My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia)

Upcoming My Hero Academia Movie to Dive Deep into Fallen Hero Society

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)

The highly anticipated 4th My Hero Academia movie has been officially announced, and it promises to delve into the aftermath of the intense events that unfolded during the final episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6. Series creator Kohei Horikoshi will be overseeing the project as the general supervisor, ensuring that fans are in for a thrilling and original storyline not seen in the manga or previous anime releases.

Upcoming My Hero Academia Movie to Dive Deep into Fallen Hero Society

The movie will take place after the devastating War from Season 6, exploring the consequences of the destructive actions carried out by Tomura Shigaraki and All For One during the Paranormal Liberation Front War. The hero world in Japan has been left in ruins, and the fallen hero society will set the stage for this new adventure. This presents a unique opportunity for viewers to witness the heroes and their world in a drastically different state, providing insight into how they cope with the aftermath of such a cataclysmic event.

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The film’s focus on this collapsed society will offer fans a chance to explore uncharted territory, as the manga immediately delves into another epic battle after the war. Through this movie, audiences will have the chance to learn more about the broken down society in Japan, filling in the gaps that were not thoroughly explored in the original source material.

Horikoshi’s intriguing question of “who will Deku and his friends fight against this time? What will they protect?!” leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next thrilling challenge the aspiring heroes will face in this new reality. As the heroes have gone through tremendous growth and learned invaluable lessons, their new trials are sure to test their strength and resolve in unexpected ways.

With Horikoshi’s direct involvement, the movie promises to deliver a captivating narrative, accompanied by fresh character designs, making it a must-watch for all My Hero Academia enthusiasts. As we eagerly await the release, this new movie presents an exciting opportunity to witness the heroes in a whole new light, showcasing their resilience and determination in a society scarred by war and chaos. My Hero Academia fans have every reason to be thrilled for this upcoming cinematic adventure.


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