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Yami Sukehiro 「ヤミ・スケヒロ Yami Sukehiro」is a foreigner from Hino country and the first captain of Black Bull Corps of Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights. He is also a former member of the Greater team.

yami sukehiro


Yami is rustic, reckless, slightly hypocritical, and tends to pose a death threat with few provocations. Nevertheless, he was a powerful and respected magic knight who could recognize Asta’s merit when no other captain gave him a chance.

He is usually a stoic guy who values ​​behavior over words. He is so enthusiastic that he can easily get angry with small problems that can hit other people or get disturbed while talking. Yami also tends to threaten to use threatening language or physically hurt the target. They also tend to go straight to more physical solutions to problems and conflicts, such as when destroying parts of a unit’s headquarters to calm their subordinates. Despite being very bullish, reckless, and unsophisticated, Yami is an experienced and perceptive warrior, taking up the opponent’s strategy at a glance and constantly trying to find a counter.

In addition, he also likes to instill severe love in his subordinates by giving them dangerous tasks. He believes that they are the best way to overcome limits and become stronger. Yami also does not discriminate against people who are aware of their respective problems, depending on their social status and the situation of accepting Lucky Voltia, Noel Silva and Asta and trying to join their class. His concerns about them are likely to be linked to his own situation and, like them, are treated as banishers in his youth.


Yami is a tall man with a very muscular physique. He has black eyes and medium length black hair, messed up backwards and stuck outward. In addition, he is showing his stubble mustache and beard.

Yami’s attire is very simple and consists only of a white A-shirt and black trousers. The pants have an extra tan leather layer covering the outer thighs to the knees. The trousers are supported only by the belt around the waist. Yami wears another pair of belts and uses one of them to carry the grimoire. Finally, he wears black high boots that cover most calves.

As captain of the Black Bull team, Yami puts the team insignia on the black banner. He wears it on the right shoulder and is attached to the left shoulder with two strings. The edges of the banner are also shabby and seem to be stripped from the large banner.

At the Star Award Festival, Yami wears a simple robe on the fundus and ties a twisted bee on the front. He also has a fan. The fan and the back of the robe bear the kanji 祭 (“festival”), and the linings of his robe bear the kanji for “raging bull” 「暴れ牛 abare ushi, Viz: “Black Bulls”」.


When Yami was young, he wore the same thing, but his physique was not very muscular.

Abilites of Captain Yami

  • Master Swordsman: Yami expresses himself as a magic swordsman. He is very skilled in swordsmanship. You can fight as easily as Patri, the leader of the midnight sun eye, and with dark magic, nothing but swordsmanship and destroy the surrounding environment.
  • Immensive Strength: Yami has incredible strength and is further enhanced with magic. He easily throws an aster with a single hand a considerable distance.
  • Enhanced reflection: Using ki, Yami can predict and respond to attacks that others cannot catch up.
  • Huge endurance: The Yami is a very durable fighter that remains untouched when hit by Patri’s light blade and appears completely intact in his attempted cave.
  • Enhanced speed: Yami is very fast and can catch up and surprise someone as fast as Patri. If Lotus Humaart tries to make a surprise attack on William Vangence, he must climb a huge tree, and Yami arrives in time to catch him. He can also dodge Marx’s Elf Strengthening Arrow faster than usual.
  • Ki: With this skill, which is a principle derived from the hometown, Yuki can use the sixth sense to perceive and react to invisible attacks and people.
  • Immensive Magical Power: As Captain of the Magic Knights, Yami has a huge amount of magical power. This is further proven when even a small release threatens multiple people. After Yami blocks Patri and counters, Valtos wonders if the captain can fight the Magic Emperor. The submarine temple high priest Gifuso admits that Yami is too strong for his game. After watching his team fight on the brink of death, he goes beyond his limits to escape from the midnight sun dimension trap and becomes powerful enough to easily defeat the bet. Julius Novacrono says that after returning to the kingdom, Yami became more powerful. Yami himself is a powerful royal family such as Nozel, a powerful elf such as Licht and Chara, a demon that surpasses him in this respect, and the amount of his magical power exceeds that of most common people and nobility. Estimated.
  • Mana Zone: Yami can control all of the mana around him to increase spell power and range.

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