Uzumaki, Ninja Kamui, FLCL: Grunge Anime Trailers Revealed by Adult Swim

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2023)

On Saturday, Adult Swim unveiled enticing trailers for three exciting anime series: “Uzumaki,” “Ninja Kamui,” and “FLCL: Grunge.” While “FLCL: Grunge” is scheduled to debut on September 9, the premiere dates for “Ninja Kamui” and “Uzumaki” remain pending.

However, reassuring news came from Jason DeMarco’s Twitter confirmation that “Uzumaki” is set to arrive later this year.

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The journey of “Uzumaki” has been marked by delays, from its original plan to air on Toonami in 2020, then postponed to 2021 in Japan, and further delayed to October 2022 before facing another setback in June 2022. Nonetheless, fans can now anticipate a four-episode mini-series that will air on Toonami, directed by Hiroshi Nagahama at Studio Drive and Studio Akatsuki, with co-production by Production I.G. USA and Adult Swim. Colin Stetson will contribute his musical talents to the anime, providing an evocative score.

Based on Junji Ito’s horror manga, “Uzumaki” revolves around a town where bizarre events involving spiral shapes unravel one after another. Its original three-volume release by Viz Media in 2007-2008 has since been followed by an omnibus edition. Additionally, a live-action horror film adaptation starring Eriko Hatsune and Fan Fhi graced the screens in 2000.

“FLCL: Grunge” and “FLCL: Shoegaze” are the latest installments of the beloved FLCL anime. “Grunge,” directed by Hitoshi Takekiyo at MontBlanc Pictures, promises a CGI animation that explores the lives of three post-graduation teenagers, delving into the essence of adulthood. On the other hand, “Shoegaze,” directed by Yutaka Uemura at Production I.G and NUT, is set ten years after “FLCL Alternative,” centering on a high school boy and girl.

Both anime seasons will benefit from the musical prowess of The Pillows, enhancing the viewing experience. Jason DeMarco, the creative director of Toonami and senior vice president of action and anime for WarnerMedia, serves as the executive producer, while Maki Terashima-Furuta from Production I.G. USA produces both series.

“Ninja Kamui,” a futuristic action/adventure anime, boasts the directing talent of Sunghoo Park, with character designs by Takeshi Okazaki. The series, produced by Park’s E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, follows Joe Higan, a Nukenin—a former ninja in hiding in rural America with his family. However, a fateful encounter with his former organization triggers a violent revenge that transforms him into the formidable “Ninja Kamui.” Armed with ancient skills, Kamui faces modern challenges, battling trained assassins, combat cyborgs, and rival ninjas, all in pursuit of vengeance against the very clan that shaped his destiny.

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In addition to the trailers for “FLCL: Grunge,” “Ninja Kamui,” and “Uzumaki,” Adult Swim treated fans to a glimpse of the promising anime “Lazarus” on Twitter.


Source | Adult Swim’s YouTube Channel

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