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Umbrella Academy Became More Popular Than The Flash

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2020)

The Umbrella Academy is the most in-demand comic book TV series in the United States – beating even the likes of The Flash. Streaming on Netflix, The Umbrella Academy is inspired by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s popular comic book series, and it’s proven that there’s a lot more to comics than just Marvel and DC.

The series premiered on February 15 to popular and critical acclaim. Less than a week later, The Umbrella Academy was the most in-demand digital original series in the US, ahead of shows like Stranger Things,

Star Trek: Discovery, Titans and Young Justice. Even better, at that time demand seemed to be exponential, suggesting the show was becoming increasingly popular based on strong word of mouth.

According to data provided exclusively to Screen Rant provided by data analytics firm Parrot Analytics, not only is The Umbrella Academy still the most popular digital original, it’s also now the most in-demand superhero TV show, ahead of everything from Marvel Television and even DCTV’s hugely popular Arrowverse.

The Umbrella Academy is 46.79x as popular than the average series to The Flash’s 43.1x. For comparison, recent release Doom Patrol is 30.3x as popular than average and Young Justice 17.22x.

Beating The Flash is no small achievement; it was the most popular superhero TV series of 2018. The Umbrella Academy is helped by a recent release while The Flash is in the middle of a two-week hiatus, but this highlights just how strong the reaction to Netflix’s new series is. While the second season of Umbrella Academy has yet to be officially announced, it’s surely only a matter of time; season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, and performance like this is sure to have impressed Netflix.


The last few months have seen Netflix end their relationship with Marvel Television, with the upcoming Jessica Jones season 3 now confirmed as the final Marvel Netflix TV show. But the performance of The Umbrella Academy serves as a crucial reminder that the Big Two comic book publishers – Marvel and DC – don’t have a monopoly on concepts that could serve as the inspiration for a hit TV series. In fact, only 17 issues of The Umbrella Academy have actually been published in the comics to date, meaning season 2 can take a totally fresh and original direction.

Netflix is also developing multiple Millarworld projects based on comics from Mark Millar’s publishing imprint; two Millarworld TV shows and three movies are currently in development, thanks to Netflix acquiring Millarworld in 2017.

Netflix’s general strategy is looking like an increasingly wise one – The Umbrella Academy is tracking as over twice as popular as Daredevil, the now-canceled Marvel Netflix flagship show.

Source – Screenrant


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