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Top 20 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

Today I am going to provide you the ranking of the top 20 strongest characters in the Chainsaw Man universe. The world of Chainsaw Man has many powerful characters including all Devil/Devil-Hunters dead or Alive. I will be ranking them according to the power they possessed and how they contributed to the story of Chainsaw Man. Before that those who haven’t read it yet, this list is full of “Spoilers”.

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man
Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

This story of in a world where different fears of individuals can embody themselves into a physical form known as the Devil. Denji is the name of our protagonist, when his father died, he was stuck with a huge debt and there was no way to pay it off. Thanks to a devil dog that he saved named Pochita, he is able to survive through strange jobs and slaying demons for the Yakuza. Pochita’s chainsaw powers are useful against these powerful demons. When the Yakuza betrays him and is killed by the Zombie Devil, Pochita sacrifices herself to save the old master from him. Now Denji has been reborn as some kind of weird demon-human hybrid. Now he’s a chainsaw man!

Top 20 Strongest Characters In Chainsaw Man |

After transforming him, Makima quickly recruits him to join the Public Safety Demon Hunters under threat of extermination now that he is technically a Demon. Now that he lives comfortably for the first time in his life, Denji struggles to determine his dreams and form meaningful relationships as he slays demons and works alongside other eccentric demon hunters.

20. Himeno

Himeno - Strongest characters in chainsaw man
Himeno – Chainsaw Man

Himeno was a Public Safety Devil Hunter, working under Makima’s special squad. She teamed up with Aki Hayakawa. Himeno has the ability to use the power of the phantom demon in exchange for permanently sacrificing her right eye to the devil. Himeno can summon and control the right arm of the ghost demon, which is invisible and intangible. This arm is strong enough to open large wounds in the flesh of the Devil of Eternity. By swapping her entire body, Himeno can summon various arms of the ghost demon to attack and overwhelm her opponent.

Himeno is a skilled fighter, instantly incapacitating Kobeni after being disarmed. She generally behaves with optimistic body language and is able to remain calm in extremely stressful situations, such as the opening phase of her group’s battle against the Devil of Eternity.

19. Akane Sawatari

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man
Akane Sawatari – Chainsaw Man

Akane Sawatari was a former civilian demon hunter who worked with Gun Devil. She had a contract with a Snake Devil. She is the secondary antagonist of the Katana Man arc. Akane has a contract with the Snake Devil that allows her to summon him at will.

In exchange for her nails, Sawatari can summon and use snake demon body parts and even her ability to absorb and release beings. With this power, Sawatari has been shown to revive the Katana-Man and control the ghost demon to fight on her behalf. Although she is normally calm, Akane can panic as seen when she became nervous after her subordinates began to die from Makima’s counterattack.

18. Angel Devil

Angel Devil - Top strongest characters in chainsaw man

Angel Devil is a demon who embodies the fear of angels and a public safety demon hunter from Special Division 4. The Angel Devil is considered to be the second strongest agent in Division 4 after Captain Kishibe, but his laziness stops him. The Devil Angel Wings are tough enough to deflect shots and can be used as makeshift shields. The devil angel can absorb the lifespan of humans through physical contact. This will eventually kill the affected human painlessly if touched long enough. After Aki briefly took his hand, the Devil Angel estimated that Aki had lost two months of his life. The Devil Angel can transform deviated lifespan into weapons that have supernatural properties, such as Aki’s katana, which can pierce through the normally intangible ghost, the Devil.

As a devil, the devil angel should be able to restore his health by consuming blood. However, he cannot regenerate his arms that were cut off by the Devil of Darkness. The devil angel is an expert in the use of spears in combat; accurately launch a spear through Reze from a nearby rooftop. The devil angel can wield a sword with some skill, slicing through five of the Santa Claus puppets in one hit.

17. Eternity Devil

The devil of eternity is a devil who embodies the fear of eternity. He is the main antagonist of the title arc of Eternity Devil. The Devil of Eternity could turn an entire floor of a hotel into a circular section of space, making an escape in any direction impossible. This section of space effectively becomes the stomach of the Devil of Eternity. Inside the devil’s stomach, time effectively stands still due to him being cut off from the rest of the world. All the clocks inside the devil’s stomach were currently showing 8:18.

The Devil of Eternity can create a monstrous body within his stomach that will hunt down and try to kill anyone inside him. This body starts out small but grows exponentially in size. The Eternity Devil avatar possesses a great deal of physical power, being able to tear Denji’s body apart even after transforming him and causing significant blood loss. The Devil of Eternity is amused by the fear and suffering of others, laughing openly when Kobeni panics and is knocked out. He is willing to make deals with humans to achieve his goals.

16. Cosmo

Cosmo – Chainsaw Man

Cosmo is the Cosmos Fiend and was one of the members of the Quanxi harem. Cosmo can force his target to understand everything in the universe. This leaves them in a semi-cathonic state where they “can only think of Halloween until they die.” Once this happens, the victim will not be able to think or say anything other than the phrase “Halloween” until his death.

On the surface, Cosmo doesn’t display many emotions other than his usual smiling and seemingly carefree demeanor. She does not speak except to repeat the word “Halloween” and, like the rest of the demons in Quanxi, she follows Quanxi and appears to be in love with her and under her command.

15. Katana Man

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man
Katana Man – Chainsaw Man

Katana Man, real name unknown, also known as Samurai Sword is a human-devil hybrid that merged with the Katana Devil. His grandfather was the Mob Boss killed by Denji and because of that, he affiliated with Gun Devil to get revenge on Denji. He is the main antagonist of the title arc of Katana Man.
By removing his left hand from his body and revealing a katana emerging from his stump, he can transform into the form of Katana Man with swords emerging from his arms and his head. Removing the katana from his arm will undo her transformation from him. After her transformation from him is undone, he can’t fight for a while. The strength of his Katana Man is greatly increased in his transformed state, capable of piercing through solid walls with his cuts.

By crouching down and preparing to unleash his swords, the Katana Man could dash forward at incredible speeds and attack his opponent as he passes them, often seeming to simply teleport past them before his attacks appear on the body. of your opponent. In his human form, the Katana Man has used a pistol to shoot Denji, Aki, and Himeno at point-blank range. Katana Man is a skilled fighter with his arms, capable of taking on Aki and Denji and ultimately overwhelming them with his powerful slashes. The Katana man is selfish and cruel. He only cares about killing Denji and forcing him to apologize for killing Katana Man’s grandfather.

14. Violence Fiend

Violence Fiend strongest characters in chainsaw man
Violence Fiend – Chainsaw Man

Galgali is the Demon of Violence and a Public Safety Demon Hunter of Special Division 4. The Demon of Violence has extraordinary power for a demon even though demons are usually weaker than demons. To keep his strength in check, he is forced to wear a poison-dispensing mask. When he fought Reze, Violence Fiend’s kicks were strong enough to smash the ground he stood on after blocking his attack.

Violence has been shown during his attack on Reze, that he can access his strength and transform parts of his body to the state of liberation. In doing so, said members will enlarge and gain muscle mass, becoming immensely more powerful. Violence Fiend’s primary fighting style in unarmed combat; be able to knock Beam down with a punch and decapitate a zombie at point-blank range with a kick. Despite his nickname as the Demon of Violence, he is extremely polite and direct.

13. Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi Yoshida - Strongest characters in chainsaw man
Hirofumi Yoshida – Chainsaw Man

Hirofumi Yoshida is a private demon hunter. Along with Kusakabe and Tamaki, Makima considers him a high-class bodyguard specialist. Yoshida has a contract with Octopus Devil for an unknown price. By crossing his middle and index fingers, he can summon the devil octopus tentacles that protrude from the clouds of ink. He can summon several of these to attack small groups or tie them down. Yoshida can summon them to wrap around himself for protection, or use them to trap him and prevent him from dying. When saying “Ink”, the tentacle will produce a large black smoke screen.

Yoshida uses this to blind his opponents and attack. During his brief fight with Quanxi, he has shown quite a remarkable level of skills in hand-to-hand combat. Yoshida is able to fight for a few minutes on equal terms with Quanxi, who is known for her unnatural physical strength and her fighting prowess. Not much is known about Yoshida’s personality currently, but he is quite playful and mischievous, he loves to have a little chat with his opponents during battle.

12. Reze

Reze Chainsaw man
Reze – Chainsaw Man

Reze, also known as Lady Reze, is a hybrid of the Bomb Devil from the Soviet Union and an ally of Gun Devil. She is the main antagonist of the Bomb Girl title arc. Despite being a girl, Reze has a great deal of physical strength; she could effortlessly break an assassin’s arm and strangle him to death, and with a simple knife she could cleanly cut Denji’s wrist with one blow. Reze could cut Denji’s throat before she could react and directly cut Denji’s wrist before she could pull the chainsaw cord. She also to technique. By pulling a pin into her choker, just like a grenade, Reze can cause it to explode and transform into a hybrid form. She can also perform the same technique, but instead of just transforming, she blows her head off and leaves a decoy of herself to distract opponents from her. This decoy can hold her own head and launch it, then explode like a bomb and also her entire body before Reze is revealed.

Reze can detonate his own skin from her arms to make explosions and enhance her physical attacks. By plucking them, Reze can detonate them to explode. She can also shoot them by taking them out of her hands. Reze becomes dramatically more durable in this form, as she can withstand a full-power kick from the Violence Fiend without taking any damage. Reze is an expert in unarmed combat. In her normal human state, she could expertly disarm and injure an assassin, completely surpassing him by surrounding him and putting him in absolute dominance. Reze was one of many children taken by the USSR and placed in a special government program to make dedicated super soldiers to the country.

11. Kishibe

Kishibe – Chainsaw Man

Kishibe is a Public Safety Demon Hunter from Special Division 1, but after the assault on Special Divisions, he became captain of Special Division 4. Kishibe is the strongest member of Special Division 4 according to Makima, followed by the Angel Devil. He has described himself as the strongest demon hunter. Kishibe is a stoic and simple individual. Due to his immense strength and skill, he often undertakes his work with calm formality, showing little emotion in doing so.

Kishibe has contracts with at least three evils that they have described as “quite dangerous.” Although initially rejected by them for not being someone special, Kishibe proved to be strong enough to easily subdue two of the fiends working for Quanxi without help. Kishibe is extremely strong for a human, he is an extremely fast fighter and has superhuman reflexes. His body is very, very tough. Kishibe is very proficient in the use of knives in combat; After evading Denji’s blow, he repeatedly stabbed Denji into his back before driving the knife through his jaw and into his brain, before slitting Power’s throat. He could accurately throw his knife down a hallway to hit Denji on the head. Kishibe is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. When Denji tried to attack him from behind, Kishibe was able to turn and kick with a single fluid motion to hit Denji’s head and render him incapacitated.

10. Quanxi

Quanxi strongest character in chainsaw man
Quanxi – Chainsaw Man

Quanxi is a demon hunter from China. Quanxi is calm and stoic, she is not ashamed to talk business while she is in bed with her harem of demons, and she shows little emotion even when her girlfriends flatter her. Quanxi possesses a level of strength that has been described by Hirofumi Yoshida as beyond human ability. When she wields swords, she can cut through dozens of humans and dolls without slowing down and only stops once her weapons are destroyed by the force of her own attacks. Even one blocked hit was enough to knock out both Aki Hayakawa and the Angel Devil.

Even in her human form, Quanxi possesses superhuman speed. She could disappear from the sight of five demon hunters rushing past them as she traverses an army of dolls created by the Doll Devil before the original five demon hunters realize they have already been killed. By drawing an arrow from the right eye socket, Quanxi can transform into a hybrid with many arrows and spikes emerging from her arms and head. Quanxi can shoot arrows from her forearm in a bow shape, he can even use it at close range as pellets to quickly take out a group of enemies. Quanxi is a skilled fighter in close combat, and Kishibe considers her one of the best in the world. She is highly specialized in the use of kicks, in a matter of moments she could disable Denji, Tamaoki and Kusakabe using nothing but kicks. Quanxi wields multiple swords in combat, trading them when they are destroyed by the force of her own attacks. Combined with her high speed, she can cut through entire crowds of enemies at once.

9. Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa - Strongest characters in chainsaw man
Aki Hayakawa – Chainsaw Man

Aki Hayakawa was a public safety demon hunter, working under Makima’s special squad. Aki generally seems to be a very stoic person. He acts mature and dependable when he is with his fellow demon hunters but is actually very soft when he is alone.
He had contracts with Curse Devil and Future Devil and a previous contract with Fox Devil. He was killed and possessed by Gun Devil, thus becoming Gun Fiend. Aki is a competent swordsman, wielding a sword as his main weapon when he fights demons. Aki points the nail to anywhere on the target’s body, then says the word “fire”, the cursed devil’s hand appears and hits the back end of the nail to deal damage. By stabbing her enemy three times with the nail, Aki can summon the cursed devil to take over the enemy and inflict a curse on them to kill them.

After losing favor with the Fox Devil, Aki was taken to the Future Devil, who is a prisoner of public safety, and managed to obtain a contract to use his abilities in exchange for letting Future Devil live within his right eye. . Aki has the ability to see a few seconds into the future. He uses it to predict his opponent’s attacks and plan accordingly. Aki Hayakawa had a contract with Fox Devil. In exchange for feeding him a part of his body, Aki could enlist his power in combat. Aki lost the ability to summon it after he recklessly used the Fox Devil against the Katana Man. He could raise his hand and say the word “Kon”, causing the Fox Devil’s head to appear on his target’s body, swallowing them whole or cutting them off. into pieces where they would intersect with the Fox Devil’s bite. As Gun Fiend, he can fire bullets from the pistol in his left arm with great precision and speed. He is able to break through walls and Denji with ease, as well as destroy multiple buildings at once.

8. Power

Power chainsaw man
Power – Chainsaw Man

Power is a Blood Fiend and a Public Safety Devil Hunter who is part of Makima’s special squad. Power is childish, greedy, and almost entirely self-motivated. She tends to fight as if she has something to gain and is confident of her victory, as well as having no trouble running away from a fight in which she is outmatched. In her original demon form, Power claimed to be highly feared to the point where other demons would flee from her scent, but this is probably just a boast from Power.

The power can freely manipulate the blood in her body to form weapons. She can also manipulate other people’s blood through direct contact and can prevent them from bleeding out, although she acknowledges that it is difficult. The power can also distort her target’s regenerative abilities by mixing her own blood. When Power drinks too much blood or drinks blood from a stronger demon, her power increases dramatically. She is shown to sprout extra horns on her head after drinking too much blood. In this state, a single hit from Power has enough force to send Denji to the ceiling. After drinking the Chainsaw Man’s blood, Power transformed into Full Devil Mode. Her blood speed, strength, durability, and blood manipulation abilities have been increased dramatically. After the transformation, she is able to resist Makima’s control abilities.

7. Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Santa Claus – Chainsaw Man

Santa Claus is a person who has a contract with Doll Devil that allows them to control several different bodies, one of which is posing as a Devil Hunter from Germany. Santa Claus is the main antagonist of the International Assassins arc. Santa Claus is a tactical and strategic being. He hid within the Soviet Union while using a doll perfect for haggling and bargaining.

Makima and Kishibe hold him in high regard as the most dangerous threat to Denji among the world’s demon killers and hunters, as they say that it will all end if he uses his demons against them. Santa Claus had a contract with Doll Devil for an unknown price. Santa Claus can create dolls with people to obey his will. The effect is caused by touch and spreads contagiously as each doll touches another person, allowing them to create an army of dolls from the crowd. The dolls can also transform one of their arms into blades including themselves. However, Santa Claus must remain in the nearby area to maintain control of his doll army, and the conversion process has no effect on demons or devils.

Santa Claus can transport any living being to hell by naming the place where they are. However, he must not only sacrifice three of his children, they must also sacrifice one of their own bodies. In exchange for the loss of sensation in several of his fingers, Santa Claus can use the power of the Devil Curse. The contract requires the nail to be stabbed 4 times into the intended victim, after which the cursed devil will appear and kill the target. Santa got much taller, grew many more arms and had many other changes to his body that resembled dolls overnight.

6. Hell Devil

Hell Devil - Chainsaw Man
Hell Devil – Chainsaw Man

The devil from hell is a devil who embodies the fear of hell. The devil from hell takes the form of a centaur with a featureless head except for its giant mouth that is open in a grin. He is covered only with flesh that is covered in flames. As the devil from hell, he can manifest as a giant six-fingered hand emerging from a gate in heaven that connects to one of hell’s many gates. This allows the devil from hell to send certain individuals to hell. The devil from hell can also transfer victims to the human world from hell.

5. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil -  Chainsaw Man
Punishment Devil – Chainsaw Man

The Devil of Punishment is a devil who embodies the fear of punishment. At some point, Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo made a contract with the Devil of Punishment, for an unknown price. Makima uses the Devil of Punishment’s abilities, along with various other demons and their hired humans, to fight the Devil of Arms. he can only be summoned when one asks for it with unconditional disdain and great sacrifice. It consists of numerous demons that damage the target directly from a portal from the sky side. Other than that, not much is known about the Punishment Devil’s abilities.

4. Gun Devil

Gun Devil Chainsaw Man
Gun Devil – Chainsaw Man

Gun Devil is a very powerful demon who embodies the fear of weapons. Gun Devil is incredibly fast, capable of killing 1.2 million people in various countries of the world in five minutes. His speed is so great that pieces of his flesh burned out of his body as he moved. The Gun Devil is capable of firing bullets from various weapons that are part of his body with great precision and speed. He is capable of firing a bullet through the head of each adult male within approximately 1000 meters of him, firing a bullet through the head of each child up to 12 years within approximately 1500 meters, and firing a bullet through the heart of each living being born in January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November or December in approximately 1000 meters of itself.

The Gun Devil can discard his own flesh that resembles bullets due to his own speed and power. When demons of any kind consume chunks of the Gun Devil’s flesh, his power is greatly increased. These parts of the bullet attract each other and fuse when touched and will attempt to reunite with the Gun Devil’s main body to regenerate. As Makima said, his body is currently separated into various parts and he remains in an unconscious state. Twenty percent of his body is owned by the United States, twenty-eight by the Soviet Union, eleven by China, four by other countries, and the remaining thirty-seven is in the hands of demons around the world as pieces. of meat.

3. Makima

Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima is a public safety demon hunter, who took Denji as her human pet. She is later revealed to be the Devil of Control, who embodies the fear of control. She is the main heroine and acts as the main antagonist of the public safety saga. Makima is extremely cunning and manipulative. She controls Denji with promises of a romantic and sexual relationship while she threatens to exterminate him if he disobeys her.
Makima possesses great physical strength that allows her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without depending on any of her subordinates. Her force was great enough to overwhelm Pochita and break her chainsaw with her physical blows.
The extent of Makima’s abilities is largely unknown. She has displayed a variety of abilities that can be her default ability as Control Devil or the ability of another demon that she controls.

Makima has shown that she controls any being she thinks is inferior to her, she can even force them to make contracts with her or another demon. It seems that once placed under her control, the victim subsequently loses her memory. This ability works on humans, demons, demons, and hybrids. She can channel the power of her victims by summoning them through a chain connected to her body. She has been shown to be able to use the abilities of Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil. Even deceased people can be controlled in this way. Makima was able to form a squad of weapon hybrids, three of whom (Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man) were former enemies who now behaved affectionately towards her. This suggests that Makima can control people directly and change their personalities in subtle ways. Makima has shown that she causes her target to be crushed by an invisible force. To use this technique, Makima seems to require a higher place, the name of a target, and a human sacrifice. Makima has been shown to kill her targets if she looks at a person, seemingly crushed from the inside. Makima has been shown to transmit her voice to others by placing his hand on her head even if the person is dead.

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil chainsaw man
Darkness Devil – Chainsaw Man

The Darkness Devil is a devil who embodies the primal fear of the dark. The devil of darkness is described as a transcendent being; one of the demons that embodies a primal fear and has never experienced death for being so powerful. The Darkness Devil can travel and attack at high speeds. He was able to appear in the midst of several demon hunters, including Quanxi, without any of them being able to perceive his movements. By using his multiple arms, he could cut through multiple fighters before they could react. The Darkness Devil has proven to be capable of raising humans and demons with great ease.

Darkness Devil has the ability to engulf the surrounding area in darkness, manifesting the bodies of several astronauts split in two in doing so. The Darkness Devil summons a sword with bells attached to a hilt that can be telekinetically controlled to attack his enemies. Once he comes into contact with someone who is being beaten by him, a violent hemorrhage once the bells ring. The Darkness Devil can cut the arms of various humans, demons, and devils without seemingly any physical effort. Once the Demon of Darkness looks directly at another being, be it the devil or a human, he will begin to bleed immense amounts of blood to death.

1. Chainsaw Man (Denji)

Denji is the main protagonist of Chainsaw Man. As a child, he inherits his father’s Yakuza debts. After meeting Pochita, he turns into a demon hunter for the Yakuza in an attempt to pay off his debt. Once the Yakuza, under the control of a Devil, betrays him, he dies and Pochita becomes his heart. After meeting Makima, he became a public safety demon hunter.

Chainsaw Man (Denji), Strongest Character in chainsaw man.
Denji – Chainsaw Man

Denji is cheeky and naive as a result of not being able to have a formal education and socialize due to him living in extreme poverty. His personality is rude and tough, but almost childish. While Denji does not necessarily possess the highest intelligence, he is capable of clever ideas to take down demons, such as setting himself on fire and using the emitted light to weaken Santa Claus enough to kill her.

By pulling the cord that comes out of his chest, Denji can transform into a bloodthirsty chainsaw devil. Denji needs blood to use his abilities, so if he doesn’t have enough, he can’t fully transform, he can still manifest chainsaws, but they are much shorter and weaker. After transforming into Full Devil Mode and being himself again, his arms in this hybrid form seem to have changed to a more mechanical structure, as opposed to the more humanistic appearance before his transformation. He possesses greater strength, durability, and endurance. As part of his transformation, Denji produces fully functional chainsaws for his arms, legs, and head. These chainsaws are extremely effective at cutting demons, as they can directly cut the Bat Devil’s arm. He is able to manifest short chainsaws under his feet, which he can stick on walls and even walk on. Like a complete devil, all four of his arms have chainsaws. If he needs full use of his arms and legs, Denji’s chainsaws automatically retract into his body. This has yet to be seen in the full devilish form of him. As Makima reveals, the Chainsaw Devil is capable of consuming other Demons, erasing them from public consciousness, this makes them unable to revive since the fear of them no longer exists, demonstrated by the fact that Kishibe did not know about things. historical events such as the Holocaust, the Nazis and even the nuclear bomb, revealing that the chainsaw devil at some point consumed his relative devils.

Even without transforming him, Denji is a capable armed and unarmed fighter. Against the leech devil, who was many times the size and weight of him, he was able to easily block his blows, while he threw punches and headbutts with enough force to damage her. His skills improved even more after training with Kishibe, in which he learned to rely more on strategy than blind force.

After giving up his contract with Pochita, Denji transformed into a Full Devil. In this form, Denji displays incredible speed and strength, easily defeating multiple Hybrid-Devils in a matter of seconds. Although it has been shown that he suffered damage, and even that he was slowed down by being sent to Hell and thrown into space, these acts simply delayed him for a few minutes before he returned unharmed. His immense power is further highlighted in Hell, where it is implied that he defeated all the demons that reside there. Makima stated that he has killed her 26 times in this way. The form appears to lack Denji’s personality and consciousness, although it has been shown that he retains some memories and often acts on them. After being defeated by Makima to save Kobeni and later rescued by Power, Denji returned to normal and regained consciousness.


So there you have it, this was the list of the top 20 most powerful characters in Chainsaw Man. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Many of you will not agree with the list, so you can use the comment section as well and write down your list. As for me, I am really looking forward to the upcoming anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man.


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