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Twin Star Cyclone: Yuri Sci-fi Novels by Issui Ogawa Transformed into Manga

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2023)

On Friday, the August edition of Monthly Bushiroad magazine revealed that Ahiru Tanaka will commence the manga adaptation of Issui Ogawa’s Twin Star Cyclone Runaway, a yuri sci-fi novel series, on the Comic Bushiroad Web manga site from July 21 onwards.

Set 6,000 years in the future, humanity has expanded across the cosmos. Our tale unfolds within a colossal city ship encircling a distant gas giant. Here resides a civilization of space fishermen, who capture prized fish-like creatures known as Besshu.

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These remarkable beings are harvested by male-female pairs, mandated by the male-dominated society to be seen as married couples, fulfilling their roles as operators and pilots.

Twin Star Cyclone: Yuri

Terra, our protagonist, embarks on a quest to find a partner for piloting a ship. Unexpectedly, she encounters Diode, a mysterious runaway girl possessing the rare ability to operate the ship, despite both being female.

In June 2019, Ogawa initially published a shorter version of “Twin Star Cyclone Runaway” within Hayakawa Shobo’s Flowers for Asterism yuri science fiction anthology, which received a nomination for the 51st Seiun Awards in 2020. The longer novel version’s debut arrived in March 2020, featuring cover art by Kei Mochizuki. On June 20, Hayakawa Shobo released the third volume of this captivating series.

Previously, Viz Media’s Haikasoru science fiction novel imprint had published Ogawa’s novels, The Lord of the Sands of Time and The Next Continent.

In 2016, Kadokawa Haruki Jimusho announced the production of an anime adaptation for Ogawa’s Michibiki no Hoshi novels, a confirmation also echoed by Ogawa. Although initially slated for a 2018 release, the anime’s premiere is still pending.


Sources | Monthly Bushiroad August issue, Comic Bushiroad Web’s Twitter account

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