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What is Yamato and Kiku’s Gender Identities in One Piece?

In One Piece, the recent scene featuring Yamato and Kiku sharing a bath with the Straw Hat crew has raised questions among fans.

As for Yamato, it’s important to note that she identifies as a girl, as confirmed by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. However, she chooses to identify with the persona of Oden and uses “he/him” pronouns when referring to herself and others.

Oda further clarified in an official databook called Vivre card that Yamato’s gender is male. This aspect of her character adds complexity and depth, as she is addressed as “he/him” by other characters in the One Piece world, including her father, Kaido, who refers to her as his son.

From a young age, Yamato greatly admired Oden and aspired to be like him. Following Oden’s departure, she began identifying as Oden and adopted “he/him” pronouns, which is respected by the rest of the cast.

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As for Kiku, she identifies as a woman and uses female pronouns. In the episode 1079, Kiku revealed that she used to bathe with Oden and others, even though it made her uncomfortable due to her assigned male identity at birth.

One Piece, known for its diverse character roster, continues to push boundaries with characters like Yamato and Kiku, further enriching the series’ representation.

In summary, Yamato identifies as male and uses male pronouns, as confirmed by Oda. Kiku, on the other hand, was assigned male at birth but identifies as female, using female pronouns.


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