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(Last Updated On: July 7, 2020)

Chrono Monochrome

Are you a chess lover? Are you waiting to read Manga on chess? Then the only one available is Chrono Monochrome. It is well written and drawn. Story line is great. Although in the beginning there are not that much chess matches but as story gets momentum there is enough chess to excite us.

Unlimited Fun Chess Manga Chrono Monochrome
Chrono Monochrome


this is a story of Inubuse Kuromu. He is just a child of age 11. He aspire to become chess king. Furthermore he represents Japan in World Youth Chess Championship. However, due to his loss to a mysterious chess player, he developed a condition. Because of which he is not able to sit in front of anyone and consequently losses is confidence in chess to. In addition to it he never stops playing chess and in order to restore his title of king he starts playing chess online.

Different Approach

Unlimited Fun Chess Manga Chrono Monochrome
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This series have different approach to narrate this story. Nevertheless to make things interesting, they have included time travel. Which takes Inubuse to 18th century. There he gets new opportunities to develop his chess. He begins a new journey to become chess king. On his way to glory he meets many great chess legends, like Mozart,  Philidor etc. Many chess games and chess opening are also explained along the way. And as story progress we more strong opponents and more chess. Although there is not some serious chess discussion in this series. Which can disappoint some serious chess lovers. But overall its a fun to read.

In A Nut Shell

Chrono Monochrome is funny, witty and light hearted story about a chess prodigy. Furthermore for chess beginners and Manga lovers it is amazing. I would definitely suggest to all to go for it. It increases your curiosity to know more about chess. May you fall in love with chess while reading this or vise versa.


Once you read it you are going to love it.

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