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TV anime “Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth” will Start Broadcasting in July

The TV anime “Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth” will start broadcasting in July. At the same time, the staff and cast were announced.

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“Harlem in a different world labyrinth” is a story that begins when high school student Michio Kaga finds a dubious online game. After finishing the setting and character makeup, Michio decides to move to a different world like a game. 

There, Michio’s adventure begins with his power to freely reset his status. It’s the role of Michio Taku Yashiro Decided to The role of Roxanne, is a werewolf girl who meets Michio in a different world and does everything around her from battle to housework. Shiori Mikami Played by

The animation is produced by Passione, who has worked on “Interspecies Reviewers” and “Mieruko-chan”. The director was Naoyuki Tatsuwa, the series composition was Kurasumi Sunayama, and the character design was Makoto Uno. Along with this announcement, a teaser site has also been opened.


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