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Why Do Certain Anime Characters Keep Their Eyes Shut?

Anime fans are no strangers to the phenomenon of a character suddenly opening their eyes, indicating that things are about to get serious. But there’s another type of character that confuses many fans: those who always keep their eyes closed. These characters often have a mischievous and playful personality, delighting in tricking others and making jokes. They may come across as lazy when not in battle, but don’t be fooled – they’re always up to something.

One defining feature of these closed-eyed characters is their smug, creepy smile. But why do so many anime characters opt to keep their eyes closed? It may be a simple design choice, but it adds a layer of mystery to the character’s personality. It also creates a sense of unpredictability – you never know what a character with closed eyes might do next. So the next time you encounter an anime character with closed eyes, don’t be too quick to judge – they may have a trick or two up their sleeve.

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The Surprising Strength of Sleepy Anime Characters

In anime, there’s a recurring theme of characters who keep their eyes closed, and it’s not because they’re sleepy or bored. These characters are often subjected to ridicule and derogatory nicknames from others, but don’t let their closed eyelids fool you – they can be some of the most fearsome fighters in their respective series.

There are various reasons why these characters prefer to keep their eyes shut during battle. Some possess unique abilities that require their eyes to remain closed, while others rely on their other senses to navigate their surroundings. Then, there are those who are so confident in their skills that they enter a fight with their eyes closed, often coupled with a smug smirk on their face that infuriates their opponents.

Take Gin Ichimaru from Bleach, for example. He’s only opened his eyes twice in the entire series, yet his reputation as a traitor to the Soul Society and a formidable swordsman precedes him. When Gin finally does open his eyes, it’s a sign of an impending battle that’s sure to be intense.

Another character who keeps his eyes closed most of the time is Ranpo from Bungou Stray Dogs. While he may not possess a special ability like his peers, his unmatched deductive skills and brilliant mind more than make up for it. Ranpo only opens his eyes during crucial moments, such as when he cracks a particularly challenging case.

It’s worth noting that characters with closed eyes often fulfill specific roles in their respective series. So, fans of anime can expect a certain roster of tropes to accompany their presence in the narrative.

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Sleepy Anime Characters: The Personality Traits They Commonly Share

If you’re an anime fan, you’ve probably noticed that characters who always keep their eyes shut tend to have some common personality traits. They’re often cocky, sarcastic, and prone to slacking off more than their peers. But don’t let their seemingly lazy behavior fool you. These shut-eyed characters are usually confident in their abilities and love to show off their skills. Some of them even have a sadistic streak.

Take Ranpo from Bungo Stray Dogs, for example. He’s often found lounging around the office, munching on junk food and waiting for something interesting to come along. Despite his laid-back demeanor, he’s incredibly talented and knows it. In fact, he’s so confident in his abilities that he thinks society as a whole is full of “babies” who need his protection.

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But it’s not just the villains who have shut eyes and a mean streak. Kaede from Hayate the Combat Butler may seem like a friendly, polite guy with a creepy smile, but he’s actually quite cruel and sadistic when it comes to his role as Koutaro’s mentor. And Guila from The Seven Deadly Sins may appear sweet at first, but she’s ruthless when it comes to achieving her goals.


What’s interesting about shut-eyed anime characters is that they often have unassuming appearances that lead their peers to underestimate them. But don’t be fooled. These characters are usually hiding something – whether it’s a hidden talent or a dark side that they don’t want anyone to see. So next time you come across a shut-eyed anime character, remember that there’s more to them than meets the eye.

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