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Why does the internet hate Sakura? 7 Reasons

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2021)

Well, it’s obvious that naruto is a legendary story but it surely doesn’t mean that every character will be legendary in himself and will be lovable too, it’s obvious to hate some characters at least when they do some particular things which enrage the viewers, so here we are gonna talk about a few points about Sakura.

Why does the internet hate Sakura? 7 Reasons

Although there’s a variety of points and things to be noticed today I’m going to point out the most crucial and controversial ones.

1. The way she lied to naruto

We clearly see during the whole series that she lied numerous times to naruto and tried to play with his feeling in a place and situation when she shouldn’t have, despite knowing the loving and caring character of naruto she didn’t consider it even a bit that she’s slowly hurting him in a bad way, also her silly and stupid attitude kinda messes up it even more.

2. When she didn’t stabbed Obito

We all know the epic and most deadly arc of naruto, the way she proved herself completely useless at that moment made fans desperately hate her, it was clear at that moment that the whole build-up and charge to get to Obito failed at that moment cause she couldn’t stab him, at this moment she must have taken the opportunity to prove herself more useful than any other person.

3. Her annoying and uncooperative behavior

When do you hate a character, when either he or she is too weak or when his /her behavior is awfully or unlikable, but when we talk about Sakura, the case is a bit different cause she is kind of a combination of both, what else fans need to show their hatred

4. Not respecting naruto’s feelings

Anyone would be mad at getting this type of response from a person you love, and hurting them is a pure disrespect of their feelings and emotions, we don’t need to explain this much one can totally understand the pain of it, when you just don’t like someone you at least you should respect their decision and make it clear calmly.

5. Her Obsession with Sasuke

In this situation, she should understand that Sasuke wasn’t really interested in her as he was too busy killing Kages and removing obstacles that came in his path and goal, but the unshakable attitude towards Sasuke makes her really annoying as you aren’t caring and respecting a person who truly has feeling soft you but instead obsess with a person who is not after you, this is a major point why viewers hate Sakura so badly.

6. Her lack of importance in situations

If we see the team, sakura is the only person turned out to be least useful and somewhat a troublemaker, also u reliable in numerous situation, on the other hand, if we see her team member naruto and Sasuke like they both are on another level, naruto is a Hokage, and don’t even talk about Sasuke he’s a different breed, after all he’s the brother of all-time legend ITACHI UCHIHA, how can’t he.

7. The whole “I love you” part

This part just spices up the whole thing, like if I were in naruto I would just ask her like why what’s wrong with you, at first you just can’t accept and respect naruto’s feelings and after that, you are just making up a complete lie which will just kill the person internally, this seemed the most stupid decision according to me in her all lies, this was worse than the Obito part, please tell me if you have any suggestions or request about anything.

THANK YOU FOR Reading (^o^)

Also, you must not cross a certain limit even when we hate someone to a great extent after all you must remember that the author designed that character to be hated by the viewers.


Now when you have read until here and you just really kinda hate Sakura the I have news for you, Spoiler alert. Narutos author said in an interview that sakura will die in Boruto weakening up Sarada’s Sharingan. Many fans seem to be very happy listening to this and started making celebration vids on the internet.

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2 years ago


Aarav gautam
Aarav gautam
2 years ago

Good work , nice one

Rohit George
Rohit George
2 years ago

And she is Flat

Albert Becerra
Albert Becerra
1 year ago

Wait one thing, when it comes to the “I love you” part, in her dialog what did she lie about? She is right, Naruto has always been there for her, and Sasuke has hurt her.

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