Touhou Luna Nights: PS4 and PS5 Editions Launching January 25

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2023)

Playism, the indie game publisher, unveiled the announcement trailer for the upcoming release of the Touhou Luna Nights 2D action-adventure game on their official YouTube channel last Sunday. This highly anticipated game is set to launch for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on January 25, creating excitement among fans.

Development of this game is a collaborative effort between Team Ladybug and WSS playground. Alongside the trailer, reservations for the game also went live on the same day.

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Players can look forward to two versions of the game, the regular edition, and a deluxe package. Furthermore, gamers with a PlayStation 5 will have the opportunity to experience the game firsthand at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, scheduled for September 21.

Originally introduced on PC via Steam in February 2019, Touhou Luna Nights centers around the iconic character Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project franchise.

Notably, the game expanded its reach, launching on Xbox One and via the Microsoft Store, as well as becoming available through Xbox Game Pass in September 2020, featuring a captivating new boss encounter known as the “Cirno Battle.” In December 2020, it made its debut on the Nintendo Switch.

In essence, Steam describes Touhou Luna Nights as a Metroidvania title that places a significant emphasis on exploration and action, an offering that comes from the accomplished Team Ladybug, renowned creators of multiple exceptional action games.

The Touhou Project, originating with Team Shanghai Alice, had its inception in 1995 with the release of its first main game, Touhou: Highly Responsive to Prayers, exclusively on the PC-98 platform.

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Since then, the franchise has flourished, giving birth to various main game installments, numerous spin-offs, and a multitude of fan-made works, all inspired by the rich characters and stories within the series.


Sources | Playism’s YouTube

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