Wataru Momose Wraps Up My Gangster Neighbor Manga in next 2 Ch

Manga artist Wataru Momose took to her Twitter account to make a significant announcement on Friday. She revealed that her manga series “Me and My Gangster Neighbor” (Boku to Jingi Naki Ojisan) is set to conclude within just two more chapters.

Given the bi-weekly serialization schedule, readers can expect the manga’s finale to grace the pages on October 20, barring any unforeseen delays.

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Published in English by Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service, this manga introduces readers to the world created by Momose, known for her acclaimed anime “Romantic Killer,” currently streaming on Netflix. The story revolves around Yuuhi, an elementary school student who finds himself alone at home day after day.

My Gangster Neighbor Manga

One fateful day, an unexpected event occurs when Yuuhi’s neighbor, Mr. Aoi, residing in the apartment above, unexpectedly crashes through his ceiling, creating quite a hole.

As the plot unfolds, Yuuhi discovers that his neighbor harbors a hidden, enigmatic side beneath his cool exterior. What secrets does Mr. Aoi desperately seek to conceal? This comedic tale delves into the intriguing relationship between a charming gangster and a compassionate young boy, entwined with their well-guarded secrets.

Momose kickstarted this manga journey on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ platform back in December 2022. The third volume of the manga was recently released on September 4, with the fourth and final volume slated for publication on November 2.

Momose’s previous creation, “Romantic Killer,” made its debut on Shonen Jump+ in July 2019 and gracefully concluded in June 2020. Shueisha wrapped up the series with the release of the fourth compiled volume in September 2020.

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Viz Media has been diligently bringing this manga to English-speaking readers. Notably, “Romantic Killer” also inspired a web anime series, which premiered on Netflix in October 2022.


Source | Wataru Momose’s Twitter account

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