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What Is Problem With The Legend of Korra

You shouldn’t watch the legend of korraright after the Avatar: The Last Airbender as it gets released on Netflix because spoiler alert it will most likely disappoint you if you are an Airbender fan. But the legend of Korra isn’t bad at all not on its own.

The Legend of Korra problem

Controversial Problematic Issues

This series kicks ass in many aspects, it just maybe shouldn’t be viewed as a direct sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender have lots of friends who began to watch the legend of Korra before the last air bender and they fell in love with the characters animation and settings all together. I simply has lots of controversial problematic issues that will be especially easy to spot if you just finished watching the Avatar: The Last Airbender first.

Even though initially the The Legend of Korra was meant to be a nostalgic miniseries as a nod to the fans of avatar the last air bender. We only get a glimpse of what happened to team avatar yeah we get info on avatar on Katara’s story we get some familiar tough Beifong vibes. But we know nothing of Sokka’s personal life, we don’t know what happened to Suki, Mai and Ty Lee don’t even know who Zuko had his daughter with.

There’s another issue in many aspects the legend of Korra ruins the lore of the last airbender Korra ends the avatar cycle losing all the knowledge and experience of previous avatars and also most likely losing Aang’s ability to energy bend.

Simultaneously special bending like metal bending, lightning bending and blood bending all of a sudden becomes pretty common in the legend of korra. And special bending be in common downplays the importance of these exceptional bending skills in the last airbender. Even in the legend of korra it doesn’t look as impressive as it could if every other person can master special bending it’s not that special anymore.

Villain & Continuity Problem

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a finnish story it had an ultimate goal Aang had to defeat the fire lord who wanted to conquer and destroy all other nations in, the legend of korra after defeating Vatu who basically is an analog of the devil and korra’s world.

In book two all other Korra victories seem okay. Zaheer and Kuvira were powerful sure but Korra had already defeated her most powerful opponent two seasons before the finale. And that’s only one of the reasons why the legend of Korra seems so random. if the last airbender actually feels like a trilogy in the case of the legend of korra the only two seasons that are properly linked with each other are book 3 and book 4, book 1 and book 2 have almost zero connections and are basically independent stories.

What was the purpose of book one if it basically had no influence on all the following seasons? was the whole first season just a huge intro of the characters? guess we’ll never know. there are some connections between thesecond and third season but it felt like the epic ending of book 2 could easily be the end of the series which would be a shame since most of Korra’s character development happens in book 3 and book 4 .

Relation Ship Problems

the relationships between the members of team avatar and the legend of korra is nothing like the relationships of team avatar that the last airbender had. In team avatar from the last air bender even the non-vendor Sokka was a valuable member of the team Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph even Zuko who joined later all of them were united built up their friendship and had to stick together to defeat Ozai.

In the legend of Korra Asami the non-bender of the team randomly disappears for half of the second season and no one seems to care too much. In the first seasons of the show it just doesn’t feel like team avatar in the legend of korra has to stick together not for the sake of a higher purpose not for the sake of friendship. The relationships within the team are far too random like even in the last season’s finale where Asami and Korra end up as a couple it feels like the relationship didn’t have enough of a build up. It would have been better if they had realized their feelings a little bit earlier and we could have gotten to see them being a couple a little longer instead of watching them try to win Mako over again and again.

Good Things

I agree with the fact that the last seasons were the most successful ones but by focusing on the main cast you forget all the other awesome characters we’ve met throughout the series of the legend of korra. The good characters like Varric, Julie, Bolin Suyin and Lin Beifong the confused ones like Batard jr and the ambitious antagonists like Aman, Kuvira and Unalak. They make the legend of korra stand out on its own even while Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami aren’t yet as attractive to the audience as they become in the latter seasons.

One shouldn’t watch it after avatar the last airbender. Aang’s story sets expectations so high it’s really hard to deal with the quality of what Korra has to offer in book one. The legend of Korra is also more mature. Like the last airbender raises plenty of mature themes too, but in the time of Korra the world seems less black and white more complex. Unfortunately you can ensure eternal peace in the world by ending a single war and defeating even one of the most powerful beings in the world doesn’t mean there won’t be other villains seeking power. That makes the legend of Korra feel more realistic than the last airbender.

Story Difference

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a story that is both wise and kind with the elements of a fairy tale in it and the setting of the legend of Korra feels more rough and down to earth. The events of the legend of Korra take place decades after Aang’s victory his world changed and if you watch the legend of korra right after the last airbender, this change might feel distressing as if a magical world lost part of its charm.

As if the harmony Aang and his friends reached in the end of their journey disappeared right in front of your eyes. but still as long as you don’t expect the legend of korra to be exactly like the last airbender in its atmosphere and setting both of these shows make great legends and both of them are magical. Maybe it’s the only correct way to watch these two shows, don’t try to reach for connections view the last air benderand the legend of korra as two separate stories and you’ll enjoy the second show much more without spoiling the first one for your self. And what do you guys think did you watch both shows straight after each other? did you like it that way let us know in the comments.

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