Voice Actress Ami Maeshima Resumes Work After Hiatus

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2023)

Voice actress Ami Maeshima has made a noteworthy return from her extended hiatus, marking a significant development in her career.

Astonishingly, she has decided to reclaim the role of Aya Maruyama in the beloved BanG Dream! franchise, despite her prior announcement of stepping away from it.

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This hiatus, which began in November of the previous year, was originally intended to last for a span of several months.

Ami Maeshima Resumes Work

Maeshima attributed this break to her struggles with deteriorating physical health, promising to unveil further details as her recovery progressed.

Additionally, she had initially declared her departure from multiple roles, including Aya Maruyama in BanG Dream! and Ibuki Niijima in the D4DJ franchise.

Interestingly, while both series had initially intended to recast her characters, only the D4DJ franchise proceeded with the recasting decision.

Beyond her roles as Aya in BanG Dream! and Ibuki in D4DJ, Maeshima has also lent her vocal talents to the character of Makeru Yadano in Komi Can’t Communicate.

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Furthermore, she has been recognized for her contributions in performing theme songs for the anime series in which she has voiced characters, as well as her involvement in the BanG Dream! and D4DJ franchises.


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