Ultra Jump is Looking For Plots for ‘Erotic Isekai’ Manga

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2020)

Shueisha’s Ultra Jump seinen magazine is teaming up with Hobby Japan’s web novel site Novel Up+ for a manga plot competition. The theme: “Isekai x Erotic.” (“Isekai” refers to fantasy works set in another world.)

Ultra Jump is Looking For Plots for 'Erotic Isekai' Manga

Despite the racy theme, Ultra Jump’s editorial department is looking for compelling stories and characters. “The theme may be ero, but we aren’t just looking for stories based around that kind of situation. We want to read a story where the characters and relationships grow!” they wrote on the contest’s website. The submission guidelines also state: “It is not necessary to include graphic or explicit sexual content.”

For reference, the editorial department encourages potential applicants to check out two manga currently published by Ultra Jump: Link and SAVAN’s World’s End Harem: Fantasia, and Wadapen’s Magatsu Wanashi no Yūshagari (Calamitous Trap Master Hunts Heroes). The two titles are also shown in the contest’s key visual.

Submissions are open from April 13 to June 12. The grand prix winner will get 300,000 yen (approximately US$2,800) in prize money and the plot they write will be serialized in Ultra Jump, while the runner-up winner will get 200,000 yen (approximately US$1,860) and their story will be published as a oneshot. The results are scheduled to be announced at the end of August.

Submissions must be written in Japanese and be within 3,000 Japanese characters. They must contain an overall plot outline, a summary of events of the first three chapters, and character descriptions. Multiple submissions are accepted.

Source – Animenewsnetwork.com


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