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Top 20 Unknown Facts about Attack on Titan

Do you want to know interesting and unknown facts about Attack on Titan? Well, below you get to read the top 20 Unknown Facts about AOT. Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime and 14th highest selling manga of all time. It’s a masterpiece by Mangaka Hajime Isayama.

After the release of the fourth and final season Attack on Titan become the most trending anime series in 2021. Because of its unique storyline and character development, anime fans love this anime. And say “Must Watch For Every Otaku.”

In this blog, you get to read the top 20 unknown facts about the attack on titan. These facts are related to Attack on Titan anime, its characters, and mangaka Hajime Isayama himself.

1. Hajime Isayama’s Favourite Characters in Attack on Titan

It’s exciting to know which character is liked by the writer himself. In the Attack on Titan anime series, Jean Kirschtein is the most favorite character of Hajime Isayama.

The reason Hajime Isayama likes him is that Jean has very strong opinions and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. And he is one of the sexiest in all-male characters. Reiner is his second favorite character in the whole anime series.

2. Crossover with Marvels: Attack on Avengers

Marvels are known for collaboration with other comics and mangas for promotion. They also collaborated with Attack on Titan manga. The comic “Attack on Avengers” was released in 2014 featuring famous superheroes like Spider-Man, Caption America, Hulk, and more…

The Colossal Titan is the main antagonist in this 8-page short comic. It is quite fun to read for Attack on Titan Fans.

3. Attack on Titan Accessories: Perfume and Body Pillow

Do you want a perfume that smells like your favorite character? They have perfumes that smell relates to character personality. Body pillows are quite popular among fans. Want a body pillow like Levi or Eren? You can get them online if you want one for yourself.

4. Greatest Mystery of Attack on Titan: The Walls

Most people think the titans are the biggest mystery of anime but it’s not. Have you ever think about the walls who made them and how? How deep it is?

There is a short story about it – A miner tries to dig the ground and wants to go another side of the wall. But the wall is too deep. You know when he reaches the ground he finds the same material as the wall.

5. The Potato Girl: Sasha Blouse’s Death

This one is the most famous and also a funny fact about Attack On Titan. The fact is the mangaka Hajime Isayama decided to kill Sasha in the 9th volume and 38th chapter of the manga. But the editor requests him not to kill her after reading the board. Even he cries in the bathroom to convince him.

** SPOILER ** She later dies towards the ending chapters of the Attack On Titan Manga.

6. Character Reference From Martial Artists

Two main characters Eren Yeager and Reiner Braun are inspired by Yushin Okami and Brock Lesner. Other titans are inspired by Hajime Isayama’s friends and family members. He also takes requests for making titan forms.

7. Hange Zoë Gender?

Do you know Hange Zoë is male or female? Well, it’s not confirmed yet. In anime and manga, both use neutral to address Hange Zoë. But in anime and live-action series Hange Zoë’s character is played by a female person. A big part of the AOT fandom wish if Zoë is female.

8. Levi’s Actual Age

Have you ever think about the age of Humanities Strongest Soldier? He is the shortest soldier in the Military and the strongest. By AniList his age is more than 30 years. There is no actual age written anywhere but this is for sure he is not in his 20s anymore. I really want to know is daily routine other than slaughtering Titans.

9. Attack on Titan City

The most interesting thing about Attack on Titan is the majority of things are inspiration from the real world. Like the city in Attack on Titan where Eren lives and other same cities relate with the real world. Germany named Nördlingen is the real city.

10. Commander Dot Pixis Character Reference

Dot Pixis is also inspired by real people. He is modeled as a great General Yoshifuru Akiyama of the Imperial Japanese army. Akiyama Yoshifuru was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army and is considered the father of modern Japanese cavalry. He was Vice-Admiral Akiyama Saneyuki’s older brother. After Erwin Smith, he is my favorite commander.

11. Light novels on Attack on Titan

Do you know there are light novels published related to Attack on Titan? Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is a prequel to manga. This light novel is written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto. In this light novel, they also explain the invention process of maneuver.

12. Ban in China

China is known for banning Google, Whatsapp, Movies, Books, and more. But you know they also banned Attack on Titan in china. According to the Chinese government “Attack On Titan Was Too Violent And Filled With Gore.”

They banned it in mid-2015 because of “Public Morality” reasons. You know CCP hates its people talking about Power and Politics and AOT is full on political drama, no surprise on this ban.

13. Levi’s sleep problem

According to Hajime Isayama Levi only sleeps around 2-3 hours per day. Do you know why? Because he is not able to sleep for more than that. He suffers from insomnia. His dreams are terrifying like screams of his commemorates, titans. And his childhood memories. He should try booking books and he will not know when sleep hits him.

14. Eren Yeager: Highest Kill Rate

Eren Yeager has the highest killing rate in the 104th trainee squad. Because of his titan form he can kill titans more. At first, it should be Mikasa Ackerman but not.

15. Attack on Titan: Highest IMBD Rating

Attack on Titan has ratings of above 9.9 in 7 episodes. “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” have 7 episodes combined. Almost every episode of Attack on Titan is around 9.0 stars. Now, you can guess why it’s so popular.

16. Eren’s Childhood Dream

Eren’s dream is to go outside is an inspiration from Hajime Isayama himself. Hajime Isayama lived in a village surrounded by mountains. He always wanted to go outside and explore the world.

17. Attack on titan: Character popularity poll

There are lots of anime out there, where side characters are more popular than the protagonist himself. Attack on Titan is one of few.

In character popularity poll 2021 the most voted character is Levi Ackerman. The 2nd and 3rd are Hange Zoe and Reiner Braun. The protagonist Eren Yeager is 4ht on the list.

18. Characters Who Love To Clean

There are too many things fans want to know about Levi. One of them is he loves to clean himself and his surrounding. He is a cleaning freak. According to Levi, Eren is best at cleaning.

19. Skyrocketing Popularity of Attack on Titan

The popularity of Attack on Titan anime is not shocking for fans but also for their creators. They did not expect to become Attack on Titan that popular in a short amount of time. That’s why there is a 3-year gap between season 1 and season two of anime.

20. Levi and Tall People

According to Hajime Isayama Levi likes tall people. You have seen on social media that Levi doesn’t like tall people but it’s not true. Je only one-time wished to become taller.


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