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What is Hajime Kashimo’s Cursed Technique In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts are currently abuzz with excitement as both the anime and manga embark on intensely action-packed story arcs simultaneously. The anime is engrossed in the Shibuya Arc, involving the sealing of Gojo and the resurgence of his formidable rival, Toji Zenin. Meanwhile, manga readers are riveted by the unfolding events surrounding the King of Curses.

Chapter 236 delivered a riveting showdown, suggesting the potential demise of Satoru Gojo at the hands of Sukuna. This climactic battle also introduced a new contender: Thunder God Kashimo Hajime.

Kashimo Hajime, the Thunder God, made his initial appearance during the Culling Game Arc, where he confronted the elite Jujutsu High student, Kinji Hakari. While his Cursed Energy, manifesting as Electricity, was revealed, he refrained from using his Cursed Technique against Hakari, reserving it exclusively for Sukuna.

Kashimo’s Cursed Energy, imbued with electric properties, endows him with an electrified aura, enabling devastating physical assaults. His strikes deliver electric shocks upon impact, making them formidable and virtually unstoppable. Furthermore, Kashimo can unleash potent lightning strikes, capable of inflicting severe damage.

This mastery over electricity extends to conducting chemical reactions dependent on electric charges, as demonstrated through electrolysis in seawater, releasing dangerous Chlorine gas. Kashimo’s strategic acumen was evident in his battle against Hakari, where he harnessed the conductivity of water to his advantage.

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Chapter 237 disclosed Kashimo’s long-awaited Cursed Technique: “MYTHICAL BEAST: AMBER.” This technique triggers chemical reactions throughout his body, enhancing his senses, agility, and physical prowess. It grants him the ability to emit powerful sound waves, generating shockwaves, and manipulate electromagnetic waves for various effects.

While Kashimo’s powers are awe-inspiring, they come at a cost. The sustained chemical reactions and phenomena involved in his Cursed Technique take a toll on his flesh. Once the technique concludes, his body faces collapse.

In an electrifying showdown, Kashimo exerted dominance over Sukuna, prompting the revelation of Sukuna’s true form. Kashimo’s remarkable abilities, profound intellect, and unwavering combat prowess solidify his legacy as one of the Jujutsu Universe’s mightiest fighters.


Yet, the looming question remains: how long can Kashimo sustain this incredible power? Will he manage to inflict lasting damage upon the King of Curses before succumbing to his own limitations? The fate of this formidable sorcerer is poised on a razor’s edge, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next electrifying chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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