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Yuji Naka Announces that he was Dismissed as the Director of “Balan Wonderworld”

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2022)

Game creator Yuji Naka not only dismissed the director of the action game “Balan Wonderworld”, which he was the director of, half a year before it was released on his Twitter on April 28 but also about the matter. It has been revealed that it has filed a lawsuit against the publisher Square Enix.

“Balan Wonderworld” is an action game released on March 26, 2021. Square Enix, a master of action games, and Yuji Naka, who is known as the creator of the “Sonic” series, have teamed up and released on many platforms such as PS5 / PS4, and Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

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There were many unnatural points such as being released with many defects left, and the trial version being closed in the middle. The overseas review site Metacritic has a rating of 36 and is known as one of the most criticized titles in 2021.

Mr. Yuji Naka explained the process in the form of continuous Twitter. According to Mr. Naka, there was unacceptable trouble with Square Enix, the publisher, and Artest, who was in charge of development. It is said that the director was dismissed as a result of those troubles, and as a result, the work was released unfinished and received criticism.

Mr. Naka referred to his masterpiece “Sonic the Hedgehog”, and the familiar specification of the series “Specification that you will not die if you have even one ring” was two weeks before the master up. It’s a change, and it’s a regret that the game couldn’t be improved to the last minute because it was dismissed during development.

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To game fans, “I’m really sorry for the customers who bought the unfinished Balan Wonderworld. From now on, I’d like you to mention and tag only me on SNS, etc. In that case, I think we may be able to react. “

Mr. Naka stated that “Square Enix and Arzest are companies that do not care about games and game fans,” and has clarified the stance of a full-scale confrontation. It will be interesting to see how Square Enix will move in this matter.


Source: Anime News Network

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