Vinland Saga Creator Recommends ‘The Bugle Call’ Manga Series

Renowned manga creator Makoto Yukimura, known for masterpieces like Vinland Saga and Planetes, has recently recommended an intriguing manga series titled “The Bugle Call.” Written by Sora Mozuku and illustrated by Toumori Higoro, this series made its debut in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine in June 2022.

Vinland Saga Creator Recommends ‘The Bugle Call’ Manga Series

The story centers around Lucas, a boy with a unique ability to perceive sound. The manga’s premise alone sparks curiosity, and Yukimura’s endorsement suggests that it’s a series worth exploring.

“The Bugle Call” delves into the journey of Lucas, a “Branch Processor,” who aspires to realize his dream of becoming a musician. His path leads him to join a war centered around the enigmatic “Tower,” with the objective of confronting the soldiers of the empire known as the “Branch Possessors of the Flower Crown” under the Pope’s command.

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As Lucas and his companion, Miura, venture into the slave nation’s stronghold in pursuit of the Flower Crown, they find themselves amidst a multitude of slaves, all created from Branch Possessors possessing various abilities. Here, they delve into the slaves’ plight, religious ceremonies that demand sacrifices, and the true nature of the Flower Crowns.

A revelation of Miura’s true identity leads to a tragic incident, setting off a series of events that challenge the duo’s resolve. With Lucas’s trumpeting prowess and Miura’s agility, they manage a daring escape. Their journey unfolds as they confront the eerie reality of the “Slave Nation” and proceed to the next base in pursuit of the elusive Flower Crown, all while seeking to uncover its true purpose.

Yukimura’s recommendation adds weight to the allure of “The Bugle Call,” hinting at a narrative with the potential to captivate readers and deliver a unique storytelling experience.


Source: IGN India

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