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Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica Game Launches on 28th July 2022

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2022)

Exa-Arcadia announced today (July 19, 2022) that the working day of ” Touhou Dengenkei “, the first official arcade work of the Touhou Project, has been decided on July 28th . Touhou Dengenkei is a refined version of the “Touhou Makukasai” produced by the game production circle Touhou Makukasai Production Group and ported to the arcade. 

In addition to the familiar elements of Touhou Project works such as shots and spell cards, unique elements such as “barriers” that can be developed by consuming gauges are also prepared. In addition to exhibiting at the “19th Hakurei Shrine Annual Festival” held in May this year, it is said that it became popular in the subsequent location tests. 

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In the working version, the feedback obtained from the players at these events will be reflected, and adjustments such as balance adjustment, improvement of the user interface, and optional setting of button arrangement will be added. Please check the information on the exA-Arcadia official website or the official Twitter for information on the stores where it is installed .

In addition, the four main characters appearing in the Touhou Dengenkei and the voice actors in charge of the character voices of the eight bosses have also been revealed. Reimu Hakurei is in charge of Ayaka Suwa , Marisa Kirisame is in charge of Naomi Ohzora, Youmu Konpaku is in charge of Hibiku Yamamura , and Sanae Kochiya is in charge of Kanae Ito . 

Asami Nanase will play the role of boss, Sayumi Suzushiro will play Orange, and Yuki Dosaka will play Alice Margatroid. In addition, a Twitter campaign will be held until July 29, in which 12 voice actors who were in charge of character voices and each autographed colored paper will be won by lottery. For details, please check the release statement below.


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