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Top 13 Anime/Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2021)

With the recent announcement of the anime adaptation of Komi-san can’t communicate manga, the internet is very thrilled to the bone. After all, Komi-san can’t communicate is one of the most wholesome manga running right now.

Anime/Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Komi-san can’t communicate is about Shouko, a graceful girl who caught the attention of the school on the very first day, but is lousy at conversing with others, despite her celebrity. Hitohito Tadano is a typical high school student. He pledges to assist Shouko in achieving her goal of acquiring 100 friends in order to overcome her communication issue. Here are 13 anime/manga recommendations for those who want more of such introvert-comedy.

1. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

anime like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Kaguya-sama Love is War is a very amusing comedy-slice-of-life anime that once you try, will never regret. Miyuki Shirogane, the student council president, and Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice president, star in Love is War. When they are not in a relationship, they are treated as if they are. However, after spending so much time together, the two have developed an affection for each other; sadly, neither is willing to admit it because it would be a sign of weakness. Miyuki and Kaguya set out on a mission to get a confession from the other, putting their pride as elite students on the line. The struggle of love begins with their everyday shenanigans!

2. Horimiya

anime like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Horimiya is a recent anime that definitely is one of the best comedy, slice of life anime you can ever find. Hori possesses the ideal combination of attractiveness and intelligence, whereas Miyamura appears humble and aloof to his peers. A fateful meeting between the two, however, reveals both of their hidden personas. Miyamura lives in the shadows, his body adorned with hidden tattoos and piercings that give him the appearance of a kind delinquent. Despite their polar opposite dispositions, the two immediately become friends and spend a lot of time together at Hori’s house.

3. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Queen Aharen, a cute little student with a calm voice, is pretty bad at determining distance and personal space. She is sometimes inches from your face, and other times, miles too far! The only one trying to understand her antics is Raidou Matsuboshi, who is sitting next to her in class. He has a menacing face, but in reality, he is a kind boy with an imagination that can go crazy at times.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai follows the peculiar couple as her strange friendship begins to blossom as Raidou takes Aharen’s eraser for her. She misinterprets her gesture and now thinks they are best friends, showing how the simplest things can turn out to be the most complicated challenges for them.

4. Don’t Toy with me, Nagatoro-san

Don’t Toy with me, Nagatoro-san is similar to Komi-san can’t communicate, with just the roles reversed. Hayase Nagatoro, a first-year student he met one day in the library while working on his manga, teases Naoto Hachiouji mercilessly. She decided to play with him from then on, even calling him “Senpai” instead of his own name. Nagatoro’s constant antics annoy him at first and make him feel humiliated. However, as they spend more time together, they form an odd type of kinship, and Naoto discovers that life with Nagatoro may even be enjoyable.

5. RELife

RELife is another wonderful comedy anime with a splint of supernatural elements that you wouldn’t find in slice-of-life anime. Ryou Yoake, a member of the ReLife Research Institute, presents Arata Kaizaki a mystery pill, and Arata’s life changes. The next day, Arata awakens to discover that his look has reverted to that of a 17-year-old. Arata quickly discovers that he is the subject of a one-year experiment and must attend high school as a transfer student. Arata flunks all of his tests, is severely out of shape, and is unable to keep up with the new school policies that have cropped up in the last ten years, despite his superior life experience.

6. Your Silent Voice

Your Silent Voice is such an amazing and popular film that almost everyone has heard of it. Shouya and the others of his class playfully bully Shouko Nishimiya, who is deaf. When her mother informs the school, he is singled out and blamed for everything that has happened to her. Shouya is at the mercy of his peers now that Shouko has left the school. Throughout elementary and middle school, he is heartlessly ostracised as teachers turn a blind eye. Shouya, now in his third year of high school, is still haunted by his youthful misdeeds. He sets off on a mission of redemption, hoping to encounter Shouko again and make apologies for his previous sins.

7. Hyouka

anime like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Hyouka is another superb slice-of-life anime with brilliant animation that is enough to mesmerize any watcher. When Houtarou Oreki joins the Classics Club at his sister’s request, he gets a lot more than he bargained for, especially when he sees how rich the club’s history is. Oreki must battle deadlines and a lack of information with resourcefulness and hidden talent, aided by his fellow club members, the knowledgeable Satoshi Fukube, the stern but benign Mayaka Ibara, and the ever-curious Eru Chitanda, in order to not only find the truth buried beneath the dust of works created years before them but also of other minor side cases.

8. Sekimen Shinaide Sekime-san

Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

This manga is certainly almost a mirror image of Komi-san Can’t Communicate. Although the setting feels quite similar, the overall plotline is a bit different. This amazing comedy-romance manga is ideal for passing the leisure time, while you wait for the anime adaptation of Komi-san Can’t Communicate. Sekimen Shinaide Sekime-san is about His girlfriend who is well-known, yet he’s the only one who notices her flush! A romantic comedy about a boy and his very self-conscious girlfriend!

9. Val x Love

Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

Probably the only action anime on this list, and also the only ecchi one. Odin dispatches Valkyries to protect Earth from the mounting menace of demons. To defeat these foes, nine valkyries disguised as the Saotome sisters must level up by performing a variety of romantic actions with Einherjar, their official boyfriend. Meanwhile, Takuma Akutsu, who is shy in social situations, discovers that Odin has selected him as the Valkyries’ lover. Despite his dread, he offers to let the sisters stay in his large, empty house to aid them in their battle with demons.

10. Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu

anime & Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

This 12-episodes-long comedy-slice-of-life anime is excellent for your leisure and casual watch over the weekend. Bocchi Hitori has a severe case of social anxiety. Kai, her best friend, cuts connections with Bocchi in order to aid her, promising to reunite with her once she has made friends with everyone in her new middle school class.

Despite her lack of confidence in herself, Bocchi is anxious to rekindle her friendship with Kai. Bocchi summons all of her strength to take on the difficult task of making friends with everyone in her class, beginning with the delinquent-looking girl in front of her…

11. Watamote: No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!

This comedy, slice-of-life anime should definitely be on your list, if you like Komi-san Can’t Communicate. Tomoko Kuroki believes she is ready to face her first year of high school after living 50 simulated high school lives and dating over 100 virtual boyfriends. She has no idea that she is far less prepared than she would like to believe. Tomoko is an introverted and uncomfortable young girl in reality, and she is the only one who is unaware of it! Tomoko strives to tackle the new world of high school life with the help of her best friend, Yuu Naruse, and the support and affection of her brother Tomoki.

12. Senryuu Shoujo

This short manga of 13 volumes is an amazing comedy shounen manga. Except for the fact that she doesn’t speak, Nanako Yukishiro is an average cute, and cheery high school girl. Senryuu, a type of haiku that uses the 5-7-5 pattern, is her only means of expressing her thoughts and feelings. Nanako’s high school life has never been more enjoyable, thanks to friends like the misunderstood ex-delinquent Eiji Busujima, stalkerish and eternally single club president Amane Katagiri, shy but talkative artist Kino Yakobe, mysterious Tao Hanakai, and Eiji’s self-proclaimed “big sister” Koto Ootsuki.

13. Rent-a-(Really Shy!)-Girlfriend

Manga like Komi-san Can’t Communicate

This sister-manga to the already popular, Rent-A-Girlfriend, Rent-a-(Really Shy!)-Girlfriend, is an excellent choice for Sumi fans. Sumi Sakurasawa is a bashful young lady. Even basic tasks like walking out for a donut with a friend or alerting a stranger that they’ve dropped something paralyze her. What is her plan? Make some money as a “rent-a-girlfriend” while she improves her people skills! However, increasing the stakes even further may not be the surefire answer she had hoped for… Worse, she requires five-star reviews to keep the job, which means she can’t freeze up or freak out on a date… I’m not sure how that’s even possible!


These were 12 anime/manga that are similar to Komi-san Can’t Communicate. Komi-san can’t Communicate anime is coming out in Fall 2021, and everyone should add it to their wishlist.

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