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Top 13 Anime/Manga Similar To Chainsaw Man

Hey, guys welcome back to Today we are going to provide you a list of Manga that are very similar to the popular manga Chainsaw Man. Action, Adventure, Demons, Shounen are the genres of the Chainsaw Man.

Denji has a simple dream: to live a happy and peaceful life, to spend time with the girl he likes. However, this is far from the truth, as Denji is forced by the yakuza to kill demons in order to pay off his crushing debts. Using his pet devil Pochita as a weapon, he is ready to do anything for a little money.

Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Unfortunately, he has outlived his usefulness and is killed by a devil in contract with the yakuza. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Pochita merges with Denji’s corpse and grants him the powers of a chainsaw devil. Now capable of transforming parts of his body into chainsaws, a revived Denji uses his new abilities to quickly and brutally dispatch his enemies. Upon drawing the attention of the official devil hunters who arrive on the scene, he is offered a job in the Public Safety Bureau as one of them. Now with the means to take on even the toughest of foes, Denji will stop at nothing to achieve his simple teenage dreams.

13. ‎Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Lin Okamoto. The series revolves around the efforts of the human race to wipe out Diclonius, a species of horned mutant humans. It centers on “Lucy”, who escapes from her holding facility and is believed to be the first Diclonius, and two teenagers, Kohta and Yuka, whom Lucy encounters in the Japanese city of Kamakura.

12. Bleach

anime like noragami

SYNOPSIS: High school student Kurosaki Ichigo is different from any normal kid. Why? Because he can see ghosts. From a young age, he has been able to see into the afterlife spirits. Ichigo’s life completely changes one day when he and his two sisters are attacked by an evil, hungry and tormented spirit known as a Hollow.

In time, Ichigo and his siblings are assisted by a shinigami (death god) named Kuchiki Rukia, whose responsibility is to send good spirits (plus) to life known as the Soul Society and purify the hollow. to do and send them. Soul to society. But during the fight against the Hollow, Rukia is injured and must transfer her powers to Ichigo. With this newly acquired power, Kurosaki Ichigo’s training and duty as a Shinigami begins to maintain a balance between the worlds of the living and the dead… Also check anime like bleach.

11. Noragami

SYNOPSIS: The “Delivery God” is a young man who does odd jobs for just five Yen. You can find his number scrawled in red on walls, telephone poles, and such. What people don’t know is that he is an actual god – Yato. He’s a minor god who dreams of making it big someday. He spends his days working so that he can also have a temple dedicated to him but he still has a long way to go.

10. Demon Slayer

top anime like jujutsu kaisen
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

SYNOPSIS: In Taish-era Japan, Tanjiro Kamado is a kind-hearted boy who earns a living by selling charcoal. However, her peaceful life is shattered when a demon kills her entire family. Her younger sister Nezuko is the only survivor, but she herself has turned into a demon! Tanjiro embarks on a perilous journey to find a way to bring his sister back to normalcy and destroy the demon who is ruining her life.

9. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

SYNOPSIS: The world is in the midst of an industrial revolution when terrifying creatures emerge from a mysterious virus that rips apart human flesh to satisfy their never-ending hunger. The only way to kill these creatures is by destroying their steel-coated hearts, known as “kabane”. However, if bitten by one of these demons, the victim is doomed to a fate worse than death, as the fallen rise once again to join the ranks of their fellow undead.

8. Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen
Kemono Jihen

SYNOPSIS: When a mysteriously dead animal begins to appear in a remote village, Tokyo expert Inugami Kohachi is brought in to find out the cause. Upon arrival, Inugami found a boy named Kabane working in the field and soon became friends with him, eventually taking him to help resolve the case.

As the two approached the truth, Inugami began to suspect Kabane was more than a human being, and he decided to hire a boy to his detective agency dedicated to resolving supernatural-related cases. Did.

7. Parasyte -The Maxim

top anime like jujutsu kasien

SYNOPSIS: It is the anime adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s science fiction horror manga Kiseijuu. Shinichi Izumi, 17 years old, lives with his parents in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo. One night, some alien worms arrive on earth under the name of Parasite, in order to invade it. They invade the body through the ears in order to reach the brain to take control of your human body.

That day one of the parasites tries to get into Shinichi’s ears while he is sleeping, luckily the young teenager was wearing headphones, so the parasite tries to get through Shinichi’s arm! The parasite named Migi ends up fusing with Shinichi’s right hand.

6. No Guns Life

No Guns Life
No Guns Life

SYNOPSIS: After the war, there were many “extends” in the city, whose bodies were transformed into dangerous weapons. Inui Juuzou is one of them, and I have no memory of his life or body until his head turned into a gun. Curiously, his headgun is designed so that only someone behind him can trigger it. Juuzou earns a living in an incident involving Extend in the city, and he is helped by Mary, an intelligent young woman under his custody.

5. Berserk


SYNOPSIS: Guts, a former mercenary now known as the “Black Swordsman,” is out for revenge. After a turbulent childhood, he finally found a man he believed he respected and trusted, but when he robbed everything important to Guts to satisfy his desires. Only everything collapsed. Guts, now marked with death, will be blamed for his relentless pursuit of fate due to the presence of the devil.

Embarking on a horrifying quest full of misery, Guts is armed with a huge sword and a huge force, and he cannot be stopped until he can finally deprive him of his head. A loved one of their humanity.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul

SYNOPSIS: Hiding behind Tokyo is a terrifying entity called a “ghoul,” who eats humans and fills his hunger at dawn. An organization known as the Counter Ghoul Commission (CCG) was established as a means of responding to constant attacks on civilians and eradicating these creatures. However, the problem is that ghouls impersonate humans and live in the masses, identifying ghouls to make them easier to hunt for prey. Unquestionable college freshman Ken Kaneki finds himself involved in the world between humans and ghouls when his date turns out to be a ghoul after his flesh.

After being taken to the hospital, he barely survived the encounter and discovered that he had turned into a half-ghoul as a result of his surgery. Unable to meet his fierce thirst for human flesh in the traditional way, Kaneki is taken to a friendly ghoul who runs a coffee shop to help his transition. When he begins to think that it will be a peaceful new life, he realizes that he is at the center of the war between his new companion and the power of the CCG, and that his new existence is drawing attention. I don’t know much about ghouls all over Tokyo.

3. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen

SYNOPSIS: In a world where demons prey on unsuspecting humans, fragments of the legendary and feared demon Ryoumen Sukuna were lost and scattered. If any demon consumes parts of Sukuna’s body, the power they gain could destroy the world as we know it. Fortunately, there is a mysterious Jujutsu magician school that exists to protect the precarious existence of the living from the undead. Yuuji Itadori is a high school student who spends his days visiting his bedridden grandfather. Although he looks like an average teenager, his immense physical strength is something to behold! All sports clubs want him to join, but Itadori prefers to hang out with school outcasts at the Occult Club. One day, the club manages to get their hands on a sealed cursed object, but little do they know the terror they will unleash when they break the seal …

Similarities To Chainsaw man

  • Both Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen have similar story structure and setups.
  • Both are shonen series with darker horror action.
  • Both have a similar art style with similar characters and the city is Tokyo.

2. Fire Punch

Fire Punch
Fire Punch

SYNOPSIS: In a world ravaged by ice and snow, civilization is on the brink of collapse thanks to the elusive Ice Witch. The fight against the cold has brought out the worst in humanity, provoking cults, violence and the persecution of the “Blessed”, those born with supernatural powers.

Agni and Luna, orphans blessed with regenerative powers, are making the most of their situation within a small society of the elderly; Their affection for one another serves as a distraction from the uninhabitable climate. However, what little serenity they have is robbed of them when the army commander Doma traverses and incinerates the village in which they seek refuge, including Agni’s beloved sister. Doma’s flames are not extinguished until they have reduced their target to ashes, and due to Agni’s remarkable regeneration, he remains ablaze and in constant excruciating pain.

After nearly a decade of enduring pain, Agni has been conditioned to tolerate the flames of Doma. Yet his fiery vengeance is as fierce as it was the day Luna was taken from him. As Agni traverses a frozen wasteland, he vows to avenge his sister and kill Doma.

Similarities To Chainsaw man

  • Both Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch are full of disturbing violence.
  • Core ideas of the story are the same, such as the deep breakdown of characters’ minds & portrayal.
  • Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch have the same author Fujimoto.

1. Dorohedoro


SYNOPSIS: The city of Hole is a desolate city where magic users go to test their powers by disfiguring or killing its people. After being cursed by a sorcerer, Kaiman was left with the body of a man and the head of a lizard. Determined to break the spell on him, Kaiman works with his partner, Nikaido, to search for the one who did it this way. Unfortunately, with no recollection of the identity of his assailant, there is only one way to locate them: he must bite the head of any magic-user he finds so the man hidden within him can determine if he is the culprit. As he bites, cuts, and kills through cruel magic users, can Kaiman discover who the man is in his mouth, where the hunt is hiding, and return to normal, while keeping vengeful users at bay? of magic??

Similarities To Chainsaw man

  • Both Chainsaw man and Dorohedoro have similar art styles and storylines.
  • Both have a concept of fusion with other creatures.
  • Both have lots of action, death, gore, cynicism, and dark humor with magic/demons in it.

Hey guys, so these were the top 7 manga & anime like Chainsaw man. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Have you read any of these? What do you think is most similar to Chainsaw Man according to you?


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