Worst to First: A Teen Baseball Miracle Now with Animated Sequences by Cloverworks

TBS made an exciting announcement this past Sunday, revealing that their upcoming live-action sports series, “Worst to First: A Teen Baseball Miracle,” will incorporate animated sequences courtesy of CloverWorks studio.

The director of the show, Ayuko Tsukahara, enlisted the talents of renowned animator and director Masashi Ishihama (known for works like “PERSONA 5 the Animation” and “Horimiya”) to oversee these animated segments, which will be seamlessly woven into the baseball scenes.

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The series, as described by TBS, centers around Nagumo, a social studies teacher at Mie Prefectural Koshiyama High School. Nagumo, once a college baseball player whose career was cut short by injury, pursued a different path as a sports trainer before realizing his “other dream” of becoming a teacher at the age of 32.

When he takes on the role of advisor for the struggling and on the verge of disbandment high school baseball team, Nagumo’s life comes full circle. He embarks on a journey to inspire a miraculous transformation for the team, weaving a heartwarming tale of love and baseball.

On Saturday, TBS also treated fans to a fresh commercial for the series, building anticipation for its premiere. The live-action cast includes Ryōhei Suzuki, Haruka Igawa, Haru Kuroki, and Fumiyo Kohinata, with the talented Satoko Okudera as the scenario writer.

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Mark your calendars for October 15th when the series is set to debut on TBS’ “Nichiyō Gekijō” timeslot.


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