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Top 13 Strongest Characters in Black Clover

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2021)

When you hear the word ‘Black Clover’ what are the first words that come into your mind? For me, it is ‘friendship’ and ‘perseverance’. Black Cover has a whole gamut of emotions to offer to the audience, from the friendship of Asta and Yuno to their rivalry, from epic fight scenes to very delicate emotions, you get everything in the story. It also has a whole lot of characters, some of which you love, some you hate, but every character leaves some impression on you. This series really sucks one in and we just get immersed in the world created by the makers and begin the long yet entertaining journey.

Top 13 Strongest Characters in Black Clover

There are a lot of characters in this show, and they are powerful and strong in their own right but some characters are more powerful than the others, maybe their strategy is good or maybe they just have sheer ‘magic power’. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and this list is about the overall strength- mental as well as physical. So, here is a list of the top 13 most powerful characters from Black Clover manga.

13. Yuno

Yuno is Asta’s biggest rival and also his best friend. He is a prodigy and will be remembered as one of the best mages in history. He is also the vice-captain of Golden Dawn, and for a rookie who just joined the team to become vice-captain, he sure is capable. He also has an incredible grimoire and possesses large mana reserves. He defeated two 40% dark disciples, which is no small feat. Sylph, the spirit of wind serves him after he found her scroll in the dungeon.

12. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Fuegoleon is a nobleman and belongs to House Vermillion of the clover kingdom, he is also the captain of the Crimson Lion squad. He is also one of the candidates for the position of the Wizard King. He uses Fire Magic and has high degree of mastery over it. After receiving the flame spirit, Salamander, his powers have seemed to increase even more, thus making him even more extraordinarily powerful. He is not good with magic but also mentally, his calm and composed nature during alarming situations makes him even more formidable.

11. Mereoleona Vermillion

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Mereoleona is the first daughter of Clover Kingdom’s House Vermillion, and no prizes for guessing that she is Fuegoleon’s sister. She is one of the scariest characters of Black Clover, even Yami is scared of her. She has inordinate brute strength and excels at close-range battles, apart from that she can also control the mana of people within her proximity. Her capability is evident by the fact that she didn’t hesitate to take on five reincarnated elves, one of whom was a magic knight captain.

10. Lolopechka

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

She might seem clumsy at first but she has an extravagant pool of mana and is one of the most powerful characters. She was even acknowledged by Mimosa when he said that she could probably take over Golden Dawn. But despite her huge mana, she needs to work on her combating skills more and better her offensive battle tactics. Rightly so, she is the ruler of the Kingdom of Hearts. She uses water magic and can even summon her Water Magic Spirit, Undine. Apart from immense magic powers she also inherited knowledge about the world of Black Clover, she is one of the intelligent characters of Black Clover.

9. Zagred

Zagred is the epitome of evil and sadist. For him, humans and elves are just toys to play with. He is the one who orchestrated the massacre of elves and later reincarnated them. He looks like a human covered with a black robe and has a dark aura around him. He is not only very powerful but also intelligent, and is overconfident of his capabilities, which ultimately leads to his demise. Although he died, we all know that it wasn’t an easy task. After all, he was one of the Dark Triad and had reached 80%.

8. Vanica

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Vanica is another member of the Dark Triad and is possessed by Megicula. When in need she can access 75% of Megicula’s strength. She has superhuman strength and is among the more powerful wizards of Black Clover. Despite being a member of the Dark Triad, she is quite happy and cheerful, which makes her character more likeable. She has enough powers to withstand a devil and on top of that she is possessed by the strongest devil there is, Megicula. She also has the power to resurrect people, which is not that common.

7. Julius Novachrono

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

No wonder he is one of the most powerful characters, he is afterall the current Wizard King. He does not only possess magical prowess but also has knowledge of battle techniques, with insane speed he is also magically gifted with a unique grimoire. What makes him even more powerful is the fact that he can basically control the flow of time and he literally came back from the dead. Despite being so powerful he is quite playful and kind. He is not higher up in the list because he returned to life as a teen which is not as powerful as he was in his prime.

6. Nacht

Nacht is the undercover agent in the Kingdom of Spades, infiltrating the Dark Triad. He looks pretty but is quite hurtful when he speaks, he doesn’t care for other people’s emotions. He can travel between places using spatial and shadow magic. He is also one of the very powerful characters. He has immense level of physical endurance and as a member of the Black Bulls squad he also has large amounts of magical power. He is also host to four mid-ranking devils- Slotos, Gimodelo, Plumede and Walgner. Thus, each devil contributes to his immense power.

5. Licht

Licht was the original holder of Asta’s grimoire. He is a very good swordsman and can absorb large amounts of mana. He is also known as creator of swords, as he used to make his own swords. He used powers that Asta is not capable of using even now, or he isn’t even aware of them. He surpassed Lumiere’s powers after turning into an ancient demon. He also has an ultimate magic, where he draws from the elves’ magic to fully embody his magical prowess.

4. Zenon

He is another member of the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom, this makes him extremely dangerous and powerful. He doesn’t only have power devil powers but also looks like one, when using them. He is merciless and bloodthirsty. He can summon bones and even make swords with bones, which makes it impossible to dodge for the opponent. He is so powerful that he defeated Yuno when he was just at 55% of his power, and currently he can use 80% which makes it nearly impossible to kill him.

3. Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Out of all people he deserves to be on this list, he is after all the first Wizard King, ancestor of Clover Kingdom’s three royal families, and Magic Emperor of Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights squad. He can use light magic and can basically control light, travel long distances in a short time, change the shape of light to an arrow to hit someone are all his abilities. His magic power is described as quiet and beautiful as it is dangerous. He is determined to end Zagred once and for all.

2. Asta

Asta is the main protagonist of the show, so it doesn’t surprise that he is indeed one of the most powerful characters. Though he himself doesn’t have much powers as such, what makes him powerful is the devil residing inside of him- The Anti Magic Devil. The devil is so strong that he can nullify each and every magic in existence. Asta also possesses the three swords in existence, which makes him even more powerful. He has the potential to become the next Wizard King, given his capabilities.

1. Dante

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

He is the leader of the Dark Triad and also the main antagonist of Black Clover. He is intelligent and a sadist evil being. For him, malice makes humans stronger. He can manipulate cells of his body, make them regenerate, stretch anything he wants, even if he is torn apart, the pieces can join back, he basically can’t die, at least not as of now. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can even make swords from rocs. He is truly the strongest character of Black Clover till now.

We all have our favorite characters and characters which we think are strongest, this list is my personal view of how I see characters and their strengths, let me know in the comments if you see any problem with the list and why your character must be added to the list.


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