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Top 8 Manhwa/Manga Like Girls of the Wild’s !! 2023

Girls of the Wild’s in an amazing Manhwa from WEBTOON. The story revolves around a normal teenager named Jaegu, who is week and fears women from being abandoned by his mother. He enrolls as freshman Wild’s High School, an all-girls educational institute specializing in MMA. The story develops as he has to survive in this place with beautiful and badass female students who are like a trained army.

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

The webtoon is full of funny gags and over-the-top fights. It also has a little harem element to it as well. Girls of the Wild’s has 260 chapters as it ended with a 5-year run in 2016. So today I am going to provide you with a list of best manhwa/manga if you like Girls of the Wild’s. These are very awesome stories individually as well. The story even deserves an anime adaption as well. Let’s get started – Best Manga/Manhwa like Girls of the Wild’s.

8. XO Sisters

Our protagonist, Jo Cheul-Hee, is a criminal who enjoys fighting and aspires to take control of his new school to which he is transferred, but what he does not know is that it is a school for girls. Being the only male student there, everyone thinks he is gay!

The manhwa is super funny and has a very similar concept of a guy stuck at an all-girls school. Martial Arts is also a very integral part of the story.

7. Rosario to Vampire

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

Youkai Academy is a seemingly normal boarding school, except that its students are monsters who learn to live with humans. All students attend in human form and take normal academic subjects such as literature, gymnastics, foreign language, and mathematics. However, there is a golden rule at Youkai Academy: all humans found on the school grounds must be executed immediately! Tsukune Aono is an average teenager who cannot get into any high school due to his poor grades.

Without realizing it, his parents enroll him in the Youkai Academy as a last-ditch effort to secure his education. When Tsukune unknowingly enters this new world, he has an encounter with the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya. Deciding to stay in the dangerous realm in order to further his relationship with Moka, he does not realize that beneath her beauty lies a menacing monster: a vampire. The protagonist is super weak in a school of overpowered students.

6. Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

A young man wakes up one day to find himself in El-Palacio, a dwindling professional women’s wrestling organization that currently houses five female wrestlers. He learns that he was about to die in a traffic accident, but was saved by Ouka Shumisen, one of the fighters, but thanks to the harsh nature of the rescue he suffered a blow to the head and developed amnesia, leaving him unable to remember his identity. .

Ouka declares that the young man is now his servant, calling him “Tadasuke Ooka” in honor of the legendary samurai and magistrate, and can stay at The Palace to serve as his referee and perform general duties while he tries to regain his memory.

5. Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

After learning martial arts in the mountains for 17 years under the teachings of his father, Yoichi Karasuma’s father orders Yoichi to continue his training to strengthen his spirit with the Ikaruga family in the city, as he has nothing left to do. teach him (but actually because Yoichi has become stronger and much more skilled than him).

The current assistant director of the Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay martial arts school in the city, Ibuki Ikaruga, and her siblings gradually accept Yoichi as a freebie in their dojo. In addition to domestic problems, Yoichi deals with the jealousy of the local bad boy Washizu over Ibuki and Yoichi’s alleged relationship, his school life, and various attempts by other martial arts schools to assassinate him or destroy the Ikaruga dojo.

4. The God of High School

The God of High School

Tournament arcs are part of the WEBTOON, but the high school god is itself a tournament arc. It begins with each character being introduced into the scene in an unrealistic and humorous situation where a bicycle hits a girl’s face. It quickly transitions to beautifully drawn combat scenes, funny moments, and the underlying plots, which are the only reasons tournaments are held. God of Highschool is similar to Girls of the Wild’s in many aspects.

3. Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

Fudo Nomura is a young man who was recently expelled from his old high school as a result of a violent and massive fight. He wants a normal life, but the new school he transferred to is the Aichi Private Symbiosis Academy, where female students have been violently oppressing their male classmates out of misguided paranoia since the school became coeducation.

A five-member vigilante group called “Supreme Five Swords” led by Rin Onigawara holds Nomura at sword point to either bow to the rules or leave school. At this point, Nomura challenges the Five Supreme Swords in his own right and demonstrates true morality despite brutal force. The similarity of the manga to Girls of Wild’s is just uncanny.

2. Eleceed

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

Jiwoo is a kind-hearted young man who harnesses a cat’s quick reflexes to secretly make the world a better place – a small child or a foster pet saved at once. Kayden is a secret agent on the run, who finds himself trapped in the body of a … um … decidedly fat and furry cat.

Together, armed with Jiwoo’s superpowers and Kayden’s superintelligence, they are willing to fight against those forces that would allow evil to rule this world. That is if they can hold each other long enough to get the job done. ZHENA is the artist of both Eleceed and Girls of Wild’s so character designs are pretty similar. Jiyoung Yoo is clearly inspired by Yoon In Gyi (Queen).

1. Dragons Rioting

Manga Like Girls of the Wild's

At age six, Rintaro was diagnosed with Hentai syndrome, a disease that could kill him if he becomes sexually aroused. To save him and provide him with a way to live as normal a life as possible, his father teaches her ways to control his body and mind for ten years in the mountains. When he turns 16, he decides to enroll in Nangokuren High School, which he believes to be the largest boys’ school in the country.

In fact, it is the largest girls’ school that has just become coeducational. Rintaro now sees the transfer as his mission, but unfortunately for him, it has caught the attention of the three “Dragons”, the female leaders of the three largest factions in the school. Dragon Rioting & Girls of Wild are exactly the same with one difference being Rintaro is super strong and Jaegu is super weak. Both have over-the-top funny and action scenes.


These were the top manga/manhwa like Girls of the Wild’s. Let us know your thoughts in that comment section below. Also, Check-Out:

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