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Top 5 Anime Similar To Rent a Girlfriend

Rent a Girlfriend was a breath of fresh air in 2020 when we all were busy wearing face masks and, secluding ourselves in our tiny houses. Now that the first season has ended, fans are wondering if there are other shows similar to Rent a Girlfriend? Yes, there are!

Before we jump straight into the list, we have selected these shows based on three proportions. First is the cuteness of characters, who are always shining regardless of how bad the situation is, and secondly, the fake relationships, and last, a harem, where the female characters fall in love with a single male character. Now that everything is covered, here are five anime shows like Rent a Girlfriend.

Top 10 Anime Like Rent A Girlfriend |

Nisekoi: False Love

This show needs no introduction and to be honest Chitoge Ichijō from Nisekoi  is on the same level of cuteness as Chizuru and some fans even pointed out that if we add all the characteristics of every female character of Rent a Girlfriend, Chitoge Ichijō would be the output and they are not wrong at all.

NISEKOI Blu-ray Announcement Trailer

Nisekoi: False Love follows the story of Raku Ichijou and his fake relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki. This fake relationship stems from their family condition which makes this show similar to Rent a Girlfriend. Another thing that makes Nisekoi: False Love similar to Rent a Girlfriend is female characters who resemble each other in terms of physical appearance.

Scum’s Wish

If you remove comedy from Rent a Girlfriend, the end result will be Mengo Yokoyari’s Scum’s Wish. But before you jump straight to your pirated anime site to watch the show, here is something you should know. Scum’s Wish will break your heart, but not with the feelings or with tight emotions but with how desperate the characters are and what lengths they are willing to go to fulfill their desires.

To be honest, the show is just about some horny teens who just to get laid. The main cast includes Yasuraoka Hanabi and Awaya Mugi, who form a fake relationship to get the physical intimacy they longed for the longest time. Yasuraoka Hanabi loves his teacher and cousin brother Narumi and Awaya Mugi loves his former teacher Akane Minagawa.

To find an alternative to their crushes, both the main characters form a pact to give each other physical pleasure without falling in love. So you see, Scum’s Wish is the adult version of Rent a Girlfriend and it is definitely not for the pure souls that exist on this planet.

Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Theoretically, this show is pretty messed up at its core but the creators did a fantastic job at hiding it. The main character Wolf Girl & Black Prince is Shinohara Erika, who is is your typical high school girls and she doesn’t have a boyfriend like her friends. After getting ridiculed by her classmates, Shinohara’s pride as a high school student forces her to take a random picture of a random guy in a random street to make him a scapegoat.

Wolf Girl & Black Prince (Anime-Trailer)

But things turn out pretty bad for Shinohara because the guy in the photo is actually a student at her school. To keep up with this facade, Shinohara begs the stud Sata Kyouya to pretend to be her boyfriend. Sata agrees to her fake relation request but with a peculiar condition that Shinohara will become his pet.

Now keeping the pet thing aside, the show is similar to Rent a Girlfriend because the main cast has to be in a fake relationship to entertain their self-respect and cunning high school desires.

Koi to Uso

In a futuristic world, the Japanese government has implemented new rules for its citizens that force people to marry their perfect match at the age of 16. Those who oppose this rule have to face severe punishment by The Red Threads Of Science program.


The main character Yukari Nejima, finds his childhood friend and long-time crush Misaki Takasaki cute and he just wants to smash, but The Red Threads Of Science program assigns a new girl named Ririna Sanada as his new wife. Ririna attempts to help Yukari to get Misaki as his wife instead because she believes in true love. In the process, she falls for Yukari, and the fake relationship thing doesn’t work out for anyone in the show and they end up crying and weeping all the time.

The fake relationship, constant lying, and beautiful anime girls make this anime similar to Rent a girlfriend, and if you are looking for more cuties after Mizuhara then Koi to Uso is your waifu dreamland.

Domestic na Kanojo

If you have seen this one, you are not going to heaven. If we were to compare Domestic na Kanojo, the only anime that matches its overly dramatic relationship stigma is Scum’s Wish. However, the reason Domestic na Kanojo is here in this list because the premise of the show is similar Rent a girlfriend. In both the shows, the character falls in a love with someone they can’t even touch.

In the story, the main three characters trade feelings for a fake relationship to satisfy their lies and ends up failing as a human being. What makes this show messed up is the male lead, who forces his sexual urges to form a relationship with his step-sisters. After falling for a teacher in his school, Natsuo ends up living with her when she becomes his step-sister. Also, Natsuo Fujii meets a random girl in a karaoke bar and they get intimate out of nowhere, and she ends up being another step-sister to Natsuo

Now it worth noting that the characters are extremely flawed, just like Rent a Girlfriend, and forms a fake relationship to fill the hole in their burning desires.


Romance anime has been around for a very long time but only a few make it this far. Rent a girlfriend took the internet by storm and it continues to surprise people with new artworks, chapters, and fans are always hoping for a new season. We hope Reiji Miyajima will listen to the desperate voices of Rent a Girlfriend fandom and the second season will soon hit our smartphone stream so that we can see if Mizuhara actually falls Kazuya or it’s just another bogus plot point.

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