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Wrestler Riki Choshu Gets Ganbare! Choshu-Kun Short Anime, Debut on 1st August

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2022)

The short animation “Ganbare! Choshu-Kun” featuring former professional wrestler Riki Choshu as a character will be broadcast on NTV’s morning information program “Sukkiri” (Monday to Friday at 8:00 am) from August 1st. It was revealed on July 28th. Mr. Choshu will be in charge of the main character’s voice, an elementary school student “Choshu-Kun”.

The anime is set in a Japanese elementary school and depicts the slightly strange daily life of Choshu-Kun and his classmates. Choshu-Kun is a naughty elementary school student who says, “Being energetic is the most important thing.” 

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He has a self-paced personality and always surprises his classmate Izumi-Kun. He is conspicuously clumsy, but he also has an unexpectedly calculating side.

Tomohiro Sekimachi of the comedy duo “Rice” will be the voice actor for Izumi-Kun. In addition, Koji Kato, announcer Erina Iwata, and Keisuke Mori of the refreshing MC comedy duo “Gokuraku Tombo” will be in charge of the voices of Choshu-Kun’s friends Kato-Kun, Iwata-san, and Mori-Kun, respectively. 

Talent Tomomi Nishimura will also appear as a voice actor. It will be broadcast at about 10:15 am in about 1 minute 20 seconds per episode.


Source: Anime News Network

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