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TV Anime Greenlit for Bōkyaku Battery Baseball Manga

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2023)

Eko Mikawa’s Bōkyaku Battery, the gripping baseball manga, is set to make its television anime debut. The newly unveiled cast and visuals have fans eagerly anticipating its arrival.

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The cast includes:

Toshiki Masuda as Haruka Kiyomine

Greenlit for Bōkyaku Battery Baseball Manga

Mamoru Miyano as Kei Kaname

Greenlit for Bōkyaku Battery Baseball Manga

The story revolves around Haruka, the esteemed pitcher hailed as flawless, and Kei, the skilled catcher known as the “General,” who grapples with amnesia, losing his precious memories.

Greenlit for Bōkyaku Battery Baseball Manga

Their joint talent was unrivaled during their junior high days, leaving rival players shattered and dreams crushed. Now, fate leads them to the unremarkable Kotesashi High School in Tokyo, where they cross paths with former baseball players who abandoned their passion after facing defeat at the hands of Haruka and Kei.

Previously, the manga had already inspired an event anime adaptation by MAPPA, premiering during the “Jump Special Anime Festa 2020” in October. Notably, Miyano reprised his role as Kei in this event anime. The TV anime’s direction is entrusted to Parako Shinohara, known for their work on “Dino Girl Gauko” and “You Don’t Know Gunma Yet.”

Joining the team, Noriko Itou takes charge as character designer and chief animation director, bringing her expertise from projects like “In This Corner of the World” and “Punch Line.” Additionally, Hisako Akagi, recognized for her work on “Land of the Lustrous,” serves as the art director, adding her artistic flair to the series.

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“Bōkyaku Battery” first graced the pages of Shonen Jump+ website back in April 2018. The latest volume, the 15th installment, was released by Shueisha on March 3, with the 16th volume eagerly anticipated to hit the shelves this Friday. Fans can’t wait to witness the dynamic journey of Haruka and Kei unfold on the small screen!


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