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Tower of God Get a Video Game Adaptation “A New World” by Netmarble

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2022)

On Friday, a South Korean gaming developer company revealed their lineup for upcoming games. In that lineup, there are many Anime and Manhwa get video game adaptations. One of those is a Solo Leveling RPG game and Seven Deadly Sins open-world game like Genshin Impact. Now, it’s turning for one of the most popular manga which also has an anime adaption Tower of God. 

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Netmarble is one of the biggest gaming developer companies when it comes to adapting anime or manga. For example games like Marvel Future Fights and Seven Deadly Sins, Grand Chaos are made by Netmarble. If you want to know more about the Tower of God video game adaptation then keep reading the blog. 

The details about the game are still unknown and most probably it will change over time. However, there are some things we know about the game like it can be an RPG game like Solo Leveling. Moreover, do not confuse it with the previously announced Tower of God M game which is a different game. 

The developers release the first look of the game along with the announcement of A New World. You watch the trailer of the game which will be going to be released in the year 2023. However, the dates and platform are still unknown but most probably it will be a mobile game. The reason for this fact is Netmarbles most games are mobile bases and after mobile, they get adapted into PC and console. Below you will get the synopsis of the story of Tower of God: 

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Twenty-Fifth Bam had been alone his whole life until he met Rachel. Now, however, Rachel is set on climbing the Tower, and she is willing to leave Bam behind to do so. After Rachel disappears in a veil of light, Bam follows her. Vowing to ascend the Tower in hopes of meeting her again.

But the Tower is a dangerous place full of ancient secrets, fearsome monsters, and nefarious humans. Each floor is protected by an Administrator who puts the daring challengers through grueling tests. Each test will push them to their limits.

As he confronts Headon, the Administrator of the first floor, Bam learns that he is an ”Irregular,” someone who was not chosen by the Tower but was able to enter it on his own, an extremely rare event inside the Tower. Regardless of this revelation, however, his path forward is clear. Be it wealth, power, glory, or even reuniting with Rachel, all desires will be realized at the top of the Tower.

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Source: Netmarble via Anime Senpai

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