity and love of his fans, One Piece has a Guinness Book Of World Records. One Piece sold around 321 million manga from 1997 to 2014. The recorded is “most copies were published for the same comic book series by a single author.”

4. Ussop the Weakest:

Who is the weakest of Straw Hat’s crew? Eiichiro Oda himself stated that “Ussop is the weakest character in Luffy’s crew” not Nami. Many people think Nami is the weakest one but it’s not true. Ussop is quite powerful in fights but when comes to ranking he is the last. Yes, God Ussop is the weakest straw hat.

5. One Piece was planned to end in 2002:

One Piece started in 1997 and recently completed its 23rd anniversary. But by the author of One Piece – Eiichiro Oda, it is supposed to end in 5 years. The ending of One Piece is already planned. In 2021, One Piece cover around 80% of the whole story. It still takes more than 5 years to complete.

6. Different Names of Characters:

One Piece is a World famous manga and anime. And also translated into many different languages other than Japanese and English. Different countries have different names of characters like Luffy become Rufy, Roronoa Zoro becomes Lorenor Zoro, Usopp becomes Lysop, and sometimes Liar Bo.

7. Oda’s reason to Become a Mangaka:

Do you know why Eiichiro Oda start making One Piece? Because he did not want to get a job. A real job. Wanted! was Ods’s first manga series which become quite popular. And after that, he gets a job as a manga author at Weekly Shōnen Jump. And by the time he is now one of the best mangaka (manga artists) in the world.

8. Inspiration for One Piece:

Eiichiro Oda is also a fan of manga. He loves to read manga in his childhood. And his favorite mangas become the inspiration of One Piece. The biggest inspiration is the Dragon Ball series. He wants to show Luffy like Goku – A child-like personality, who cares about his friends and family. Oda is and of Akira Toriyama – Author of Dragon Ball Series.

9. Artist’s Become Emotional:

Have ever get emotional while watching or reading One Piece? Well, One Piece creators do. While drawing Marry’s Funeral Oda cried and some other artists too. Oda tells that drawing Wano Kindom’s page was one of the most exciting moments of his life.

10. One Piece One-Shots:

Do you know One Piece is not a weekly manga when it started? At first, Oda releases two one-shots known as “Romance Down” mangas. he created this manga in Junior High as a side project. But One Piece manga has become popular among fans and become weekly manga.

11. Pure Heat of Luffy:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

Do you remember Nimbus cloud from the Dragon Ball series? Only People with pure hearts can ride on Nimbus like Goku. There was a crossover with Dragon Ball Series and One Piece. And in that Luffy was able to ride it without any difficulty.

12. Initial Character Design:

Many characters are different from how they are now. Like Nami, Chopper, and many other characters designs are super different from current designs. The initials are more realistic but the current characters are adorable like a chopper. One more fact: Rorona Zoro was first created as a bodyguard of Buggy Pirates.

13. Chopper and Pet:

Do you know Chopper known as a pet of Strawhat’s Crew in One Piece world? That’s why the chopper always brings new animals as a pet to make himself a crew member. But Sanji ends up cooking each of them. They have a bounty of 100 berries on the chopper. But he desires more than 100 million berries.

14. Naruto and One Piece:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

Naruto and One Piece was released in the same year – 1997. Sanji’s originally named “Naruto” but when he knows there are whole new manga series going to publish with the same name, he changes Sanji’s name. Both creators respect each other. You can also see Naruto draw Strawhat’s symbol on Hakoge’s statue. Also in “Romance Down” Luffy is eating Naruto’s favorite ramen.

15. Enel is a Pirate:

Enel is the main antagonist of the Sky Island arc in One Piece. He claimed himself as a God, God of Thunder. But Eiichiro Oda state that Enel is a Pirate in the One Piece world. And He also has a bounty of around 500 million barries. Some people also think he will return in the future for revenge.

16. Inspiration from Literature:

As you read above Eiichiro Oda’s inspired from his childhood mangas but that’s not it. He also gets inspiration from classic literature. For example, the impel down is inspired from “Nine Circles of Hell depicted in Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century poem Divine Comedy.”

17. Luffy did not kill:

There are lots of fight scenes where Luffy beats the antagonist. Some fights are brutal as hell. But you know Luffy did not kill anyone in the one piece. Not a single character. Every character who fights with Luffy is alive and some of them are ready to take revenge.

18. Real Pirate Reference:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

One Piece is not a total fiction story. Some real pirate stories are real. Like the story of Gol D. Roger is inspired by French pirate Olivier Levasseur. Olivier Levasseur also at execution time gives a puzzle pendant. He said, “who solved it would have his treasure.” Also, Blackbeard was a real pirate (reference of Marshall D. Teach) and Captain Alvida (Real pirate Alwilda), and Captain Jewelry Bonney (Irish pirate Anne Bonny.

19. First Half of One Piece:

In 2021 One Piece cover around 80% of the whole story. But you know when half of the story ended? Half of the story is covered in Chapter 547 “Escaping the Island” in one Piece manga. The same goes for anime.

20. Pop Culture:

We talked a lot about inspiration in this blog post. There is one more reference to Pop Culture. Tim Curry’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter character from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show is a reference for Ivanko from Revolutionary Army. Also the “Thriller Bark” is somehow connected with the video “Thriller” by Michel Jackon. Oda is a fan of Pop Songs.

21. If Franky was real:

There are lots of weird questions asked by Oda. And the good part is he genuinely answer those questions. One of his answers says on the question how Franky would be real? – “Franky is like a Bull.” And the color that represents him is Blue. That’s why he has blue hair and also blue color in his General Franky Robot.

22. Easter Eggs:

When you re-read the manga or watch anime you notice there are lots of places where Oda added his name and also One Piece. Like in the library books and more. He is also adding a character from some of his previous mangas. don’t only his work but also other makes. He calls this “Shout Out.”

23. Who knows the ending of One Piece:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

Few people actually know how one piece going to ends. Everyone One Piece fan wants to know the ending of One piece. Well, except oda there is one more person who knows how One Piece will end. Actually, he is a child, Oda reveals the ending of One Piece to a child who was suffering from cancer disease.

24. Memorials of Dead Characters:

In Japan, There are real graves of “Fire Fist Ace” and “Whitebeard” by Universal Studios Japan. You can visit in reality. A lot of people cried when they die. They are the same to same as Manga and Anime. These graves are created in 2013 for One Piece fans.

25. Armani and One Piece:

Two times One Piece characters become models for A|X Armani Exchange. First 2009 for One Piece Film: Strong Word and the second time in 2012 at the release of One Piece Film Z. The costumes are designed by Armani Designers and choose by Eiichiro Oda. At that time people can buy those costumes which are made for one-piece characters.

26. Theme Parks and Restaurants:

Want to visit a One Piece theme restaurant for dinner? Or a One Piece theme park on holiday? Well, you can if you are in japan. In Japan, they have these things for One Piece fans. You can also visit and have a look at The Thousand Sunny (Luffy’s pirate ship).

27. Zoro and Chopper:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

They are both known as a father-son relationship by One Piece fans. The fact is they are both consider monsters in One Piece. Zoro is a Demon in human form and Chopper because of his transformation. But they are super kind of heart and care for everyone around them.

28. Sword Art Styles of Strawhat’s:

In the crew of Straw Hat’s pirate, we have two great swordsmen – Roronoa Zoro and Brook. They both have different fighting styles. Roronoa’s fighting style is inspired by Japanese culture. But Brooks’s sword fighting style is English. Like swordman of British.

29. Ussop and Franky Similarities:

The life and past of Franky and Ussop are quite similar. Like they both have few friends in their childhood. Live on their own without any family. Both are craftsmen and long-range fighters. The reason they become friends is the damage of Merry.

30. Black Beared is real:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

There was a real pirate name “Black Beared” who is the inspiration for One Piece Blackbeard pirate (Marshall D. Teach). The real Blackbeard has the same story as fictional. Real Blackbeard was also affiliated with the government and then betrayed them.

31. IQ test related to One Piece:

In the University of Japan check the IQ of people with questions related to Japan. There are lots of ways to check IQ but this one is kind of unique and interesting. You have to be a One Piece fan to check your IQ in this university.

32. Robin and Nami:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

The two most beautiful and cute female characters of One Piece. They are the only ones who betrayed Luffy and his crew. But with a sweet reason. Because they want to protect them from unwanted danger. And for both characters, the whole crew fights with the toughest enemies of One Piece world.

33. War of Sky Island:

There are too many references in One Piece from the real world. One of them is the war of Sky Island. The fight between two different cultures is the reference from the fight between America and Red Indian Tribe. They also have the same problem of land and culture. None of them is Evil but they are different.

34. Sanji and Brook Introduction:

They both are responsible members of Strawhat’s crew. And the introduction of both characters is very familiar. Sanji is introduced with a Black suit and “hot soup” in his hand. Also, Brook introduced in Black Suite and “hot coffee” in his hand.

35. Alabasta and Egypt:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

In the Alabasta arc, there are lots of references from Egypt and its culture. The first one is that they both share the same culture as Egypt. Like cloth, and name of places. The most interesting one is there are two Zoan Devil fruit users who both are related to sculptures of Egypt.

36. Robin’s Past:

Do you remember the Robin back story? Her island is destroyed and books burn into ashes. The same incident has happened in the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China. Where all books are burned and schoolers were murdered by the government. The emperor said, that “uneducated people were easier to control.”


37. Oda’s Favorite Devil Fruit:

Unknown Facts about One Piece

As One Piece fans, everyone wants the power of devil fruit. He shared which devil fruit he want if they were real. The Nico Robin’s devil fruit power. Do you why? Because it will help him to draw One Piece faster than ever. Which Devil Fruit do you want? Let me know in the comment section. Also, check-out:-

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