Wind Breaker Anime Teaser Reveals April 2024 Debut

The teaser promotional video for the TV anime adaptation of Satoru Nii’s manga “Wind Breaker” made its debut on the official website last Sunday. In this video, we are introduced to the six main characters, and it also proudly announces that the anime is scheduled to premiere in April.

Nii, the talented creator, commemorated the anime announcement with a special illustration.

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Kodansha USA Publishing has licensed the manga and has been digitally releasing it in English since the spring of 2022. They have also begun publishing physical copies of the series. The manga’s narrative is set in a high school teeming with delinquents who have now transformed into heroes protecting their town.

Wind Breaker Anime

A resolute, new student arrives at the school, determined to ascend to the pinnacle and become the mightiest of them all. This adrenaline-packed manga is sure to thrill fans of “Tokyo Revengers” and other tales centered around high school delinquents.

Haruka Sakura, our protagonist, has no interest in associating with the feeble; he is solely drawn to the strongest individuals. He has just enrolled at Furin High School, renowned for its unruly strength, which they employ to safeguard their town from any malevolent forces. However, Haruka has no aspirations of being a hero or part of any group; his singular desire is to fight his way to the zenith.

The series stars:

  • Kouki Uchiyama as Kyо̄tarо̄ Sugishita
  • Yūichi Nakamura as Hajime Umemiya
  • Yūma Uchida as Haruka Sakura
  • Shōya Chiba as Akihiko Nirei
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki as Hayato Suо̄
  • Ryōta Suzuki as Tōma Hiragi

The animation production for this eagerly anticipated anime will be undertaken by CloverWorks.

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Nii initiated the manga’s serialization in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket app in Japanese in January 2021. As of August 8, Kodansha has released the 13th compiled volume of the manga. Remarkably, the manga secured the ninth spot on AnimeJapan’s 2022 list of “Manga We Want To See Animated.”


Source: Wind Breaker anime’s website

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