Yaongyi True Beauty’s Creator faces Investigation for Tax Evasion

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2023)

Popular webtoon artist Yaongyi, known for the hit series True Beauty, is now under investigation for alleged tax evasion in South Korea. The news broke earlier this year when authorities confirmed they were auditing several anonymous influencers. Although no one was initially named, Yaongyi came forward on social media this week to confirm the investigation.

According to reports, the webtoon creator allegedly created a corporation with family members to reduce their taxes. Additionally, the creator was said to have rented luxury vehicles and purchased high-end goods under the guise of company expenses. However, Yaongyi denied these allegations on social media, and officials are still investigating the matter.

Yaongyi True Beauty's Creator faces Investigation for Tax Evasion

While the investigation continues, True Beauty, one of the most popular webtoons, continues to release new content. However, the scandal seems to have impacted the series, with fans rating the latest chapter lower than usual. Typically earning nine or more stars per chapter, the latest release received less than seven stars.

Yaongyi has stated that they are actively working with professional accountants to explain the situation and resolve the dispute over the legal interpretation of value-added tax for the publishing and webtoon industry. The investigation is ongoing, and fans will have to wait and see how the situation will affect the future of True Beauty.

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As the creator behind one of the internet’s top webtoons, Yaongyi has gained a significant following for True Beauty’s engaging storyline, relatable characters, and beautiful artwork. However, the current investigation has sparked debate and concern among fans, many of whom are questioning the impact of the scandal on the comic’s success.

Webtoons have become increasingly popular over the years, with many readers turning to online comics as a form of entertainment. True Beauty is one of the most popular webtoons, and Yaongyi’s work has garnered millions of fans worldwide. As the investigation continues, fans are eagerly waiting to see how the situation unfolds and how it will affect the future of True Beauty.


Source – AllKPop

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