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You Netflix Series (Season 2): Review

You, hit Netflix series created quite a waves with its first season. Netflix has premiered its second season on 26 December 2019. Second season is also based on the novel named Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. Moreover the second season also follows the main plot from novel, but it also provide its viewers great deal of thrill, even more than the first season.


Second season comes along with resurrection of many characters presumed dead, which in itself is quite exciting. As our hero Joe move on with his life and shift to L.A from New York not out of boredom , but because of the ghost from his past start to haunt him. Ever calm and peaceful Joe’s life takes a full 360 degree turn as more from his own past is reveled to us.

Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Another great reason to watch “You” second season is that in this season Joe is not the only one who hunts people. People from past as well as new ones are quite mysterious. Joe finally meet someone just like him, which makes things quite obnoxious between them.

Crazy & Trippy

From season one we have seen that Joe does not like drugs and always stay away from them in order to be always aware and alert. But, in second one without knowing he trips on acid(LSD), quite hilarious and daunting trip. Furthermore, when someone dies in his cage while he was tripping, its get quite difficult for him to know whether he did it or someone else. Quite spooky, because he never do mistakes , but in this season he do it repeatedly.

Candace & Beck ?

Candace and Beck in their own way are back in Joe’s life. Telling him from time to time to not repeat, what he had already done. Is it all in his head or they are really back?

In The Nutshell

In the nutshell “You” second is more exciting and awesome. Picturisation and cinematography are great. If you loved the first season then you are going to enjoy second season even more. Story plot and details are quite unique. We give “You” Second season 8/10 score. Don’t miss it. If you have watched second season, please let us know your thoughts in our comment section.

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