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Yoshinori Kisaragi’s Your Forma Manga Comes to an End

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

The October release of Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine marked the culmination of Yoshinori Kisaragi’s manga adaptation of author Mareho Kikuishi and illustrator Tsubata Nozaki’s Your Forma manga. Yen Press, responsible for the English publication, provides an intriguing description of the inaugural volume.

In an alternate, proximate future, the Your Forma, an astounding “smart thread” technology originally devised to combat a widespread outbreak of viral encephalitis, has seamlessly woven itself into daily existence.

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However, these convenient devices do more than meet the eye; they meticulously record every visual, auditory, and emotional facet of their users’ lives.

For Electronic Investigator Echika Hieda, delving into the recesses of people’s memories through the Your Forma, in pursuit of evidence, is just another day’s work. The predicament lies in her unparalleled expertise, often leaving her assistants mentally overwhelmed.

Yoshinori Kisaragi's Your

With several aides hospitalized due to her demanding expectations, the higher-ups have finally furnished Echika with a partner who matches her caliber: a brilliant yet mischievous android named Harold Lucraft. But can Echika overcome her preconceived notions and collaborate effectively with her new counterpart?

Kisaragi initiated the manga’s serialization in Young Ace back in June 2021, with Kadokawa releasing the manga’s inaugural compiled volume in November 2021. Yen Press introduced the first volume of the manga to English readers on January 17.

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Kikuishi and Nozaki embarked on their light novel series with the initial volume in March 2021, with the sixth novel volume hitting shelves on August 10. Yen Press also handles the English rendition of these novels, and they recently released the fourth volume on a recent Tuesday.


Source | Young Ace October issue

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