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“Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” Light Novels Gets TV Anime Adaptation

It is decided to make a TV animation of the novel “Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” by Yu Okano. It was announced today at the “Overlap Bunko 9th Anniversary Online Event” held on April 17th.

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“Unwanted Immortal Adventurer” is a dark fantasy that begins when the fallen adventurer Rent dies in the labyrinth and awakens to become the weakest monster “skeleton”.

On the Web manga site Comic Gardo, canonicalization by Heidi Nakasone is being developed, and 9 volumes of the manga version and 10 volumes of the original novel will both be released on April 25th.

Along with the announcement of the animation, a congratulatory comment arrived from Okano, and a commemorative illustration arrived from Japan, who is in charge of the illustration of the novel. Stay tuned for more details on the anime.


Source: Anime News Network

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