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Top 5 Popular Anime and Cartoon Endings Almost No One Ever Seen

Cartoons and Animes are things that make our childhood memorable and interesting. There are so many anime shows out there but still, most of them seem non-ending. Furthermore, there are only a few shows whose endings are available but most of them are still running (obvious repetitions of previous episodes). But there are some popular anime and cartoons like Perman, Doremon, Haddi’s ending that is a mystery to their fans. Well, In this blog post you will read the ending of your favourite TV cartoons and anime. 

First thing first, Do you know the difference between Anime and Cartoon? In India and other countries, every animation show is known as a cartoon but it’s not true. Because animation of Western countries is known cartoons (also Indian animation shows) like Haddi Mera Buddy and Oggy. On the other hand, animation from Japan is known as Anime which is a short form of “Animation”. 

Now, you know the difference, then let’s move to the main course of this blog post…

#01. Perman

Popular Anime and Cartoon Endings Almost No One Ever Seen

I just get the nostalgic feeling after writing its name. Superman Se Su Hta Do To Perman Ban Gya, Himmat Wala Hai Bada… 

First, Perman is not a Cartoon but an Anime (Japanese Animation). Do you remember this awesome show on Nickelodeon (or Nick)? Well, it is one of my most-watched anime shows and most Indians know and love this show. Let’s talk about Perman “Last episode.”

In its last episode, Mitsuo (the protagonist) becomes a Mature Person and does his all duties with dedication. After his hard work, Birdman (the senior of all 5 Perman’s) decide to send Perman to a different Planet because they need someone responsible like Mitsuo. 

Furthermore, I become happy with his promotion and also sad because he has to leave Earth. Now, Mitsua knows that there is little time left to spend on Planet Earth. That’s why he started to spend quality time with his Friends and Family. 

On the day he left, he woke up early and hugged his mother and left for work. Before leaving, he meets with all his fellow Perman’s where he receives gifts. Also, Pako tells her real identity (that was epic). In the end, Mitsuo leaves the planet Earth and goes to the new place – Birds Star Planet. The End!

#02. Haddi Mera Buddy

Popular Anime and Cartoon Endings Almost No One Ever Seen

In the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, in India, this show is known as Haddi Mera Buddy. Primarily it is American Animation or you can say cartoon. This show premiered on Cartoon Network and is one the biggest shows on that channel. 

Furthermore, it was quite an amazing show with too many idiotic and comic moments. But do you know how the Haddi Mera Buddy show Ended?

The last episode of Haddi Mera Buddy is Underfist Halloween Bash. In which the city is attacked by too many living candy creatures from the underworld. Now to protect the city and Humanity our Three Super Heres comes up with a scientific plan. Moreover, they won the battle (it’s a cartoon you know and I am not going to give you the details). 

The most interesting fact is that Mandy (one of the deadliest characters who wants to destroy everything) becomes the President of the nation. Other characters become her underlings who help her to make their nation better (including Haddi or Grim Reaper). At the End of the show, yes it’s the real ending and you can watch the last episode which is a movie – Underfist: Halloween Bash.

#03. Shinchan

Popular Anime and Cartoon Endings Almost No One Ever Seen

Shinchan, Shinchan, Pyara, Pyara, Shinchan, Shinchan, Pyara, Pyara, Hasta Aur Hasata hai ye Ladka…

Shinchan is an Anime and has the best Opening Song of all time. Everyone in India knows about this Idiotic, mischievous, and comic character. Furthermore, it also has some controversies because of the Indian Censor Board. 

Fact: There are many categories in anime shows like Children of course Childers, Shonen for teenagers, and Seinen for Adults. Did you know Shinchan comes into the Seinen category? Furthermore, it is one of the best sellers of all time in Manga (Japanese comics).

However, here comes the mysterious part of this show. And the thing is “Shinchan is still running on the TV and also in the manga”. Yes, it’s not finished yet and releasing new episodes regularly. Well, Indian channels stopped airing its latest episode ( I don’t know why?). 

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#04. Phineas and Ferb

Popular Anime and Cartoon Endings Almost No One Ever Seen

Another extremely popular American show with a Science Fiction twist in it. Disney is the main publisher of this show and it airs new episodes on weekdays at 14:00. Personally, it’s one of the best shows from my childhood. 

The story of two brothers who make unbelievable projects in their summer vacation. The fact is, except for them, their friends and sister no one knows about this. They also have an inside story about Platypus Perry aka Agent P. Now, let’s take a look at Phineas and Ferb’s last episode…

In their last episode, we get to the Mature look of all characters. Moreover, they are now college students. In the end, Phineas confesses his love for Isabela and they both get admission to the same college of Tristate. Furthermore, Ferb also takes admission in college and begins his love and college life with Nisha (daughter of Mad Scientist). 

#05. Doraemon

Popular Anime and Cartoon Endings Almost No One Ever Seen

Finally, we have our Legendary animation show on this list. Every Indian has watched hundreds of episodes and tens of movies on repeat telecasts but still, we are not bored. A story about a 22nd-century robot and a 21st-century boy. Well, I do not have words to explain this show even though I am a writer (bad joke). 

Fact: The creator of Doremon, Perman, and Ninja Hattori is Fujiko F. Fujio. 

Now, it’s time to take a look at our beloved anime show Doraemon’s ending episode. There is no official ending confirmed by their creators. However, there are two theories…

1st: In a manga, Doraemon suddenly stopped working. Nobita asks Dorami for help but she says “Doremon can only become normal after Factory Reset”. However, the sad part is he will lose all his memories and become a total new Doraemon. But Nobita refused to do that. In the end, Nobita repairs Doraemon by himself and they again live a happy life. 

2nd: In the second theory, Nobita thinks Doremon is a Fictional character and a product of his imaginations. Furthermore, now he exists from his current life. To end all his pain Nobita shot himself with the Gun of his Father. 

Well, I can tell you that the 2nd theory is fake because first, even before Doremon, he lived a normal life. And secondly, his father does not own a Gun and no other Japanese own a gun because of their national Law act 2012. 

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I hope you like our blog about the Ending of Popular Animes and cartoons. If you like this post then share it with your friends, family, and other anime fans. Also, let me know in the comment section what you think about their ending…

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