Welcome Back to Anime India, and Today we will be discussing. Why Asta Has No Man & Has 5 leaf Grimoire. So as we know for a fact that Grimoire in Black Clover is a magic book which contains powerful Magic spells. This enhances the natural magic powers of its user.

Why Asta Has No Mana & Has 5 leaf Grimoire

Grimoire In Anime & Manga

So in anime as well as in Manga. Grimoire is given to a child 15 years age, Grimoire Ceremony. These Grumpier are of different sizes and shapes. These are attached to their users and no one else can them. They dissolve when their user dies.

Grimoire In Reality

They also really exist in the real world, which were used by so called wizards and mages. They were used to treat people and stores encrypted text that no body can really read, other than the owner.

Why Asta Has No Mana & Has 5 leaf Grimoire

Demon In Asta’s Grimoire

The dark grumpier also exited, and Asta’s 5 leaf clover grimoire has some dark demon powers. This also explain 5th leaf in his book which represents Demon. In few grimoires there is way to call the Demon or make deal with the Demon.

Why Asta Has No Mana & Has 5 leaf Grimoire

For One moment let us consider that Asta and Yuno are brothers. And their parents had made deal with Demon to make any one of them Wizard King. This explains the fact that Yuno is extremely powerful Mage with natural born abilities. And Asta on the other hand no Mana at all and has swords that cancel outs the Magic.

Leafs on Grimoires

Every one in clovers kingdom has 3 leaf clovers on their Grimoire which represents  Faith , Hope and Love.

Why Asta Has No Mana & Has 5 leaf Grimoire

But the things changes with Yuno and Asta as they both have extra leafs 4 th leaf represents Good Luck and Asta’s 5 th leaf presents Demon.

Yuki Tabata’s Inspiration

The creator of Black Clover Yuki Tabata has said on many times about the inspiration for Black clover came from series like Lord of Rings. These also includes European faith about Devil, angels and Magic. This may be the possible reason Why Elfs , Magic and Demon are present in Black Clover World.

Thanks for Reading and let me know your Black Clover Theory in the Comment section.

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