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Top 5 Anime Where MC is Overpowered From The Start

Having an overpowered MC in an anime show sounds so boring right? But wait till you see these five anime shows where MC is overpowered from the start that won’t bore you. In the anime world, having a weak and pathetic MC might lure fans for character development plots and training episodes. But things are not the same for an overpowered MC who can easily bag their backpack with all the chicks and goodies.

These protagonists are badass, and they don’t even wait for the writers to give them powers in the future plots, Instead, overpowered MCs have everything they need from the start like godly powers, servants, and their own harem as well.


Hellsing trailer anime

Hellsing is the perfect show for your gut-ripping and demon possessing appetite. Alucard is the star of the show and he is so powerful that the show itself doesn’t make any sense. But here is the catch. Alucard is an ancient Dracula who has killed so many people, demons, fighters, devils, and nations that he is now bored and decides to help his former boss’s daughter Sir Integra Hellsing. If you are looking for some badass gunslingers then Hellsing’s Alucard should be on your top 10 list.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online - Official Trailer

Sword Art Online is a show who gave birth to memes, legends, and some cute waifus. The lord Kirito (14 years old) is a powerful player in the Sword Art Online game and when he finds out, 10,000+ players plus he himself cannot logout from the game, he teams up with Asuna, and they fight monsters and critics from the offline and online world. Kirito is so powerful that he can easily wield two swords at once while other players can’t even figure out how to change the color of their pants.

Death Note


The reason Death Note is on this list because Light Yagami gains all the powers of death note in the first 10 minutes of the anime. Light is your above-average eccentric high school kid who is so bored with being the perfect student all the time. After finding out about the Death Note, Light embarks on the journey to become the god of the new world. Death Note allows him to murder people by writing their names in it. Since childhood, Light was a pretty capable guy, and he was a Pathological liar all his life, which makes him extremely overpowered from the start.

Excel Saga

Excel Saga - Trailer (2002)

Excel Saga is a 90s anime show based on the manga by Kōshi Rikudō with the same name. The story revolves around Excel who is a hyperactive and energetic high school graduate. She serves her master Lord Il Palazzo, leader of ACROSS, a secret organization for world peace.

Despite her rash behavior, Excel is a powerful girl who should be able to defeat her enemies but her recklessness and talkative nature keep coming between her mission. Excel might be not as powerful as Goku or Naruto but she has a never-ending energy source that keeps the show running.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man - Official Trailer

One Punch Man is a modern-day take on the overpowered MC cliche in the anime medium. Saitama, who is a hero for fun is so overpowered that he can defeat his opponents with a single punch. Saitama is hands down the most OP character in anime history. Netizens often argue if Saitama can beat Goku or Naruto and the answer should be oblivious by now that the whole concept of One Punch Man is based on Saitama’s ability on using his fists to defeat opponents. In the One Punch Man universe, Saitama is the 39th in the A-Class hero list and he is overpowered from the start, making him an extremely dangerous protagonist in anime history.


Having an overpowered protagonist doesn’t mean the show would be boring or slanted. Over the years, storytellers have changed their ways, and viewers are accepting this new form of writing as their mainstream genre. Shows like One Punch Man and Death Note gives enough space for the plot to develop and forge a story of power and dominance.

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