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Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2021)

Well, the above scenario happening in real life would be fun to watch. But, unfortunately, the same happening is as scarce as Classroom of the Elite getting a second season. But, still, you shouldn’t get your hopes down. Anything could happen in the real life. Maybe, someone is out there who is saving your posts on Instagram to look back later on and smile, watching all the anime you recommended. Alright, that’s too much. Here are 10 anime series where the Popular girl falls in love with the Unpopular Guy.

Horimiya – Romance, Slice of Life

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

Horimiya is a 13-episodes long anime about two classmates, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who appear to be like opposites of each other. While Hori is beauty with brains, Miyamura is meek and distant. After a fateful encounter, they both reveal their hidden selves to each other. Having opposite personalities yet sharing odd similarities, the two quickly become friends and often spend time together in Hori’s home. As they both emerge from their shells, they share a side of themselves concealed from the outside world.

Rent a Girlfriend – Comedy, Romance

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

If renting a girlfriend falls in the same category as having one, then this recommendation seems suited for this list. Rent a Girlfriend is a 12-episodes long anime series about Kazuya Kinoshita, who got recently dumped. Heartbroken and Lonely, he rents a girlfriend from an online app. Her partner is Chizuru Mizuhara, who, with her unparalleled beauty and cute charisma, steals Kazuya’s heart. But, after reading similar past experiences of other reviewers, he rates her poorly. Aggravated by this, the duo engages in a verbal argument, revealing her true hot-tempered nature. At the hospital, her grandmother asks him about Chizuru, to which he replied as lovers. How long will this act between him and the rental girlfriend go on?

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K – Comedy, Slice of Life

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a 3-seasons long anime series about a high school boy called Saiki Kusuo, who is also a psychic. For the ordinary man, psychic powers might seem a blessing, but the life of Saiki is far from quiet. All he desires is an ordinary life. But, as much as he tries to stay out of the spotlight by keeping his powers secret, he inadvertently attracts the attention of some of the odd characters of his class. He has now learned that the ordinary he had been striving for is a lot more difficult than he expected.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Romance, Supernatural

Top manga Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is a 13-episodes long anime series about Sakuta Azusagawa, a high-school student who fatefully encountered Mai Sakurajima, a third-year student who is quite famous as a child actor in a bunny girl costume at the library. Despite her popularity, no one seemed to notice her. After confronting her, he realized she is a victim of the supernatural Puberty Syndrome, something that Sakuta experienced himself. As he tries to help her, he comes across other students at his school suffering from the same syndrome.

Gamers! – Comedy, Romance

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

Gamers! is a 12-episodes long anime series about Keita Amano, a typical high school student who walks the average high school student’s life. Until he comes across the cutest girl in the school, Karen Tendou. When she knew that he is a gamer, she tries to recruit him into the game club. Upon visiting, he is made aware of a new world of gaming largely different from the one he loves so dearly. Karen’s interest in Amano results in the shaking of his once uneventful, mundane life into much more vibrant. Thus, every single day is now full of Amano trying to accommodate the new world of gaming.

Accel World – Action, Sci-fi

Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

Accel World is a 24-episodes long anime series about Haruyuki Arita, an overweight, bullied middle school student who finds a remedy in playing online games. But, one day, his life gets turned around when his scores were topped by Kuroyukihime, the famous vice president of the student council. She introduces him to “Brain Burst”, a program that allows the users to accelerate their brain waves to the point where time seems to stop. She reveals that she needs his help to find the creator of Brain Burst. But, to do this, she needs to defeat “Six Kings of Pure Color,” After she helps Haruyuki overcome the bullies, he vows to help her realize her goal, and so begins the duo’s fight to reach the top.

Classroom of the Elite – School, Psychological

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

Since Classroom of the Elite did not get any Season 2, we could not visualize the remaining story. But those, including me, who picked up the light novel after the anime know that the anime managed to cover just the tip of the iceberg. Classroom of the Elite is a 12-episodes long anime series about Ayanokoji Kiyotaka who enrolls in the prestigious Advanced Nurturing High School, a government-aided school. This school is famous for developing students for the future of the country. The classes engage in a competition for the best class to get promoted to Class A. Ayanokoji Kiyotaka is placed in Class – D, a place for defectives, with him being the most defective. Class -D must compete with the other classes to come out on top. Meanwhile, Ayanokoji may not be what he looks like on the surface. This recommendation is based on the progress of the light novel, and not the anime series.

My First Girlfriend is a Gal – Romance, Ecchi

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

My First Girlfriend is a Gal is a 10-episodes long anime series about Junichi Hashiba, who, following a prank by his perv friends, proposes to a girl to change the fact that he’s a hopeless virgin. The girl, Yukana Yame, is disgusted by his groveling. Following the series of trading remarks, she bonds with him, accepting his confession, to his surprise, the series is about Junichi overcoming his lack of self-confidence and suppressing his sexual urges. If you’re a dan of such genre, you will find My First Girlfriend is a Gal quite appealing.

We Never Learn – Romance, Harem

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

We Never Learn is a 2-seasons-long anime series about Nariyuki Yuiga, a high-school student who toils daily to get a VIP nomination that would cover his college fees. Given his hard work, the headmaster decided to award him the scholarship on one condition – he must tutor the other geniuses in their weak subjects. The story follows Yuiga as he tries to teach his three eccentric tutees in a series of strange and comedic antics. But as Ogata’s and Furuhashi’s ambitions conflict with their talents, will Yuiga be able to help his students achieve their dreams?

Hyouka – Slice of Life, School

Top Anime Where the Popular Girl falls for an Unpopular Guy

Hyouka is a beautiful 22-episodes-long anime series that will mesmerize you with its animation and art style. The beauty of Hyouka is similar to that of Violet Ecergarden. Hyouka is about the Energy-conservative high school student Houtarou Oreki, who, when enrolled in the Classics Club, ended up with more than what he wanted. With his fellow club members, the knowledgeable Satoshi Fukube, the stern but benign Mayaka Ibara, and the ever-curious Eru Chitanda, he must overthrow the lack of resources with his hidden talent, to not only uncover the truth about the Classics Club, but also some other side mysteries too.


These were some of the anime where the popular girl falls in love with the Unpopular Guy, something that rarely happens in real life. But, that shouldn’t stop you from watching these anime. Also Check out:-

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