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Who is IM-Sama – Vivi Connection & Will of D. | One Piece Theory

Hey guys, welcome back to One-piece and Oda are just crushing with the ” Wano Country Arc”, every single One Piece fan is talking about it, but I think that Oda is planning something big that no one is talking about. This something big can be related to the existence of the world government & Marines in the One Piece world. What the name (D.) The mystery of D. and Who is IM-Sama? We will talk about these today. The majority of this theory comes from an Awesome Video by FLYING PANDA, please check out this stuff, he is crushing with one piece theories.

One Piece - VIVI The Next Queen of the WORLD - IM-SAMA’s New Body!

Flying Panda / One Piece

Who is IM-Sama & Vivi Connection

We first saw IM-Sama in One Piece manga chapter 906, and I am just thinking about the large future possibilities of the character and its importance to the one-piece story. When we first saw Im-Sama we saw the photographs of Monkey D. Luffy, Blackbeard, Shirahoshi, and Vivi. Besides Vivi, all of the photos were cut up by her Rapier, initially, it could be that these need to be cleaned from the world. But then why keep Vivi? Was it to marry her?

I have a different theory and involved IM-Sama’s Immortality. Imu Sama is immortal has always been the topics so let’s look more into it to see is it possible. The empty throne was introduced in One piece chapter 907 and it made us believe that the Gorose (the 5 elder stars) were the ones to rule the world. In the previous chapter to that, we got to introduce to Im-sama, and the chapter after, Imu sat on the throne. When researching his name, you would always find connections that Im is not human, like when written in Katakana. Im’s name is composed of the two radicals comprising characters(), which means “Buddha” this is not a coincidence.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Buddhism believes in reincarnation (reborn) and I believe that IM Sama has been reincarnated. Buddhism holds that there are two ways someone can take rebirth after death. The first is to be reborn involuntaruly, under the sway of “karma”, drawn back to life by destructive emotions aand desires. This is fate of most of us. A few, selected others, through the power of compassion and prayer to benefit others, are believed to be able to choose their place and time of birth as well as their parents. In tibetan buddhism, the Karmapas, who introduced the system of identifiable reincarnation in the 11th century are unique in leaving a letter of prediction before their death, specifing where their next incarnation will be found. In other lineages, identification will usually invloves a mixture pf dreams, divinations and consulting of oracles. Dozens of Lamas are held to be Tulkus (meaning”Buddha’s emanation body”), but of these the Dalai lama is by far the most important and the best known.

When we look deeply at the lama, they do remind me of the Gorosei in a way, So yes, we can conclude that Im-Sama is immortal.

IM-Sama Is A Female/Girl !!

I believe for a while now and it only further adds to my belief when we met her for the first time in the anime and she had a female servant who called for her. I know Oda often draws eyes like theirs at the end of the chapter to communicate intensity. But great detail on the eyes is usually reserved for the females of one piece (Mihawk exception). That the slnder figure, and the flowers they seem to like make me think she could be a woman, which I might actually enjoy more because it could allow for the series to show off another strong female character. Considering the insane degree of overreaching plot significance with which Imu has been presented do far, the standard shonen choice would probably for them to be a guy, But Oda is not the type to shy away from subverting reader expectations with major series villains like Blackbeard and Akainu already existing as guys, and after how well Big Mom was written, I’m convinced Oda could execute this Imu character as a major female villain very well, and I’m excited about that possibility.

Ultimate Devil Fruit (Ope Ope no Mi)

Now Im-Sama’s immortality happened because of a certain devil fruit as you all might have guessed it, It’s the Ope Ope no Mi fruit. This fruit is called the “Ultimate Devil Fruit” because of its unique power to grant another person eternal youth in the exchange for the current user’s life. The marines were willing to pay as much as 5,000,000,000 to buy the fruit from a pirate named Diez Barrels. That’s right 5,000,000,000, which is more than the bounty pf Big Mom, When Donquioxite Doflamingo escaped mary geiose, He took with him the knowledge of the Holy land’s national treasure, which would allow him to conquer the entire world if he were to combine it with the Ope Ope no Mi‘s ability to grant him eternal life. For this reason, he sought for this devil fruit. Doflamingo sought out this fruit in order to trick Law into performing it on him so he could conquer the world and possibly rule over it forever. The Doflamingo pirates have been desperate to retrieve the power in order to grant him eternal youth. While acknowledging that law would not perform the operation onto Doflamingo.

Ope Ope no Mi
Ope Ope no Mi | Devil Fruit | One Piece Wiki – Fandom

However, with Im-Sama even those she is forever youthful does not mean the body can not slowly decay if the mind and the body does not match. This leads to the main theory, Im-Sama needs a new body and it will be soon. Let’s talk about Ope Ope no Mi‘ again because of another ability of it, this can be possible with Im-Sama. Jinkaku Ishoku Shujutsu literally meaning personality transplant surgery. During his confrontation against the straw hats pirates, Law showed that he can use shamble to swap non-physical items such as souls. Effectively putting one person in another one’s body, though before he can do this he needs to do a thrusting motion at each person, to bring their “heart” out. Although if the “hearts” are already not in the original body he simply needs to make a gesture without the thrusting motion. In the case of Tashigi, switching hearts made her lose consciousness, he later used this attack to bring Franky and Tony Tony Chopper back to their original bosies. This technique was named by Doflamingo. In the Viz Manga, this is called the Personality Switching Surgery. So yes, I believe that Im-Sama will be changing body to someone more naturally youthful.

IM-Sama & Vivi’s Mother

When we first saw Im-sama we saw the photographs of Monkey D. Luffy, Blackbeard, Shirahoshi and Vivi. Beside Vivi, all of the photos were cut up by her rapier. Initially it could been that these need to be cleansed from the world, but then why keep Vivi? Was it to marry her? Well. if we based all this on that IM-Sama is immortal and needs a new body. then I believe Vivi is the next body transfer that Im-Sama would want.

Vivi’s mother, Nefertari Titi was the queen of Alabasta 24 years ago, Titi was seen alive, 6 years before Vivi was born, with Igaram and Cobra as they discussed the dangerous era they were entering. She died at some point when her daughter Vivi was very young It is possible that IM-Sama took Titi’s body and now wants Vivi’s body? Vivi’s mother’s name is similar to that of an Egyptian queen from the Zoth Dynasty (usually spelled “Tyti”), it also makes up the last part of the famous queen Nepertity’s name. Pre 2012 Egyptological theories thought that Nefertiti vanished from the historical record around year 12 of Akhenaten’s reign, with no word of her thereafter. Speculated caused involved injury, the plague was sweeping through the city and a natural cause.

But is Vivi important enough to be part of the one-piece storyline again? 800 years ago, the Nefertari Royal family was one of the 20 royal families who founded the world government, notably they are the only family to remains in the rule of their own country, rather than moving to Mary Geoise and letting New Royalty take over. Oda has already confirmed Vivi is a “half-crewmember’ n saying her number in the crew is 5.5. Despite her long absence from the series and her separation from ties to the straw hat crew, Vivi and Carue have been featured on the cover pages of several chapters. It does make you wonder would she rejoin the straw hat in the Final arcs of One Piece.

Will of D.

Will of D. One Piece
Carriers of the Initial “D.” | One Piece Wiki – Fandom

This “D” initial in popular one piece character’s name has always been a big mystery to the fans of the franchise. Many one piece fans including me thinks that this meaning reveal of “D” in the names will change this pirate series forever. What will know about this “Will of D.”.

When Donquixote Rosinante learned that Law is a “D”, he revealed to Law that those with this initial in their name are from the predestined family of D. (D デ ィ ー の 一族 Dī no Ichizoku?, VIZ: People of the D). In the country where Rosinante came from, children were told that if they misbehaved, they would be eaten by “D”. Similarly, the elders in that country seemed quite wary of the “storm” that those with “D” have. they were known to cause. Rosinante explained to Law that the “D” has been secretly inherited throughout the world and throughout history, and that in a certain land, the “family of D.” He was referred to as God’s natural enemy (神 の 天敵 Kami no Tenteki?). According to Rosinante, the “D” are considered the natural enemy of the Celestial Dragons, since the Celestial Dragons are considered “Gods”.

After visiting Laugh Tale, Kozuki Oden mentioned that he and the Roger Pirates had learned the meaning of the name D.

The initial was first pointed out in Oda’s SBS question and answer corner, when asked what the D in Luffy’s name meant. Oda simply replied that he read it as a D for now and that he would reveal the truth behind it in time. This was the first time that Luffy’s “D” was mentioned, as well as Oda’s first hint towards a greater mystery.


Its going to be “IM-Sama VS Will Of D.”. All this indicates in one direction only that “Wano Country Arc” in nothing, but some thing is coming. Let me know your thought about this theory of One Piece in the comment section. And please go check out YouTube channel of Flying Panda for Awesome One Piece theories.

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