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Top 37 Unknown Facts Facts About Naruto

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2022)

When we talk about one of the best anime of all time then Naruto always has a special place on the list. It is one of the Big Three Shonen (other are Bleach and One Piece) anime of all time. Moreover, if you’re reading this blog then it means you already watched or are currently watching this great show. 

Top 37 Unknown Facts Facts About Naruto
© Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha

Below you will learn some amazing facts about Naruto and its characters. Well, if you have not finished it yet then you can get some spoilers so make sure to skip them or watch the anime (or read the manga) first. So, let’s start without further ado…

#01. Orange Hokage Is A Reference To Naruto’s 

Have you ever heard the word “Orange Hokage” in Naruto? It’s the name of Naruto when he became a Hokage at the end of the series. Many fans think he calls himself Orange Hokage because of the color of his clothing. But that’s not true at all, because the real reason behind it is Naruto’s Parents. Naruto’s father’s hair was yellow and orange hair was orange. 

#02. The Story Behind Iconic Headbands 

Did you know the creator of Naruto was going to make or use Goggles instead of Ninja Band? It’s true but then why does he make Ninja Bands? The reason is quite simple! He wanted to save his time overproduction. According to him, the drawing of goggles takes a lot more time than Ninja Bands, Hence, to save time he decided to make something simple. 

#03. Naruto’s Catch Phrase ‘Dattebayo’ 

If you have been watching naruto for a while then you probably noticed this word. Dattebayo is Naruto’s catchphrase and in English Dub, it is “Believe it.” However, the fact is “Dattebayo” does not have any correct translation. The creator of Naruto chose this word from the Japanese language to represent Naruto as some kind of a brat. 

#04. Naruto is Not the Last Member of Uzumaki Clan

If you go into deep stories of Naruto then you will find that people believe that Naruto is the last member of the Uzumaki Clan. But, again as a fact it is not entirely true. There are around 4 members of the Uzumaki Clan or distance reaction that comes in the story. First is Lady Tsunade, and then Both Karin and Nagato were descendants of the Uzumaki Clan. 

#05. Naruto suppose to be a Chef

As we know, Naruto has the power of Nine-Tailed Fox inside his body (because of his parents). Originally, in the Naruto manga, the protagonist is going to become a Chef. Yes, it’s true but the publishers did not accept it. However, the creator of the manga keeps trying and making minor changes in the story to make this amazing. 

#06. The Reason Why Naruto Able to Meet his Parents

In the main story, the creator did not plan to make Naruto meet his real parents. However, after the creator himself becomes a father then that causes a change in his mind. He feels the characters’ feelings and Narutors’ creator’s children become the real reason behind the time travel and chakras’ increased potential. 

Do you remember Toads in Naruto? Or have you seen them yet? Because the names of these Toads are not random. Their names come from popular actors of the 1980s. First Toad Shima comes form Shima Iwashita, second Toad Gamabunta comes from Bunga Sugawara, and theirs or last Tad Gamaken comes from Ken Takakura. 

#08. Naruto’s Creator Honeymoon and Series Ending

Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime of its time and all time. However, this popularity gives a lot of respect to the creator along with the problem. The problem is because of a high-demand manga, The creator did not get leave for his Honeymoon! Yes, the production told him to finish the manga first before taking any leave. 

#09. Inspiration for Sasuke Character

Sasuke is one of the main characters of the Naruto series and also one of the most below characters of the time. But do you from where the mangaka get inspiration to make this amazing character? It’s from a 1961 manga named “Sasuke” by Sanpie Shirato. Sasuke from Naruto and the protagonist of Sasuke manga have almost the same back story. Where their ninja clan gets wiped out by an enemy or relative. 

#10. Kakuzu and Mobile Suit Gundam

Have you ever heard of Mobile Suit Gundam? If not then you should check out this “God of Anime or Manga” of all time. It is one of the most influential anime of all time which gave birth to the Mecha Genre. Well, the fact is the abilities of Kakuzu are inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam anime. In other words, the creator of Naruto gave a tribute to his all-time favorite anime. 

#11. German Restriction on Naruto Anime

Germany is popular for making quite strict censorship on video games, movies, and animation. The same goes for Naruto where the blades of Ninjas were removed from the animation. When you watch the german dub then in blade fighting scenes looks like characters are fighting in the air. It’s kind of awkward in many ways.

#12. KaKashi’s Catchphrase

When we talk about one of the most popular characters of the Naruto series then Kakashi Sensei always makes a place on the list. But the fact is at one time (at the start of the anime) like Naruto Kakashi also has a Catchphrase. The catchphrase was “Gozaru” or “Desu” which means “To Be” in English. However, over time it’s been removed from the series. 

#13. Kishimoto Told Team 7’s Voice Actors a Secret

To make the anime a popular sensation, creators need to keep the story or plot a secret. But the creator of Naruto told a section to the Team 7 Voice Actors before the release of the anime. The secret was That Sasuke And Sakura Would End Up Together. That was quite a huge deal because it’s one of the biggest secrets of the anime that all fans wanted to know at that time. 

#14. Naruto’s Real Live Destination: Ramen Shop

When fans watch anime or read manga than they also want to visit those places in the real world. Well, if you want then you can visit the real-life destination, The Ramen Shop. Ichiraku is Naruto’s favorite Ramen and its real location is Fukuoka, Japan, which is also called Ichiraku. Ichiraku means “Ramens is the best pleasure” in Japanese (it’s amazing). 

#15. Sanji from One Piece and Naruto

Do you know Sanji from One Piece? Sanji is one of the main characters of the one-piece anime. The fact is that Sanji was originally named Naruto but at the same time the Creator of Naruto was going to release his manga Naruto. He thought it would make a hell of confusion and that’s why he changed his name to Sanji. 

#16. Naruto’s Original Musical

Naruto is one of few anime series which have its Musical in Japan. In 2015, Naruto got its official Musical live-action adaptation which became a huge hit. Many popular Japanese actors and actresses get cast to play the role of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Moreover, the twin roles of the characters are played by the same actor!

#17. Collaboration and Competition with One Piece

One Piece and Bleach manga were some of the biggest competitors of the Naruto manga. However, even though they are the biggest competitors, still they collaborated and gave tribute to each other. If you read the manga then you get to see many references to Naruto in One Piece manga. For example, Luffy eats Naruto’s favorite ramen. 

#18. Underaged Drinking

We previously read about the high level of censorship in Germany. But the same goes for Japanese censorship. In the original, you get to watch a heavy child drinking scene which is not quite right. In many anime or manga, they censor or avoid these types of scenes. Like Germany, the United States and other westerns keep their censorship as possible. 

#19. Naruto’s Outfit and The Matrix Movie

If you have good eyes then you realize that the majority of naruto’s things are inspired by real-world things. One of those inspirations is the Outfit of Naruto’s characters. The fact is that the outfit and costumes of Naruto and other characters are inspired by one of the most Hollywood movies of all time – The Matrix.

#20. Naruto Supposed to Set in Modern Times

If you did not know then before Naruto gets published it faces a lot of rejects. This rejection caused its creator to make a lot of changes to the original work. However, in my view it’s good he changed or replaced multiple things. For example, Naruto was supposed to be set in a modern time where ninjas solve city crime cases. 

#21. Many Chapters and Episodes Made on Fly!

One of the most shocking facts of the Naruto franchise is the Large Chunks Of The Manga And Anime Were Created On The Fly. The reason is quite simple, the creator did not get enough time to think of a story because of short deadlines. That made him go with the flow, and add things according to the environment. When you read the facts, you realize that Naruto is all Luck of the mangaka (or the creator of Naruto is a genius). 

#22. Western Censorship

Earlier in the list, we read about the strict censorship of Germany and Westerns. But it did not stop with the blade and drink but many more things. Many animes like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and One Piece face a lot of tweaks and changes in animation for western audiences. For example, they replace cigarettes with lollipops or the cigarettes are not burning in the first place. 

#23. Symbol on Neji

The majority of the manga and anime of Naruto are the same but still, many things change in the anime. It’s Symon “X” on Neji’s head. Originally it’s no X in Naruto’s Manga. The symbol is supposed to be “Manji” but because of American political reasons, the animator changed the Manji to X. That’s why source material is always better than adoption (same goes for One Piece). 

#24. Reference of Dragon Ball Z

As we know, Dragon Ball Z was one of the most inspirational and revolutionary anime/manga of all time. If you take a good look at the Naruto manga then you will find out many Dragon Ball references in the storyline. Chiaotzu’s mask was shown in one of the mask sections of the Festival’s market. 

#25. Naruto’s Height 

It’s quite a minor detail to keep track of but the true fans will notice The height of Naruto. Yes, it’s grown over time and not a sudden click. If you remember at the beginning of the story, the height of Naruto was quite short but over time he became taller than the majority of the characters. Moreover, Naruto is a quiet series about his height and jokes about his height. 

#26. Naruto’s Birthday and Two Other Characters

The birth date of Naruto Uzumaki is 10th October and he shares it with two more characters of the series. The other two characters who share the same birthday are Menma Uzumaki and Menma Namikaze (they look quite similar to each other). 

#27. Death of Naruto (Hatred)

If you remember the first episode of the anime or the first few chapters of Magna then you release it when he runs away with a secret scroll. And the searching ninjas make a clear announcement that is “He is very dangerous, if you find him – Kill Him!” and that’s it. People of the village and neighbors don’t want Naruto to live because he inherited the strongest power in the world. 

#28. Itachi’s Dark Personal Life

As we know Itachi is known for his brotherly love and he killed his whole clan. But the fact is in childhood he also had a girlfriend. In other words, when he killed the whole clan which included his family, friends, relatives, and his Girlfriend. When you think about it, it’s a pretty messed up situation. 

#29. Almost Cancellation of Naruto Manga

In our previous facts, we discussed the struggles of Naruto to get published. However, one of the biggest facts is that the Magna almost gets canceled by the publication. The reason behind the cancellation was an organization that was against the Naruto manga. The reason why they oppose violence and mass deaths in the anime. 

#30. Multiple Voice Actors

When you combine Japanese and English Dub voice action the count reaches 7 total voice actors. Yes, Naruto has two Japanese voice actors which is one for regular and the second for female voice. Moreover, Narutos’ Female English Dub is done by 4 different voice actors which are quite amusing. But, they only get one male voice actor for the English dub. 

#31. War of Naruto is Creator’s Real Memory

Another deadly fact about the Naruto war is that it’s not imaginary. The creator of the Naruto manga was born and lived at the time of World War II. Moreover, He listens to a lot of stories about the wars from his grandparents. The war, death, and fight we saw in the story were real at a time but it’s deadly and dark in reality. 

#32. Naruto’s Female Transformation

If you didn’t know then Naruto has its unique jiu-jitsu which is “Sexy Jiu-Jitsu ” which is created by him. Naruto can transform himself into a female or in other words, he can change his gender. Moreover, it’s not a total waste because it helps Naruto get over many difficult situations and rewards him with great opportunities. 

#33. Meaning Behind the Naruto’s Name

The Uzumaki means spiral (which is on his cheeks and belly) but what about Naruto? Well, again it’s all connected to Ramen. Yes, Naruto means the light pink toppings of a Ramen dish. The name of the topping is Narutomaki and it’s served along with the Ramen. Ramen covers a huge part of Naruto’s youth where it allows him to meet good people. 

#34. Madara’s Strength

Madara is one of the main antagonists of the series and also quite powerful. At the time of writing, the creator of the manga needed a long time to think of a way to defeat him. As a strong character creator did not want to defeat him like a child but in a heroic way. Moreover, at that time no special or powerful character could defeat Madara. 

#35. InHumans in Naruto 

In this section, I am talking about the Akatsuki members. Whenever one of these characters comes on the screen then it feels uneasy. The creator of them makes them inhuman on purpose. For example, many characters did not have all the qualities of humans. Only a feature of the part looks like human but other than that they were like monsters. 

#36. Relation Between the Nine Tailed Fox and Actual Demon

The nine-tailed fox is one of the most powerful sources of strength in anime or manga. Kitsune is a real spirit in Japan that is worshiped by the Japanese people. Moreover, the Kitsune is the inspiration to make Kurama. Kurama is the nine-tailed fox that is kept inside Naruto’s body. 

#37. Naruto Anime and Fillers

Do you know what fillers are? It is an extra episode that did not contribute to the main story. Every anime has some amount of fillers to keep the manga ahead of anime. Well, Naruto has the highest fillers in comparison to any other anime yet. Naruto contains 43% fillers which are super huge. Moreover, many thought that the main story of the anime is compromised with the fillers. 


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